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This podcast is about the relationship between Grandfathers and their Grandchildren. We focus on interesting stories to understand and grow our own relationships. This is the perfect podcast to understand how important the role of Grandfather is to the lives of the Grandchildren and Family in general.

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This podcast is about the relationship between Grandfathers and their Grandchildren. We focus on interesting stories to understand and grow our own relationships. This is the perfect podcast to understand how important the role of Grandfather is to the lives of the Grandchildren and Family in general.

    Authorpreneur Central

    Authorpreneur Central

    The conversation is with the co-founder of Authorpreneur Central, Nathan Andersen, aka Anders Roseberg. In this conversation, we jump into Nathan's varied and exciting background. Nathan is a self-taught individual when creating children's books and other writing genres.

    Nathan talks about living in Taiwan and creating a story and book for his daughter. He discusses his experience with finding a way to print the book. Nathan was bit by the creativity bug and soon created the second and third book in his library.

    We discuss the different options for publishing books, from the print-on-demand model (Amazon model) to traditional publishing. Nathan goes into detail about the pros and cons of each publishing method.

    I ask Nathan to detail his company's service offerings and how people can engage with him and his team. It is incredible how many options are available to those of us who have a story or book within us to get that story out onto the digital and or physical world.

    If you have a children's book, novella, collection of poetry, short story, or novel, I challenge you to get your first draft finished and then start the process of editing and finding the best publishing option that fits your needs. There is a path forward for you with so many options available to aspiring authors.

    If you have more questions about publishing, options, and services, please reach out to Nathan and his team. Nathan will give you great advice regardless of whether you move forward with Authorpreneur Central.

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    Here is a great email address to reach out directly to Nathan: andersrosebergbooks@gmail.com

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    Grandparenting on Purpose

    Grandparenting on Purpose

    Winn and Linda Egan developed and shared their views on grandparenting with their friends during a get-together. They discussed how grandparents could be active participants in their children's and grandchildren's lives. With more and more data being reported about issues around isolation, depression, and the like with teenagers, being an active grandparent is vital to helping grandchildren to become happy and healthy adults.

    Winn talks with us about how he and his wife Linda took the basis for that gathering of friends and crafted those topics and experiences into the book, Grandparenting on Purpose. Join Winn and me as we talk about the fun ways grandparents can lead their families to grow connections that can withstand the occasional hurt feelings and miscommunication that can and do happen within families.

    Winn also goes into great detail about how you can boost your interactions with the grandchildren to be 'over the top.' Winn talks about how these 'over the top' activities help create bonds that get the grandchildren looking forward to the next big family get-together or special event, like a special dinner before a school formal.

    I am sure that by the end of listening to this conversation, you will be encouraged and inspired to look for ways to increase your level of connection with your grandchildren. That extra step forward in your relationship with your grandchildren motivates Winn to talk about and share his message of Grandparenting on Purpose.

    Once you have enjoyed this conversation, please remember to like and subscribe to the podcast. Also, share this conversation with a friend who would enjoy hearing Winn's stories about building strong family connections.

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    Grandpas as Coaches

    Grandpas as Coaches

    This episode is another one-on-one conversation with you and me. I open up the conversation with a quick trip report from my last trip to Virginia the week before Easter. I spent a lot of time with my grandson, who is almost four years old. I confess that spending multiple days with him wore me out physically and mentally.

    It has been a long time since I chased toddlers around a playground and museum for hours at a time. I also forgot that three-and-a-half-year-olds don't just play 20 questions; they play 120 questions and tend to compress those questions into a 25-minute car ride.

    It was a great trip being around my grandson and granddaughters, but it was also nice to hand them off at the end of the day and have some time to recharge my batteries before the next round of adventures.

    I also want to talk to you about grandfathers taking on the role of a coach in our relationship with our grandchildren. You might think of being a coach in other terms, such as teacher, mentor, guide, or another title. Use whatever title makes sense to you, but grandfathers ARE leaders AND motivators for our grandchildren and children.

    We dive into what are some good characteristics of a good coach. Good coaches are made up of the following attributes:

    Understands Life and Leads by Example

    Sponge for Knowledge

    Shares the Knowledge

    Deeply knows the player (grandchild)

    Energizes and Motivates Others

    Good Listener

    After listening to this episode, I hope that you think about the attributes of the good coaches and mentors you had in your life. Do you intentionally practice and take on the attribute of a coach when it comes to your relationship with your grandchildren?

    Click HERE to listen to my one-on-one show about being a cheerleader.

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    The GaGa Sisterhood

    The GaGa Sisterhood

    This week's guest is Donne Davis. Donne started the GaGa Sisterhood group to bring inspiration, support, and tools to grandmothers worldwide. Donne became a grandmother in 2003, and for over nineteen years, she has been on a mission to connect with other grandmas and explore the evolving role of being a grandmother.

    Donne and I start our conversation by discussing her experience in becoming a grandmother and its impact on her life. Donne explains that when the midwife held up her first granddaughter, Donne was GaGa for that grandchild and has been committed to her grandchildren ever since.

    We also dive into how the role of being a grandmother and a grandfather has changed in a short time. Donne and I agree that loving and supporting our grandchildren starts with loving and supporting their parents. Both of us agree that the parents often get left out of the grandparent/ grandchild relationship equation.

    Donne was motivated to write a book for grandmothers after realizing the relationship with the grandchild's parents can present challenges in understanding each other's perspectives. Her book is titled: "When Being a Grandma Isn't So Grand: 4 Keys to L.O.V.E. your Grandchild's Parents".

    Once you have listened to this conversation, please share it with a friend and especially a grandmother who would enjoy listening to this episode. Links to Donne's website and different connections are listed below.

    Be sure to leave Donne and me a comment below about what you enjoyed about this episode.

    Click HERE to be taken to Donne's GaGa Sisterhood website. Donne sends out a monthly newsletter called the GaGazine, which you can subscribe to on her website's homepage.

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    Here is the link to my conversation with Kerry Byrne about her group, The Longdistance Grandparent, that Donne and I referenced.

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    Meet the Grandchildren Where They Are

    Meet the Grandchildren Where They Are

    Our conversation this week is with Ed Gaffney. We talked with Ed a few episodes ago about RVing with grandchildren. (The link to that conversation is in the links below.) Ed shares how he and his wife Jeanne found out that they would be grandparents at a Billy Joel and Elton John concert.

    Ed shares his experience blending his family with Jeanne's to form a blended family. We learn through Ed's stories how the children adapted to each other a bit faster than the other family members. We also learn how Ed and Jeanne stay connected with their grandchildren through on-site visits, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and other technology tools.

    Once you have listened to this conversation, please share it with a friend who would enjoy listening to this episode and might need encouragement with their relationships.

    Be sure to leave Ed and me a comment below about what you enjoyed about this episode.

    Click HERE to check out the episode with Ed and his wife, Jeanne

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    Older Men's Mental Health

    Older Men's Mental Health

    Dr. Rob Whitley, Ph.D., discusses older men's mental health issues. Rob Whitley is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, and a Research Scientist at the Douglas Research Centre. He is currently a Fonds de recherche du Québec-Santé Senior Research Scholar and an Honorary Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne. 

    Rob and I discuss the mental health challenges that older men can face in this conversation. We discuss several causes of mental health issues, such as the pain and breakdown of our bodies. Rob points out that as men age, we can lose our connections to friends, family, and other social points of connections like church and work.

    Mental health is a broad phrase that can include many different types of behaviors. Much of the focus of the conversation is on depression, anxiety, and substance misuse. Many men often have an internal stigma about seeking help for mental health issues. Some internal stigmas center around the fear of loss of promotion or responsibilities at work. The stigmas can also manifest in the self-talk that older men internalize, such as, "I should be able to deal with this" or "I am weak if I need to reach out for help."

    As part of our discussion around how men need to feel comfortable discussing their challenges, Rob and I talk about the movement of Men's Sheds. (See the link below) With Men's Sheds, older men have a place to go to practice skills like wood or metal working along with building vital connections with other men. Rob also discusses how therapy offices and sessions are changing to meet men's needs and operate more closely with how men communicate and interact.

    After listening to this episode, be sure to like and subscribe to the podcast. The most important all is to share this conversation with anyone you know who is maybe struggling or is connected to someone who is struggling with any of the mental health topics discussed in this podcast.

    Click HERE to view Dr. Rob Whitley's McGill University profile

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    Click HERE to read Dr. Rob Whitley's latest article, "How to Talk With a Man About His Mental Health."

    Click HERE to discover Dr. Rob Whitley's YouTube Channel, "Recovery Mental Health."

    Click HERE to view Dr. Rob Whitley's articles published in Psychology Today.

    Click HERE to learn more about Erik Erikson's term Generativity. There is a lot of information about Erikson and Generativity.

    Click HERE to read Robert D. Putnam's article, "Bowling Alone," published in 1995.

    Click HERE to read about Emile Durkheim's theory and types of suicide

    Click HERE to learn more about the U.S. Men's Shed Association

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Dave Wadsworth ,

Interesting-Positive-Helpful Insights

Greg, Thank You. I love your podcast and the many very interesting and helpful insights provided by yourself and your various guests. I appreciate the different ideas and positive interactions described and implemented between Grandpa’s and their Grandchildren. I’m always looking to improve family relationships and your show is providing constant quality ideas for anyone wanting to learn and grow.
Keep up the awesome work!!
Dave from Indiana

write4jan ,

Wonderful Podcast

Wow Greg! This is awesome! I am not a Grandparent but I am an Aunt and Great-Aunt (some say it is Grand-Aunt)! These same tidbits apply when with that next generation no matter your role! Thanks for sharing my friend!

Dean Showalter ,

Unique and valuable resource for families

Greg's passion to promote awesome connections between grandpas, grandkids, and family members, is such a cool idea! Legacies will be impacted through this podcast!

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