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The Confidence Podcast is the podcast for women who struggle with perfectionism, self-doubt, and a self-critical voice. If you know you have potential and purpose, but you still secretly feel like you're behind, not enough, or even an impostor, then this podcast is for you. In each episode, world-renown Confidence Coach Trish Blackwell will teach you how to live confidently and courageously as the woman God created you to be. This podcast is your weekly resource to train your thoughts, take them captive, and use them to help you live with joy, abundance, peace, power, and, of course, confidence. Get FREE instant access to the Confidence Masterclass to learn exactly how to have more confidence with the 3-part "Confidence Formula" at www.trishblackwell.com/freeclass.

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The Confidence Podcast is the podcast for women who struggle with perfectionism, self-doubt, and a self-critical voice. If you know you have potential and purpose, but you still secretly feel like you're behind, not enough, or even an impostor, then this podcast is for you. In each episode, world-renown Confidence Coach Trish Blackwell will teach you how to live confidently and courageously as the woman God created you to be. This podcast is your weekly resource to train your thoughts, take them captive, and use them to help you live with joy, abundance, peace, power, and, of course, confidence. Get FREE instant access to the Confidence Masterclass to learn exactly how to have more confidence with the 3-part "Confidence Formula" at www.trishblackwell.com/freeclass.

    #453: Why You’re Not Doing What You Want to Do

    #453: Why You’re Not Doing What You Want to Do


    Podcast #453

    Why You're Not Doing What You Want to Do

    Not doing what you say you want to do is one of the most frustrating patterns that is easy to fall into and will perpetuate low self-esteem and stagnancy. Be kind to yourself though! This isn't an issue of lacking discipline, laziness or not caring - it's a belief issue, and in this episode of The Confidence Podcast you'll learn exactly what you can do to break the cycle. It's time to be a person of absolute self-integrity who always keeps their promises to themselves.

    In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we're talking about:

    The 3 main reasons keeping you stuck and holding you back and resulting in your feeling like you're a person who doesn't do what you want to toHow to really decide and commit to doing what you say you want to do5 things you can do right now to start being someone who does what they say they're going to do



    Pixelover4487 Hiii - 5 stars I'm loving this podcast and I'm a guy. I struggle with anxiety and no confidence and I can't stop listening. Thank youuuuuuu. 



    It breaks your integrity with yourself.It creates an atmosphere of self-doubt and hesitation.It imposes self-limitations that actually don't exist.It convinces you that things are harder to achieve than they actually are.It sabotages your confidence and courage.It discourages you and disappoints your self-concept.It invites you to play small and justifies a "I can't help it" victim mentality 



    Want to help others feel worthy and loved? Ready to Help Awaken Self-Worth in Others?  Let's do this together. I need your help to awaken our sisters in this world to their self-worth, their purpose and the truth about just how much God loves them. STRAIGHTEN YOUR CROWN is a book that breathes confidence, worth and power into the heart of the reader, helping them rediscover their identity as a daughter of God. It is a book that has the power to change your life and your relationship with the God who delights in you. As part of the Book Squad you'll receive exclusive emails and promotional resources, and access to pre-released content. You'll also get tagged when we post a shareable quote or inspiration from the book, and we invite you to support and share the ones that inspire you.   Hit the link in my bio to join the squad or go to www.trishblackwell.com/booksquad



    Sure, you think you have.But deciding to do something means that you're committed completely - anticipating the challenges, the resistance, the times when you aren't going to feel like it.You haven't created a plan for the days when it sucks. You can commit to self-doubt, or you can commit to your goal – you can’t do both.The emotion of confusion is keeping you in doubt. 



    You're burdened and bogged down by the evidence of the past and you're misinterpreting it. Instead of seeing it as an example of how not to do it, or a way you have grown and learned doesn't work, you see it as a limitation and prediction of what is possible in the future. “It’s never worked out before” is the one thought that keeps us from our potential. It drags our past into our present unnecessarilyEverything in the future should be something you’ve never done in the pastIt's time to create and foster new belief.Belief creation comes from intentional thought creation.I have a course on this in the College of Confidence, but for now, here's what you need to know:

    • 42 min
    #452: Confidence For Physical Intimacy

    #452: Confidence For Physical Intimacy


    Podcast #452

    Confidence For Physical Intimacy


    You're not alone in feeling insecure about how you engage and interact with others physically. But there's no reason to stay stuck in this avoidance of or minimization of physical intimacy. No matter your background with others or with yourself, you can learn how to safely and comfortably connect with yourself and others with confidence in a physical way. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/452

    In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we're talking about:

    ·       Physical intimacy blocks and how your lack of confidence might be hindering your overall confidence and connection with others

    ·       How to have more body confidence and self-intimacy so that your physical intimacy with others - both platonically and romantically improves

    ·       5 techniques to proactively improve your confidence in physical intimacy in your romantic relationship




    Holly Sexton 5-Stars, Not only and…

    This is the podcast for you if you need help in ANYTHING!

    Not only is it faith-based, and for entrepreneurs, and for moms, and for anyone dealing with diet issues, Trish hits all topics! When I don't even think I need to listen to that episode, I still get something from it! 




    Past sexual trauma or abuse

    Distrust of others

    Body dysmorphia 

    Identity misalignment 

    Preferences (lots of physical touch or not) 

    Blocked intimacy means that you might…

    Avoid dating because you don't want to have to be physical

    Sabotage relationships to hide yourself

    Body shame yourself and heighten your self-critical voice to create physical change

    Overdrink or use substances to help you not overthink

    Minimize social situations where hugs or interaction make you uncomfortable

    Stand with guarded and closed off body language 

    Hinder the openness and deep intimacy of allowing yourself to be known by your spouse

    Undereating or protocol to allow yourself to be worthy of receiving touch

    Never get self-care like massages or pedicures








    Allowing yourself to have self-care


    Skin care routine

    Intimate understanding of food that feels good on the inside

    Intimate conversations with yourself


    Write your future self a love note at night for the next day. 

    Learn to be friends with yourself means learning to come from a place of love. 

    Love is the most powerful emotion we can be in; it opens up our creativity, our confidence and our connection.

    What you feel yourself with you have to continue using - fuel with love not self-criticism. Criticism and pressure is heavy and forced, love is light, airy, easy and exciting




    Hugs, touch.

    • 35 min
    #451: Black and White Thinking is Hurting Your Confidence

    #451: Black and White Thinking is Hurting Your Confidence


    Podcast #451

    Black and White Thinking is Hurting Your Confidence


    Black and white thinking, or all or nothing thinking, is a thought strategy often used by highly driven people that actually stunts progress, deteriorates happiness and limits potential. If you have ever described yourself as an "all or nothing" person or as a "black and white" thinker, this podcast coaching is for you. It will help you with the steps to take on how to get out of the black and white thinking loop and how to have more mental flexibility and self-kindness in the process. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/451

    In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we're talking about:

    ·       How black/white and all-or-nothing thinking shows up in driven people and why we cling to it like a security blanket when it's really suffocating us

    ·       The process to disassociate this type of thinking from your identity

    ·       How to become a flexible, happy thinker




    Confidence and Wisdom - 5 Stars

    I am forever thankful for Trish's passion, for helping me help myself by understanding that loving myself means taking care of the thoughts I create and pay attention to on a daily basis. 

    Trish, I love that you see emotional self-care and self-reflection as a daily practice, much like brushing our teeth. Part of my work is with inpatient Psychiatric patients dealing with sever depression, and oftentimes I hear myself quoting your "brushing teeth" analogy to help them understand that taking care of our mental health is something that should be practiced every day, like brushing teeth. Trish, thank you for helping me find the confidence I have been searching for year, I cannot wait for what the future holds. Sincerely, Cinthya Mena, PA-C





    Chances are, if you're driven, you've tapped into extreme thinking. As a result, you get results in some ways, and then get addicted to the method that you thought got you the results. But, you got the results from clean thinking - not the flawed thinking of black and white. 

    I held onto black and white thinking for way too long because I misidentified where my results came from, and I didn't trust myself or my natural drive.

    Your thoughts are what create your results in life --- not your extreme control or categorization of things.

    Just because you have a natural inclination or preference to think this way doesn't mean that it's hard-wired into you. :) 

    My black and white thinking 

    -kept me stuck in my eating disorder longer 

    -slowed my business growth with narrow focus on the "how" of the right way versus the wrong way

    -put me into a place of judgment of others instead of love and grace

    -created an internal state of self-criticism and unrealistic, non-human expectations

    -drove me to a place of trying to prove myself and absolute exhaustion. 


    How is it hurting your confidence?

    -Keeping you limited in a one-dimensional type of thinking?

    -Making you obsess about doing things a certain way?

    -Having unreasonable standards for others?

    -Driving you to extremes; pendulum of intensity vs. passivity

    -Convincing you to not even start?

    -Addicting you to external affirmation / being the best?

    -Plunging you into scarcity thinking and comparison?

    -Creating a mental atmosphere of hyper-criticism and extremism 



    • 36 min
    Bonus Podcast How to Create Real Change In your Life

    Bonus Podcast How to Create Real Change In your Life

    Bonus Podcast 

    How to Create Real Change In Your Life

    The second half of 2021 can be better than your first half. This podcast episode will help guarantee that you actually believe in yourself and achieve whatever you dare to dream is possible for yourself in the next 6 months. Join us July 12-16th, 2021 for CREATE CHANGE WEEK. Space is limited; this is the week that turn the rest of your year around completely. Save your spot at www.trishblackwell.com/createchange

    Today, we’re going to project how we want to feel, and move into our goals from a place of love and confidence, not pressure and drive.

    Whatever fuel you use is the fuel you’ll have to continue to use. 

    That might be why you ran out of gas halfway through the year.

    It’s hard to keep being so driven, so focused; it feels heavy, and important, and exhausting.

    What if it could be easier?

    Think for a minute about the wildest thing you can imagine achieving in the second half of the year.

    And now write it out and say “I’m doing __________________ with ease and excitement.

    You won’t run out of love to fuel your progress if you approach your goal with the confidence strategy I’ll be teaching July 12-July 16 in Create Change Week. 

    What is a Confidence Strategy?

    It’s a strategy of faith.

    Victory always comes from faith, from the belief and certainty (or confidence) in that which you cannot see. 

    For every child of God defeats this evil world and we achieve this victory through our faith.

    -1 John 5:4

    Victory in all things comes from faith. 


    So, suspend all doubt with me for a minute.

    ·       What do you really want?

    ·       Why do you want it?

    ·       What has prevented you from reaching it?

    ·       What are you willing to do differently?

    When I am discouraged, and stuck in inflexible thinking, I have to force myself to remember that “nothing has gone wrong here.” The opposite is true, actually. Everything is going according to plan and I am gaining the information of what strategies aren’t effective so that I can find the ones that are.

    Most people don’t reach their goals because they don’t believe they can, and since they don’t believe they can, they give up too early. 


    It’s time to believe you can.

    It’s not just work that will take you where you want to go. It’s work PLUS belief.

    Without belief, hard work is just hard work.

    Sure, you’ll get some results, but not big ones.

    Big results come from big belief, paired with consistent, smart work.

    The Confidence Strategy I will be teaching July 12-July 16th will help. 


    Now, let’s play a game.

    It’s December 31, 2021.

    You’ve blown your own mind and achieved that thing.

    It’s amazing.

    You feel amazing.

    What exactly are you feeling?

    More importantly than that, what is the thought that you think when you find out you did it?

    -You checked your bank account, and you’ve doubled your income

    -You verified the total amount of debt paid off,

    • 17 min
    #450: How to Stop Feeling Awful About Yourself

    #450: How to Stop Feeling Awful About Yourself


    Podcast #450

    How to Stop Feeling Awful About Yourself

    Beating yourself up, or indulging in the emotion of feeling awful about yourself, when you're not where you want to be isn't effective. It's not a helpful thought pattern, and yet, we find ourselves in places of despair. Despair drives us to desperation, depression and disillusionment. It morphs our ability to see where we are, how well we are actually doing, and intimidates us on how far we have to yet go. This podcast episode covers how to break the cycle of self-criticism so that you can start feeling encouraged, hopeful and like you like who you are again. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/450

    In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we're talking about:

    ·       Indulgent emotions, and how to know when you need to really take control of them (and how to do just that)

    ·       A 3-step, simple process to help you stop feeling awful about yourself, whatever the situation is

    ·       How to stop believing that you're stuck or will always feel this way … and some specific thought substitution examples for you to try on in your own brain



    Awesomeness - 5 stars

    Hooked oof of the first episode I heard on self-criticism! Felt like she knew me personally … and she's faith based!!! 




    Indulgent emotions are emotions that keep you stagnating in a place of self-pity and powerlessness. 

    For me, these emotions were 


    -disappointment (most notably in myself)

    -disgust (most notably about my body)

    -hopelessness (most notably about my progress)


    Recognize that you are in power.

    You are choosing to indulge your toddler, dramatic brain.

    The more you indulge it, the more convincing, and a monster it becomes. 

    Put the toddler in the corner.

    Remember that you have a bigger perspective than the thought.

    Decide to not give into the dramatization or catastrophizing … and that all of the narratives you have created about what other people are thinking about you are just not happening. 



    I've been in places of awfulness.

    1.     Body dysmorphia, insecurity and eating disorder.

    2.     Financial rock bottom and hopelessness / powerlessness 

    3.     Hustle mindset and entrepreneurial comparison.

    Most importantly: stand firm against the pitiful thought … "I'm stuck". 

    How to Not Believe You're Stuck?

    Believe in the compound effect.

    Take your thought management seriously.

    Credit yourself for the new tools you have.

    Acknowledge your dissatisfaction with stagnancy.

    Remember you can create anything.

    Success leaves clues - keep yourself inspired. 

    Take your commitments and plans with yourself seriously - be of integrity. 



    Is there something interfering with your happiness? Have you been wanting to start counseling,

    • 38 min
    #448: Tips for Social Awkwardness to Help You Be Yourself

    #448: Tips for Social Awkwardness to Help You Be Yourself


    Podcast #448

    Tips for Social Awkwardness to Help You Be Yourself


    Everyone experiences social awkwardness; it's what you do when you're experiencing it that determines whether or not it will mess with your confidence and with how you come off to others. This podcast episode will coach you to a place of confidence for the next time you find yourself in a socially awkward situation, wishing that you could stick your foot in your mouth, or just generally wishing you were cooler when in social situations. You are not alone, and these tips and this confidence coaching will help. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/448


    In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we're talking about 


    . Social awkwardness, and how it manifests in your life·       10 instant ways to be less awkward·       How to be yourself when you're feeling the pressure of social overthinking  You don't need to beat yourself up about being socially awkward or keep wondering how to be less awkward, here are 10 instant ways that will help you feel more confident and cool in social settings. Social awkwardness is something everyone feels, whether you feel social insecurity, you find yourself overthinking conversations, you feel like you don't have any friends, you feel like you don't fit in, you think that no one really likes you, or you find yourself putting your foot in your mouth and saying the wrong thing all the time, these confidence tips will help you chill out and feel more okay. In this episode you'll learn how to create you own social confidence and you'll get coached on how to be patient learning how to create the social life you want. 




    Just some special love and deep gratitude your way for how you support the show. You are a small and mighty group and each and every one of your contributions feels like a big, warm, wiggle hug. Thank you. Want to be part of the people who help keep this show going? Consider becoming a patron. Just go to https://www.patreon.com/TheConfidencePodcast




    "Confidence Boost and a God send," by laurabj1 I have been listening to your podcast for seven months now. I found you on Keep the Faith website. I saw your Detox Fear program. That helped me a lot and then I saw your podcast. Your podcast helped me with my confidence and is still helping me. It also helped me with my self esteem. I like that it's faith based too. I know God better in the last seven months, I know He is helping me still. Thanks for everything you do. 




    Simple social situations:Avoidance of themDisrupted social potentialNegative self-talk and insecurity (lack of belonging)Disengagement from confident body languageComes off as disinterested in others or RBFIntense feelings of anxiety of fear in social situationsIntimidation and fear of speaking to another personRambling conversations - unable to stop talkingOverdrinking or overeating or over-scrolling Obsessing over every word that comes out of your mouth Relationships and FriendshipsAvoidance of conflictLack of depthPerpetuation of people pleasingSocial overthinkingPeer pressure Obsessing over every conversation you haveFeeling like you are being judged during conversationsNot pursuing expressing yourself or your interestsLack of meaningful conversations with others




    1.     Stand with confidence.2.     Walk with confidence.3.     Make eye contact.4.     Own your space.5.     Say hello.6.     Start conversations and be interested in people.7.

    • 40 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
990 Ratings

990 Ratings

Sophia71411 ,

You are amazing Trish, thank you!!!

Your podcast has given me so much hope and guidance. The cards I was dealt as a child were rough, this caused me to go into a survival mode during the years that were supposed to form me into the person I am. With that being said now I am 22 and with the guidance of God and my loved ones I have reached so many goals. But when I look in the mirror I have no idea who I am, I’ve never asked myself what I want or who I truly am. You are forcing me to become real and raw with myself. I am so happy I have you to help guide me in this journey of finding myself, I look forward to listening to you every day and you are truly sunshine🤍 thank you x 1 million!! (((Wiggle hugs)))

ashmccoy1234 ,

NEVER disappointed on a Tues!!! 💗🧠

I have been listening to Trish for a few months now. This time last year I was in a completely different head space. Trying to “get my life together” so my weeks were scattered with good habits & good intentioned but swamped with bad and destructive choices/habits. I was so in my head- I could not get out of my negative thoughts and feelings for the life of me. Trish has taught me it’s not about the actions that go into “getting my life together” but the thought work behind the actions. One of my favorite lines taken from the show: “your mind is your most valuable real estate and you decide what you build on it.” I didn’t realize I actually had control of what comes in and what goes out until I started listening to Trish. When I actually started training my brain I realized she was right: it is ALL in your head, and thank God for that because I have the power! I am not a victim!
God has without a doubt used her in the process of my mental healing (Also we are enneagram wing sisters, I’m a 4w3 -she’s a 3w4 so that’s cool 🤩) thank you so much Trish!!

onetwobree ,

Divine Providence

Inspired scripture tells us clearly that the one true God has predetermined every moment of suffering and joy we will ever have, but it’s always incredible when you can step back and say “Ohhhh, I see why you did there.😎” It’s funny to me how fast I found Trish once I took a tiny step towards growth. God really does open the door when you knock. Trish tackles the real things that go through our heads in such an authentic way, but then she brings it back to Christ. It’s rare and refreshing to find a coaching podcast that is more than what it seems. I’m so grateful for you, Trish! Can’t wait to read your new book. 👑

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