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Bestselling author, Mia Moran serves up the Plan Simple show for parents who want to create a healthier, happier home— one meal at a time. Listen in for informative conversations on food, family, and valuable strategies to make meals meaningful and fun!

Plan Simple with Mia Moran Mia Moran

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Bestselling author, Mia Moran serves up the Plan Simple show for parents who want to create a healthier, happier home— one meal at a time. Listen in for informative conversations on food, family, and valuable strategies to make meals meaningful and fun!

    Collaborative Parenting with Katie and Steve Keene

    Collaborative Parenting with Katie and Steve Keene

    We established essentially a collaborative parenting style. We collaborate not only together, but with the children.
    –Katie Keene
    Wouldn’t you love a peaceful home and respectful children? It can feel nearly impossible for parents, that’s why I’m talking with Katie and Steve Keene about home economy and collaborative parenting.
    Collaborative parenting involves collaborating with each other, and their kids. Mom and dad are still in charge, but the kids wants and interests and opinions are heard. They set up a family government with clearly defined rules, expectations, and consequences (these apply to parents too). This allows kids to know what to expect.
    They established a home economy that took pressure off of everyone to do all the things that need doing in a home. It also helped the kids become more independent and self-confident. Plus their kids are learning financial responsibility.
    We talk about:
    What a home economy actually looks like
    Family meetings and developing a team mentality
    Starting with a long-term vision about what you want for your family
    Coming to agreement about what you want kids to learn before they leave your house
    Accepting and learning from failure
    How to use the home economy model with kids who are schooled outside the house

    Steve and Katie are family success consultants, as well as the creators of the Family Success
    Secrets podcast. Steve also offers executive coaching for business owners looking to optimize
    their team efficiency and employee satisfaction and retention rates.
    They have been married for 20 years, have 5 incredible children, have lived through numerous
    moves and military deployments while raising their family – all while discovering the special
    needs that two of the children were born with.
    They have endured hardship and have built joyful resilience through the process.
    They love to travel, meet new people, eat good food, and are completely hooked on helping
    families transform their lives from chaos and tension into lives lived with purpose and passion.
    Find Katie and Steve here: https://linktr.ee/familysuccess (https://linktr.ee/familysuccess)
    Course: https://familysuccesssecrets.com/course (https://familysuccesssecrets.com/course)

    Doable Changes from this episode:
    MAKE A DECISION TOGETHER. Steve and Katie talk about growing up with different kinds of lights on their Christmas trees. They had to decide what they would do for their family: go with one option or the other, alternate years, combine? Find something where you and your partner have different ideas from upbringing or personal preference. Make a decision together for your family.
    VISION TOGETHER. If you are parenting with somebody else, you probably have different visions about what you want for your family and how to get there. Start with a long-term vision. What’s important to you? What are your preferences? What are your absolutes? How do you want to feel when kids come home to visit in 20 years? Get your long-term vision aligned before you try to make a plan or rules for now.
    LOWER EXPECTATIONS. Notice one thing you are expecting of yourself. It might be carefully posed pictures for the first day of school or having a pristine house or dinner looking perfect. How can you lower that expectation and give yourself a little grace? It might help to think about why it is important to you. Are you trying to meet others’ expectations or is there something valuable to you in the expectation? How can you keep the value but give more ease?

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    Meal Planning this Fall

    Meal Planning this Fall

    What we eat can support how we we work, mother, and take care of ourselves. Meals can be a grounding piece of our days and or family’s days, AND often the 21 meals that happen each week fall on us. So how do youo make that process easier, healthier and more fulfilling? That’s what we dive into in this episode.

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    Navigating the College Application Process with a Growth Mindset with Beth Pickett

    Navigating the College Application Process with a Growth Mindset with Beth Pickett

    The college application process doesn't have to be stressful, but it does take a lot of planning.
    –Beth Pickett
    Stressed about the college application process? It can be very ungrounding when we don’t understand a process, and the process has changed a lot in recent years. I’m talking with college admissions counselor and author of College Admissions: The Essential Guide for Busy Parents Beth Pickett to demystify the process.
    Instead of starting with a list of schools, start with the student. Who are they? What do they want to do? What kind of environment do they want? The best school for many students may not be an Ivy—and many students, even top students won’t get into some of the schools they apply to.
    Parents can start by looking at their own desires and expectations for their child. Are they trying to give the child something they didn’t have? Do they think a certain school is a golden ticket to financial security? Are they influenced by their own knowledge of certain schools or the reactions of their social circle? If you can recenter on your child and what will really serve them, it goes a long way.
    We talk about:
    Timeline of the process from thinking early about what classes a student will take in high school to actual application deadlines and what happens if a student graduates early
    Visiting colleges near you (even if you aren’t applying there) to get a sense of schools of different size and setting
    The importance of demonstrating interest
    Handling getting a no from a college (for parents and students) and why not to take it personally
    Using extracurriculars and summer experiences to explore interests to help make decisions about what you are looking for in a college
    Ways to decrease stress in the process

    Beth Pickett is the founder of College Prep Counseling and Director of Academic and College Advising. She has been working with students across the U.S. as a college admissions counselor for more than a decade. Her clients and essay students have earned admission to Harvard, Yale, Brown, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Williams, Tulane, Colgate, Cornell, and many other colleges and universities across the U.S.
    A graduate of Stanford, Beth also earned a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA and started working with families as an independent admissions consultant in 2007. She began teaching summer essay-writing seminars to 80+ rising seniors annually. By helping students learn to articulate their goals, Beth helps students learn about themselves and how to make a plan to move forward in a methodical and precise way. She feels privileged to mentor students as they navigate the rite of passage that is selective college admissions.
    Beth is a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and resides in the seaside town of Ventura, California, with her two teenage boys.
    https://www.amazon.com/College-Admissions-Essential-Guide-Parents/dp/1949550893 (College Admissions: The Essential Guide for Busy Parents)
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/admissionessentials (https://www.facebook.com/groups/admissionessentials)
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/beth-pickett-bb3463185/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/beth-pickett-bb3463185/)
    https://www.instagram.com/collegeprepcounseling/ (https://www.instagram.com/collegeprepcounseling/)
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQr0aEHdUREidpSxxiZfMw (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQr0aEHdUREidpSxxiZfMw)

    https://plansimple.com/all-about-hormones-with-dr-anna-cabeca/ (All About Hormones with Dr. Anna Cabeca)

    Doable Changes from this episode:
    CHECK YOUR OWN IDEAS. Get really clear on what you want out of this process. Questions to ask yourself: What do I want my child to get out of college? What do I think going to college (or a specific college) will do for my child? If I’m set on my child getting into a specific school, and Ivy or similar, why is that important to me? What do I consider a “good school”? How...

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    Planning for Motherhood

    Planning for Motherhood

    Planning all things motherhood was something I resisted for a long time — mostly because I thought it was all about family vacations, medical forms, and school year extracurriculars. BUT, then I started understanding what really needed space, and I could see that if I did not leave time in my weeks for the pieces that actually make the the mom I want to be, they would never happen! I am talking about pauses before responding (or yelling), individual connection time, building a village, and so much more. Tune into this episode to see how I think about planning for motherhood every week.
    This is part of a new solo series that will air each Saturday. To get notified, please make sure you are subscribed to the Plan Simple Podcast.

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    Who is your child, really? with Robbin McManne

    Who is your child, really? with Robbin McManne

    We’re so busy running our agenda that we lose out on who our child is and what they really want.
    –Robbin McManne
    Your child’s behavior is never personal. I’m not sure who needs to hear that today, but that’s one of the pearls from my guest Robbin McManne, a parenting coach and mom to teen boys. The first thing Robbin wants parents to know is that this is a tough time and it’s okay if you are struggling — and there’s help!
    We prepare for the birth, but not necessarily the lifetime. There’s a lot of brain science to understand where our kids are developmentally through their lives. Even though we study a lot for our jobs, we don’t learn a lot of what we need to know to parent well. Robbin helps people unravel their kids' behaviors.
    It’s possible to build a strong relationship with kids as they grow so that they want to stay connected with us. We need to honor who they are over our own agenda. We need to set up boundaries and strong scaffolding, but we need to slow down, get quiet, and listen to our kids. Parenting is not an emergency. We can slow down. We need to respond, not react.
    We talk about:
    Understanding our own triggers as parents and how our kids mirror what we need to heal
    How punishments, threats, and rewards work in the short term but backfire when the stakes are higher
    How parenting affects how we show up at work and the importance of supporting parents
    It not being about or a reflection on the parent when kids are going through something
    Letting go of the stories in our heads and seeing what our kids need in the moment (even when that moment is a meltdown) and how we can coregulate
    Self-care and making sure you are okay as a mom being the most important thing you can do for your family.

    Robbin is a Certified Parent Coach, author of The Yelling Cure, podcaster and speaker. She works with parents from all over the world to help them build more connection and find more joy and cooperation in their parenting. Robbin is a former ‘Angry Mom’ who, for over 12 years, juggled a full-time corporate career while being a mom and wife, prior to becoming a Parenting Coach. She understands firsthand how many moms struggle to balance work and family.
    Robbin's work focuses on building and strengthening the parent child relationship so that children grow up with resilience, confidence and strong emotional intelligence. She works with parents to help them understand their own emotions and frustrations in parenting, so they can help build their children’s sense of self without losing themselves in the process!
    http://www.parentingforconnection.com/ (www.parentingforconnection.com)
    http://www.instagram.com/robbinmcmanne_parentcoach (Robbin on Insta)
    https://twitter.com/robbinmcmanne (Robbin on Twitter)
    http://www.facebook.com/parenting4connection (Robbin on Facebook)
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/robbin-mcmanne-33a26439/ (Robbin on Linkedin)
    https://www.youtube.com/c/ParentingforConnection (Parenting for Connection on youtube)
    https://pin.it/2R9QWhg (Pinterest)
    https://parenting-our-future.captivate.fm/episode/plan-simple-meals-your-kids-will-love-with-mia-moran-pof89 (Mia on Robbin’s podcast)

    Doable Changes from this episode:
    SLOW YOUR BREATH. When your kid is upset, try sitting with them and getting quiet. Slow and deepen your breath. They will probably start to follow your breath, without guidance. Let them feel their feelings.
    REMIND YOURSELF IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. When our child has challenging behavior or is struggling with something, it’s easy to take it personally. Why are they embarrassing me, why won’t they cooperate … Remember it’s not about you. Ask what your child needs in the moment. Do they need connection? Do they need to calm down? Do they need to feel heard?
    TAKE A BREAK. Take a day off. Take a nap. Schedule the time and ask for help. If you can’t do it for yourself at first, do it fo your kids, because making sure you are okay is the most important thing

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    Planning for Business Growth

    Planning for Business Growth

    As we wrap up a few episodes of guests talking about entrepreneurship, I thought I would share a bit about what I’m thinking about when I make my work plan each week.. I may do an episode in the future about how I make choices and make the PlanSimple plans. This episode is all about things other than marketing, sales and fulfillment. Today I am talking about the things that take time, that I, at first, did not realize need time. And I hope to show you how making time for them has really helped with my productivity, confidence and joy.
    This is part of a new solo series that will air each Saturday. To get notified, please make sure you are subscribed to the Plan Simple Podcast.

    • 32 min

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4.9 out of 5
67 Ratings

67 Ratings

akkat06 ,

Exactly what I need!!

Maybe, possibly, Mia is mentoring me to getting my day, week, month and quarter together!! Love this podcast!

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Excellent content

Just the type of podcast I have been searching for! Great information in less than 60 min episodes! Perfect for my commute to work! Thanks, Mia!!

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Love it!

I love this podcast, it’s helped me so much.

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