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For biopharma pros seeking insightful discussions and a deeper understanding of the pharma world, join Dr. Na-Ri Oh and Ian Wendt as they talk with industry leaders and luminaries to delve into biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

RealPharma podcast aims to challenge your viewpoints, deepen your understanding of the pharma world beyond the headlines, and explore emerging trends in medical innovation.

RealPharma: Conversations with Pharma Pathfinders RealPharma

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For biopharma pros seeking insightful discussions and a deeper understanding of the pharma world, join Dr. Na-Ri Oh and Ian Wendt as they talk with industry leaders and luminaries to delve into biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

RealPharma podcast aims to challenge your viewpoints, deepen your understanding of the pharma world beyond the headlines, and explore emerging trends in medical innovation.

    Command the Room: Dr. Laura Sicola's Strategies for Executive Communication Excellence

    Command the Room: Dr. Laura Sicola's Strategies for Executive Communication Excellence

    Command the Room: Dr. Laura Sicola's Strategies for Executive Communication Excellence
    Hosts: Dr. Na-Ri Oh and Ian WendtIn this episode of the Real Pharma Podcast, we delve into the intricacies of effective executive communication with Dr. Laura Sicola, a renowned expert in leadership communication and cognitive linguistics. Dr. Sicola has spent over two decades transforming top-level executives into confident, inspiring leaders. Her unique approach, grounded in cognitive linguistics, empowers professionals to communicate their passion and expertise effectively, ensuring they get the buy-in they need for the results they want.
    Join us as we explore these topics and more, providing valuable insights for pharma professionals and anyone looking to enhance their executive communication skills. Dr. Sicola's expertise offers a roadmap to becoming a more effective and inspiring leader.

    00:00:00 - Introduction to WIFM: What's In It For Me?
    00:00:34 - Real Pharma Podcast Introduction
    00:01:02 - Introducing Dr. Laura Sicola
    00:02:37 - Welcome and TEDx Talk Discussion
    00:03:51 - Defining Linguistics
    00:04:41 - Importance of How You Say It
    00:05:52 - The Myth of Content vs. Delivery
    00:07:01 - The Linguistic Glass Ceiling
    00:09:06 - Transitioning from Technical Expertise to Leadership
    00:11:04 - Your Work Speaks for Itself, But Not for You
    00:12:24 - Developing Leadership Skills
    00:13:07 - The Challenge of Self-Awareness
    00:15:33 - Recording Yourself for Self-Diagnosis
    00:17:16 - Impact of COVID on Communication
    00:18:48 - Basic Skills for Effective Communication
    00:20:14 - Executive Presentations: What's In It For Them?
    00:23:05 - Seeking Constructive Feedback
    00:25:27 - Common Reasons for Seeking Coaching
    00:27:05 - The Expert's Curse
    00:29:37 - The Gift of Clear Feedback
    00:30:39 - Proactively Seeking Feedback
    00:32:14 - Questions to Ask for Constructive Feedback
    00:35:01 - The Importance of Diverse Feedback
    00:36:20 - Communicating Complex Data Effectively
    00:37:04 - The Role of Slide Design in Communication
    00:40:13 - The Value of Interpretation and Insights
    00:41:17 - Two Versions of PowerPoint: Pre-Read and Presentation
    00:43:08 - The $200 is $200 Rule
    Find Dr. Laura Sicola on:
    LinkedInTwitterlaurasicola.comSpeaking To InfluenceTEDx Talk

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    Drug Importation Debate: Ilisa Bernstein on the Global Pill

    Drug Importation Debate: Ilisa Bernstein on the Global Pill

    Ilisa Bernstein, a senior Vice President at the American Pharmacists Association, discusses the history and current landscape of drug importation policies with a focus on Florida's program.
    Safety concerns, supply chain issues, and intellectual property rights are key considerations. The impact on the Canadian drug supply and the transparency of imported drugs for consumers are also discussed. Manufacturer concerns regarding rebates and discounts, as well as potential oversupply and export restrictions, are highlighted. The conversation explores the complexities and concerns surrounding drug importation programs. It discusses the mechanisms that manufacturers may use to control drug importation, such as restricting volume or increasing prices. The potential impact on the drug supply in Canada and the need for policies to protect it are also examined. The logistical challenges at the border and the vulnerabilities in the drug supply chain are highlighted. The importance of maintaining patient confidence in drug quality and the risks associated with personal drug importation are discussed. The conversation concludes by considering alternative solutions to lower drug prices and the inspiration drawn from historical figures.

    00:00 Introduction of Ilisa Bernstein
    01:19 Background on Drug Importation
    08:21 Safety Concerns
    10:04 Supply Chain and Drug Source
    14:58 Transparency and IP Issues
    20:57 Consumer Transparency and NDC Numbers
    21:10 Intellectual Property Concerns
    22:59 Challenges and Points of Contention
    25:12 Manufacturer Concerns: Rebates and Discounts
    28:06 Oversupply and Export Restrictions
    29:09 Mechanisms to Control Drug Importation
    30:39 Policies to Protect Drug Supply in Canada
    31:12 Logistical Challenges at the Border
    33:07 Vulnerabilities in the Drug Supply Chain
    35:03 Maintaining Patient Confidence in Drug Quality
    36:31 Risks Before the Border
    38:01 Complexities and Concerns for Community Pharmacists
    41:31 The Future of Drug Importation Programs
    44:00 The Motivation Behind Drug Importation Programs
    46:01 Exploring Other Solutions to Lower Drug Prices
    48:19 The Illegality of Personal Drug Importation
    49:05 Balancing Cost Savings and Patient Safety
    50:02 Inspiration from Historical Figures

    Ilisa Bernstein
    American Pharmacists Association
    The Partnership for Safe Medicines

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    Navigating Your Biopharma Career: A Masterclass with Recruiter Kristiaan Rawlings

    Navigating Your Biopharma Career: A Masterclass with Recruiter Kristiaan Rawlings

    In this episode, Kristiaan Rawlings discusses the 2024-2025 Commercial Market Update and Salary Guide produced by EPM Scientific. The life sciences sector remains resilient due to aging populations, scientific advances, and robust investment. Hiring practices and compensation are influenced by these factors across the Americas, Europe, and APAC regions. The hiring focus has shifted from life-threatening diseases to more common health issues, such as dermatology and respiratory diseases. The most in-demand roles include marketing, commercial operations (salesforce effectiveness, commercial analytics, and training), and sales. Market access roles have seen less demand. Despite the availability of talent, salaries have remained high or even increased. In this conversation, Kristiaan Rawlings discusses the current trends in the life sciences job market, specifically in the commercial operations field. He explains the increase in demand for talent, the impact of title deflation, and the rise in salaries. He also highlights the regional differences in job opportunities, with a shift towards the East Coast of the United States. Additionally, he touches on the importance of executive presence and the return of in-person networking events. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the life sciences job market.

    00:00 High Demand for Marketing Roles
    04:26 Focus on Core Areas with Existing Blockbuster Products
    05:53 Sought-After Skills for Commercial Operations and Product Launches
    13:54 Challenges with LinkedIn Applications and Fake Job Postings
    24:25 Selective Market Based on Therapy Area and Experience
    24:51 The Three Pillars of Focus: Salesforce Effectiveness, Commercial Analytics, and Training
    25:21 High Demand for Talent in Incentive Compensation, Analytics, and Competitive Intelligence
    26:17 Sales Roles in High Demand During Product Launches
    26:46 Quiet Market in the Field of Market Access
    27:14 Salaries Holding Strong or Increasing Despite High Supply of Talent
    32:30 Geography Becoming Less of a Factor in Salary and Opportunity
    41:08 High Demand for Medical Affairs and Health Economics
    44:01 The Importance of Executive Presence and Networking for Career Success

    Kristiaan Rawlings - LinkedIn
    2024/2025 EPM Commercial Update and Salary Guide

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    Pioneering Precision: Kira Dineen on Genetics' Role in Tailored Therapies

    Pioneering Precision: Kira Dineen on Genetics' Role in Tailored Therapies

    In this episode, hosts Ian Wendt and Dr. Na-Ri Oh , and guest Kira Dineen discuss the intersection of genomics and healthcare. They explore the concept of personalized medicine and how advancements in genomics are revolutionizing healthcare. Kira shares her personal journey and the inspiration behind her DNA Today podcast. The conversation delves into the technology behind personalized medicine and the challenges of building comprehensive genetic databases. The ethical considerations of genomics, including access to information and the potential misuse of genetic data, are also explored. The episode concludes with a discussion on the need for ethical frameworks to keep pace with technological advancements in genomics. The conversation explores the controversial topic of gene editing, particularly the use of CRISPR technology. The hosts discuss the ethical considerations and the choice of genetic targets for editing. They also touch on the accessibility and long-term consequences of CRISPR. The conversation then shifts to the cost of treatment and the role of genetic testing in drug development. The potential of AI in genetic research is explored, as well as the future of personalized medicine. The episode concludes with a discussion on professional motivation and the importance of networking.

    00:00 Introduction to Kira Dineen and the Intersection of Genomics and Healthcare
    02:07 Genomics and Personalized Medicine
    04:13 Kira Dineen's Personal Journey and the DNA Today Podcast
    08:08 The Trend Towards Personalized Medicine in Biopharma
    10:11 The Technology Behind Personalized Medicine
    12:39 Building Databases and Overcoming Barriers
    15:18 Ethical Considerations in Genomics
    20:39 Ethics and the Use of Genetic Information
    24:06 Ethics Keeping Pace with Technological Advances
    25:44 Managing Ethical Considerations in Genetic Research
    27:21 Controversial Gene Editing
    28:18 Choosing Genetic Targets
    29:10 Ethical Considerations
    29:44 Accessibility of CRISPR
    30:13 Long-Term Consequences of CRISPR
    32:51 Healthcare Equity and Cost of Treatment
    34:25 Cost of Genomic Sequencing
    35:22 Genetic Testing and Drug Development
    38:13 Role of Genetic Testing in Clinical Trials
    42:20 AI in Genetic Research
    46:34 Future of Personalized Medicine
    49:56 Professional Motivation and Networking

    Kira Dineen, MS, LCGC, CG(ASCP)CM (LInkedIn, Twitter)DNAtoday.comBreath from Salt (DNA Today author interview Episode #147)Maury Povich interview on DNA Today Patient Empowerment Program: A Rare Disease Podcast 

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    Venture Capital & Biopharma: Jim Trenkle on Pioneering Health Innovation

    Venture Capital & Biopharma: Jim Trenkle on Pioneering Health Innovation

    Dive into the high-stakes world of Venture Capital in biopharma with Jim Trenkle! Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn groundbreaking scientific discoveries into life-saving treatments? What role do venture capitalists play in this thrilling journey from the lab to the clinic? This episode peels back the curtain on the biopharma venture capital scene, revealing the risks, rewards, and radical innovations driving the future of healthcare. Join hosts Dr. Na-Ri Oh and Ian Wendt as they explore with Jim the secrets of successful biopharma investments, the challenges of navigating the complex landscape of medical research funding, and the thrilling potential of the next big breakthroughs. Don't miss this conversation that could change the way you see medicine and innovation.

    In this episode, Jim Trenkle, a partner at Nova Holdings, shares insights on venture capital in the biopharma industry. He explains the different stages of investment, from seed rounds to IPOs, and the role of venture capitalists in providing capital and expertise.

    Jim discusses the current state of raising capital for biotech startups, including the impact of interest rates and market conditions. He also highlights the challenges and evaluation criteria in biotech VC, emphasizing the importance of a well-thought-out plan and addressing unmet needs. Additionally, Jim discusses hot areas and trends in biotech investing and shares his atypical career path.

    Jim Trenkle also discusses his own career path and the importance of finding work that has a deeper impact. He shares his journey from being a medicinal chemist to venture capital, highlighting the value of lifelong learning and broadening one's impact. Trenkle also discusses the challenges and skills required in venture capital, emphasizing the need for humility and the ability to make decisions that have a real impact. He reflects on the lessons learned from the Theranos scandal and the role of venture capitalists in evaluating companies.

    Trenkle explores the reasons behind company closures and failures in the biopharma industry and the potential for innovation and technological advances to shape the future of venture capital. He concludes with advice on career growth and the importance of following one's passion.

    00:00 Introduction of Jim Trankel

    01:01 Understanding Venture Capital in BioPharma

    07:59 The Current State of Raising Capital for Biotech startups

    11:23 The Landscape of Biotech Funding

    16:25 Challenges and Evaluation in Biotech VC

    23:16 What Does Good Look Like and Pitfalls to Avoid

    31:19 Jim Trankel's Career Path

    31:59 Career Path and Impact

    35:19 Challenges and Skills in Venture

    37:05 Evaluating Companies and Capital Allocators

    38:23 Lessons from Theranos

    46:01 Company Closures and Failures

    52:42 The Future of VC in Biopharma

    58:32 Advice and Mentors

    • 53 min
    Decoding HEOR: Iris Tam's Insights on Pharma's Value-Based Future

    Decoding HEOR: Iris Tam's Insights on Pharma's Value-Based Future

    Join us on a deep dive into the world of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) with the remarkable Iris Tam, PharmD, a luminary in value-based evidence generation within the biopharma industry. In this episode, our hosts Ian and Na-Ri explore with Iris the critical role of HEOR in transforming today's pharmaceutical landscape, from drug development to global marketing strategies and beyond.

    Unpacking the complexities of HEOR, they delve into its definition, significance, and the evolving importance of this field in aligning drug development with payer expectations and patient outcomes. Iris shares invaluable insights on the key elements that payers scrutinize in HEOR studies, and the strategic considerations essential for successful global product launches.

    Ethical considerations in HEOR research also take center stage, highlighting the responsibility of ensuring integrity and patient-centricity in evidence generation. For professionals eager to make their mark in HEOR or advance their careers, Iris offers sage advice, emphasizing the need for robust data, the value of learning from post-mortems, and the art of using failures to forge successful future strategies.

    This episode is not just an exploration of HEOR's impact on healthcare but a guide to understanding the challenges of demonstrating product value and the crucial role of user adoption. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field, Iris's journey and insights offer inspiration and guidance for navigating the complexities of HEOR in the biopharma industry.

    00:00 Introduction of Iris Tam

    02:08 Definition and Significance of HEOR

    04:07 Evolution and Increasing Role of HEOR

    07:49 Components of HEOR: Health Economics and Outcomes Research

    10:26 Impact of HEOR on Drug Development and Marketing Strategies

    25:46 Key Elements for Payers in HUR Studies

    38:47 Considerations for HUR in Global Launches

    41:35 Ethical Considerations in HUR Research

    46:41 Skills and Experiences for Success in HUR

    51:49 The importance of user adoption

    52:01 Learning from post mortems

    53:01 Using failures to inform future strategies

    53:55 The challenge of proving product benefits

    54:23 Closing thoughts and advice

    • 49 min

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7 Ratings

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