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Straight-forward, honest conversations about what goes on behind closed doors in your marriage. Turn on Sexy!

Sexy Marriage Radio Dr. Corey Allan

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Straight-forward, honest conversations about what goes on behind closed doors in your marriage. Turn on Sexy!

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
842 Ratings

842 Ratings

hey098456 ,

Thank you ... Breathless of your greatness!

Have been listening and always feel comfort and hopeful for the future!

Gamewell3 ,

Wonderful Content

NOT JUST ABOUT SEX!!! This podcast gives you resources and communication skills that can be applied all areas of your marriage.

brianharbert ,

BEST Marriage Podcast

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Allan & wife Pam on the 8th Anniversary of SMR. You rock!!!

As a regular listener - longtime “lurker” - of about the past 3 years, this review is LONG overdue. As probably one of your older listeners (63) I stumbled upon your podcast on a long drive back home to NC from Florida. I was driving alone and had many hours to kill, so I had the opportunity to sample several podcasts on the subject of sex & marriage. As Dr. Allan has also confirmed, the field is rife with podcasts on this subject, ranging (in my opinion) from the crude & crass to the very helpful & informative. SMR is at the top!

In a very short period of time I had identified SMR as the podcast I would focus on. This decision was based on several factors.

#1 Moral values
#2 Quality & Variety of Content
#3 Authenticity & Transparency
#4 Dr Allan’s knowledge & credentials
#5 Guests on podcast bringing their expertise
#6 Listener-driven content
#7 Focus/Motto: “Marriage - the hotbed for sex”

While I originally started searching out topics that I felt were lacking in my marriage - and that my spouse needed help with - after many months of “binge-listening” I soon found out that my near 40 year marriage needed a lot more work than those few issues. And a lot or most of the work was going to have to start with me.

I eventually went back and started with the first podcast and finally “caught up” listening to 1) Corey & Gina Parris, 2) Corey & Shannon Ethridge, and now 3) Corey & his wife Pam. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from all of these co-hosts. Each one brought a different mix/chemistry to the podcast. I can’t really say I have a “favorite”, but it’s nice to have a male host with his wife right there next to him keeping him keenly aware of her perspective as a wife. My wife really appreciates that!

It’s been a long 3 years, and I’ve grown & learned so much. Aside from the guidance of God’s Spirit, I owe most of it to this podcast. It’s made remarkable changes in our marriage. I’m now an “Extended Content” subscriber and enjoy the the “longer & deeper” content without ads.

In retrospect, it’s unfathomable to me how simply stumbling upon some obscure podcast on a trip would result in starting me on a lifelong journey of self-introspection, sometimes difficult decisions, and the future path to improve the love and intimacy in our marriage.

Unless you’ve got the “perfect” marriage, you’ve something to learn subscribing to this podcast.

For those of you who DO have the perfect marriage... Tune in and listen, you’ll soon find a multitude of areas and ways to improve both your marriage and yourself!

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