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The Stuck In My Mind Podcast is a top-rated show dedicated to helping listeners achieve personal growth and self-development through coaching and mindset strategies. Each episode features expert guests and thought leaders who share practical tips and insights on topics such as goal-setting, overcoming limiting beliefs, and cultivating a positive mindset. Hosted by a Wil ”Wize” Otero, this podcast is a valuable resource for anyone looking to unlock their full potential and create a more fulfilling life.

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The Stuck In My Mind Podcast is a top-rated show dedicated to helping listeners achieve personal growth and self-development through coaching and mindset strategies. Each episode features expert guests and thought leaders who share practical tips and insights on topics such as goal-setting, overcoming limiting beliefs, and cultivating a positive mindset. Hosted by a Wil ”Wize” Otero, this podcast is a valuable resource for anyone looking to unlock their full potential and create a more fulfilling life.

    EP 240 Mastering the Mind: A Journey to Unleashing Your Full Potential

    EP 240 Mastering the Mind: A Journey to Unleashing Your Full Potential

    In this insightful episode of the "Stuck In My Mind Podcast," titled "Mastering the Mind: A Journey to Unleashing Your Full Potential," hosts Wize El Jefe and Larry Davis dive into the profound topic of personal growth and fulfillment. Throughout this compelling conversation, the hosts emphasize the significance of breaking free from the confines of fear and the limitations of secure yet unfulfilling jobs, paving the way for individuals to pursue better opportunities. They eloquently highlight the importance of seeking knowledge, personal growth, and the relentless pursuit of one's true potential.Larry Davis, a mindset coach and host of the "Growth State of Mind" podcast, shares his personal mission to guide others on their journey to a better life, inviting listeners to connect with him via Instagram (@IamLADavis) and tune in to his podcast available on YouTube, Apple, and Spotify. The episode delves into Davis' emphasis on the need to pivot, take risks, and embrace the unknown, challenging the prevalent fear of failure that often hinders individuals from realizing their authentic selves and achieving success.The conversation powerfully drives home the message that failure is not to be feared, but rather embraced as a pathway to success, reinforcing the importance of learning from mistakes and navigating discomfort as an integral part of life's invaluable lessons. Both hosts candidly recount their personal experiences, candidly expressing the struggles of breaking away from familiarity and the resilience required to pursue personal and professional growth.Amidst the captivating dialogue, Larry Davis underscores the significance of sharing success stories and personal journeys to inspire and assist others, drawing from his own transformative experience of transitioning from a lack of knowledge about media to achieving substantial podcast downloads. This emphasis on relatability and the transparent showcasing of the journey infuses the episode with invaluable advice for aspiring creators and entrepreneurs.Uncovering the impact of literature on their respective journeys, Wize El Jefe and Larry Davis engage in an exploration of influential books, sharing their transformative experiences with titles such as "Think and Grow Rich," "Atomic Habits," "Mindset," and "Destiny." As they traverse this literary landscape, they advocate for the profound impact of reading on personal development and mindset recalibration, urging listeners to allow the principles of each book to deeply resonate and instigate meaningful change.A poignant moment in the podcast arises as Larry Davis candidly shares his personal journey of overcoming hardships and pursuing growth, delving into pivotal turning points such as divorce and debt, and ultimately emerging as a passionate advocate for mindset coaching and personal development.The episode touches on the challenge of reaching communities that may not readily embrace the value of personal growth and improvement, highlighting the overarching struggle of competing with societal pressures and the formidable task of guiding individuals towards a more enriching way of life. Wize El Jefe also offers a heartfelt expression of gratitude following the passing of his mother, fostering a genuine and emotive connection with his audience, further amplifying the empathetic resonance of the podcast.As the episode draws to a close, the hosts delve into their aspirations for the future, with Wize El Jefe expressing a poignant desire to challenge himself through the prospect of launching a morning show and collaborating with Larry Davis. This forward-looking perspective illuminates the podcast's unwavering dedication to expanding its impact and fostering an environment of continual growth and improvement.In the final moments, the hosts extend heartfelt recognition to their dedicated viewers and essential workers, encapsulating the depth of their authenticity and respect for their community. The episode concludes

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    EP 239 Creativity Rx: How Tasha Golden Prescribes Art for Health

    EP 239 Creativity Rx: How Tasha Golden Prescribes Art for Health

    In this episode of the "Stuck in My Mind" podcast, host Wize El Jefe engages in a riveting conversation with Tasha Golden, PhD, on the profound impact of creativity on human well-being. From the outset, Tasha emphasizes the essential nature of creativity for humans, underscoring its pivotal role in expanding communication options and expressing complex human experiences.Listeners are taken on a journey through Tasha's professional evolution, from her early days in creative writing to her transition to public health, driven by a fervent interest in the impacts of creativity on healthcare, schools, and workplaces. Tasha's efforts have extended to establishing a trauma-informed creative writing program for incarcerated girls, underscoring the vital role of creative expression in driving actionable information and catalyzing systemic improvements.As the dialogue unfolds, Tasha clarifies the misconception of her having synesthesia and eloquently defines creativity as the ability to imagine otherwise. Her emphasis on creativity's potential to effect positive change across personal, career, societal, and political realms is both enlightening and empowering.The conversation delves into the future of the arts in medicine, with Tasha envisioning an evolution towards a more human-centered approach in healthcare, as well as in political and justice systems. Through her insights, she stresses the importance of reimagining and rehumanizing complex systems, integrating humanity and tapping into collective strengths.Tasha's specialization in speaking and consulting for various events and organizations is underscored, along with her dedication to providing free resources on her website. Wize El Jefe conveys his enthusiasm for Tasha's impactful work, with plans to release the recording of their show and discussions of her potential appearance on a live show in the future.As the segment draws to a close, acknowledgments and appreciation are extended to the audience and essential workers, resonating deeply with the podcast's commitment to uplifting and fostering meaningful connections. Throughout the episode, Tasha Golden PhD paints a compelling picture of creativity's significance in promoting individual and collective well-being, showcasing her unwavering passion for bridging scientific research with real-life change.From her invaluable contributions as the director of research at the International Arts and MindLab at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to her groundbreaking Project Uncaged, Tasha's impact on raising awareness about the intersection of arts and health is simply extraordinary. Her dedication to creating safe and expressive spaces for incarcerated youth to share their experiences and influence justice reform is a testament to her unwavering commitment to utilizing creativity for positive change.Furthermore, Tasha's insights into the "arts on prescription" and the formalization of the link between arts engagement, nature engagement, and health are both enlightening and inspirational. The pilot programs for arts on prescription, launched in Massachusetts and at Stanford University, depict the tangible impact of Tasha's work in advancing initiatives that prioritize the well-being of individuals through artistic and cultural experiences.As the conversation grapples with the dynamic relationship between scientific research and creative pursuits, Tasha Golden's nuanced perspective on the overlap and integration of these domains underscores the profound potential for transformative, interdisciplinary collaborations. Her emphasis on the need for formal ways for healthcare professionals to recommend artistic and cultural activities that benefit patients' health is a call to action, propelling forward the discourse on integrating creativity into treatment plans.Listeners are treated to intimate anecdotes from Wize El Jefe, who shares his personal experiences with podcasting and cooking as coping mechanisms and sources of purpose d

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    EP 238 Fandoms and Podcasting: A Chat with Tim Beisiegel

    EP 238 Fandoms and Podcasting: A Chat with Tim Beisiegel

    In this episode of the Stuck in My Mind podcast, titled "Fandoms and Podcasting: A Chat with Tim Beisiegel," listeners are treated to a captivating and insightful discussion between host Wize El Jefe and special guest Tim Beisiegel. The episode offers a deep dive into the world of fandoms, podcasting, and the evolving landscape of pop culture.The conversation kicks off with Wize El Jefe expressing heartfelt gratitude for his wife's uplifting and supportive influence, setting a positive tone for the episode. The passage of time becomes a significant theme as both Wize El Jefe and Tim Beisiegel reminisce about the astonishment of how long ago the nineties truly were.Wize El Jefe shares a personal experience of finding solace and support from his podcasting community on a difficult day, highlighting the essential role of community in the podcasting world. This sets the stage for Tim Beisiegel to talk about his podcast, FSF, and effortlessly guide listeners on where to find it across different platforms. Tim also sheds light on the other members of his podcast team, emphasizing the power of collaboration within the podcasting community.The conversation then takes an engaging turn as the duo delves into the recent playoff wins of the Detroit Lions and the positive changes in the team's environment and coaching. Tim shares his excitement for having guests on his show, particularly those with whom he has a personal interest or connection, citing a recent interview with Roger Christian, a set designer for Star Wars.Tim Beisiegel provides invaluable insights into his transition from writing for "Dork Side of the Force" to "Couch Soup," encompassing an expanded range of topics, including Star Wars characters from animation that need to make a live-action appearance. The dialogue moves seamlessly into sharing thoughts on "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters," with Wize El Jefe touching on his experience of watching the show and asking for Tim's opinion, showcasing their mutual interest in pop culture.As the episode progresses, the hosts discuss the success of Stuck in My Mind podcast and its inspiration for other podcasters. Tim and Wize El Jefe also acknowledge healthy competition in the podcasting community, emphasizing the impact and inspiration they provide each other.The podcasting journey of Tim Beisiegel and his supportive wife becomes a focal point, emphasizing the crucial role of family support in pursuing creative endeavors. Tim also opens up about the therapeutic nature of podcasting, especially during challenging times, and his joy in interviewing people who shaped his childhood.The episode provides an in-depth look into the birth and growth of the Facebook group "Funny Science Fiction," co-founded by Tim Beisiegel and Drayton Allen, underscoring their efforts to promote the genre and uplift the podcasting community. The evolution of Tim's podcast, from its inception to rebranding as FSF POPCAST, highlights the dynamic nature of podcasting and the collaborative spirit within the community.Listeners are also treated to valuable insights on podcasting practices, the significance of community, and the balance between hosting and staying connected to pop culture. The episode concludes with Wize El Jefe expressing interest in discussing pop culture on his own show, inspired by the engaging conversation with Tim Beisiegel.Throughout the episode, the mutual respect and support between Wize El Jefe and Tim Beisiegel become evident, showcasing the essence of community and learning from each other in the podcasting world. The episode serves as a celebration of the podcasting community's impact, providing inspiration, motivation, and a sense of camaraderie for both creators and listeners alike.Overall, "Fandoms and Podcasting: A Chat with Tim Beisiegel" offers a rich and multifaceted exploration of podcasting, pop culture, and the unwavering spirit of collaboration within the podcasting community. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster

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    EP 237 Chasing Dreams Against All Odds: A Conversation with Debbie Weiss

    EP 237 Chasing Dreams Against All Odds: A Conversation with Debbie Weiss

    In this episode of the "Stuck In My Mind Podcast" titled "Chasing Dreams Against All Odds: A Conversation with Debbie Weiss," host Wize El Jefe is joined by Debbie Weiss, an author, podcaster, and resilient individual who has faced numerous challenges throughout her life. The episode delves into Debbie's childhood experiences, her struggles with self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and her inspiring journey towards finding purpose, happiness, and success.
    Debbie opens up about a poignant childhood memory where, at the age of 5, she faced body image issues and self-worth struggles related to her weight and passion for dancing. Overwhelmed by the inability to fit into her recital costume, she was forced to quit dancing, which had a lasting impact on her. Wize El Jefe, drawing from his own experiences, empathizes with Debbie's traumatic experience, creating a space for open and honest conversation.
    The audience learns about Debbie's motivation for establishing "Sprinkle of Hearts," her online store, rooted in her lifelong affection for heart-themed items and a forgotten dream from college. She further delves into how she manages her insurance agency, online store, and podcast hosting responsibilities, attributing her success to her supportive team who enable her to pursue her ventures.
    Both Debbie and Wize El Jefe emphasize the importance of maintaining mental and physical well-being. Debbie advocates for staying active, finding joy in laughter, and speaks candidly about the impact of self-doubt and fear of imperfection in her life. Wize El Jefe shares his struggle with limiting beliefs, underscoring the idea that waiting for perfection can hinder progress.
    The episode continues with a heartfelt discussion about the significance of authenticity, honesty, and being comfortable in one's skin. Debbie recounts her experiences as a family caregiver, highlighting the challenges and impact it had on her outlook and sense of purpose. Her resilience and ability to face fears head-on are recognized as pivotal factors in her successful career and her ability to navigate personal challenges.
    Debbie's approach to staying motivated and focused on her goals is revealed through her morning routine, meditation practice, journaling, and setting daily actions to move closer to her main objectives. She defines success as living a happy life and stresses the significance of relishing the journey filled with love and fulfillment.
    The episode wraps up with Wize El Jefe expressing gratitude to Debbie Weiss and acknowledging the audience and essential workers. The candid and inspiring conversation between the host and guest serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for anyone facing similar adversities.
    Listeners are urged to connect with Debbie on her website, debbierweiss.com, where she shares her books and podcast. The episode leaves a lasting impression on the audience, offering a profound reminder that one is never too old to chase their dreams and find their purpose, regardless of life's challenges.

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    EP 236 The Power of Cold Calling in the Digital Era: From Operator to Owner

    EP 236 The Power of Cold Calling in the Digital Era: From Operator to Owner

    n this enlightening episode of the "Stuck In My Mind Podcast," host Wize El Jefe  and guest Robert Poole delve deep into the world of entrepreneurship, specifically focusing on the transition from being an operator to becoming an owner, and how it can lead to newfound entrepreneurial freedom. Robert Poole, a seasoned entrepreneur with a West Point background, shares his personal journey of growth and success, while offering valuable insights and strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs.
    The episode begins with a heartfelt exchange of appreciation between the hosts, setting the tone for a genuine and engaging conversation. They stress the importance of embracing discomfort, taking risks, and viewing failure as a learning opportunity, echoing the podcast's ethos of self-development and growth.
    Robert Poole captivates the audience as he reflects on his transition from operator to owner in a sales and marketing company, sharing how unforeseen circumstances steered him towards taking the reins of the business. He candidly discusses the impact of his partner's passing on the company's dynamics, and how it prompted a paradigm shift towards prioritizing clients over revenue, and fostering a deeper sense of respect and service.
    The conversation then pivots to the relevance of cold calling in today's digital era, with Robert Poole sharing his profound insights on the subject. His extensive experience in the field, coupled with his entrepreneurial journey, provides a unique perspective that resonates deeply with both aspiring and established business owners.
    As the episode unfolds, the hosts and guest highlight the necessity of seizing opportunities and taking decisive action in both business and personal endeavors. They delve into the critical areas for business success, including self-improvement, team building, sales and marketing integration, and the importance of robust systems and processes.
    Furthermore, the hosts reveal how the principles and strategies discussed in the episode can be applied not only in business but also in personal life, emphasizing the holistic nature of self-improvement and growth.
    The episode concludes with expressions of gratitude from both hosts and an invitation for the audience to connect with them. The captivating dialogue between Robert Poole and Wize El Jefe leaves listeners inspired and equipped with invaluable entrepreneurial wisdom, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and unleash their entrepreneurial freedom.
    Listeners are left with a renewed sense of empowerment and a treasure trove of entrepreneurial insights, making this episode a beacon of knowledge and inspiration in the realm of business and personal growth.

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    EP 235 Alchemy of Prosperity: Morgana Rae's Blueprint for Abundant Living

    EP 235 Alchemy of Prosperity: Morgana Rae's Blueprint for Abundant Living

    In this episode of the Stuck In My Mind Podcast, titled "Alchemy of Prosperity: Morgana Rae's Blueprint for Abundant Living," the host Wize El Jefe welcomes 20-time international best selling author, mentor, and coach Morgana Rae. Throughout the episode, Rae shares profound insights and personal experiences that have led her to become an authority on the complex relationship we have with money.Rae's journey is particularly compelling as she acknowledges her struggles with financial hardships and accumulating debt, despite her expertise in coaching and mentoring others. Her background in the entertainment industry, working with clients experiencing unexpected successes, starkly contrasts with her own financial challenges. Her candid revelation of hitting rock bottom due to fear and subconscious beliefs about money sets the stage for her transformational approach to managing wealth.Morgana Rae introduces the concept of "financial alchemy," a process designed to transform negative experiences into sources of empowerment. At the heart of this methodology is the idea of addressing the root cause of one's financial issues and limiting beliefs. Rae emphasizes the need to understand the personal experiences that shape these beliefs, allowing for a powerful transformation to occur.The episode further delves into Rae's process of personifying negative financial aspects as the "money monster" and advocating for its destruction. She introduces the concept of "money, honey," representing a positive and loving relationship with money, offering actionable steps to achieve financial abundance. Rae shares personal examples and success stories from her coaching career, demonstrating the effectiveness of her approach.Throughout the interview, Morgana Rae emphasizes the importance of personalization, authenticity, and embracing vulnerability. She encourages listeners to accept their successes and failures, and to use their unique experiences to empower others. The impact of her approach is evident in the testimonials shared, where clients experienced profound breakthroughs and financial success after implementing her principles.Rae's wisdom extends beyond personal finance, encompassing broader life philosophies. She advocates for keeping one's word, finding ways to relax to allow things to flow, and the significance of envisioning long-term goals and reverse engineering the steps to achieve them. Her emphasis on integrity, value-based pricing, and the rejection of aggressive selling tactics offer a refreshing perspective on conducting business.One of the most impactful moments in the episode occurs when host Wize El Jefe opens up about his emotional struggles related to grieving his mother's passing. Rae responds with empathy and offers insightful perspectives on how grief is an expression of love, demonstrating the depth and breadth of her wisdom.The episode concludes on a high note as both the host and guest express their deep appreciation for the impact of their conversation on the listeners. Morgana Rae generously shares her contact information and details about her book, "Financial Alchemy, 12 Months of Magic," along with bonus Q&A for purchasers, emphasizing her investment in the success and happiness of her audience. She also offers a free money magnetic video series on her website, along with a money love quiz and blog posts, reinforcing her dedication to empowering others to achieve financial abundance.As a result, this episode offers a wealth of valuable insights, actionable strategies, and inspiring stories that are sure to resonate with a diverse audience. Morgana Rae's authentic and transformative approach to achieving financial abundance and personal empowerment is encapsulated in this engaging and profound conversation. The episode serves as a blueprint for meaningful and lasting prosperity, reflecting the essence of the Stuck In My Mind Podcast's commitment to providing thought-provoking and life-changing content.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

DrewbieRides ,

Awesome show!

Had an awesome time with the host and enjoyed our conversation

222Shorty ,

Excellent Podcast

Wil is an excellent host. We covered a lot of ground about book publishing in a short time. I highly recommend this podcast!

Dana S. Diaz ,


Great show to provoke thought. As a guest, I felt very comfortable sharing and exploring perspectives and ideas.

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