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In conversation with women making a positive impact in their communities. Sharing personal stories and the self-care rituals which keep them grounded.

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In conversation with women making a positive impact in their communities. Sharing personal stories and the self-care rituals which keep them grounded.

    EP52: "On Being Brave" Hellen Yuan

    EP52: "On Being Brave" Hellen Yuan

    HELLEN is a collection of thoughtfully curated self-care tools created by Hellen Yuan, a New York-based wellness practitioner, foodie, designer and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the luxury, ready-to-wear fashion industry. Born in Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles, Hellen’s life has always been a blend of east and west mentalities. 
    After having experienced several losses in her life, Hellen found solace in methods of healing more closely related to her Taiwanese roots. She sought out many nontraditional healers, and eventually studied to become a Reiki practitioner herself. Part of this healing process also involved bath soaks; Hellen started developing layered formulas with potent healing mixtures of essential oils, salts, flowers, crystals, and sound. HELLEN launched with four hand-crafted bath brew recipes that address different areas of a person’s life, correspond with the four elements, and open four of the chakras. In 2019, Hellen furthered her study of plant medicine by becoming a certified Aromatherapist through the renowned National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

    Favorite tonic:
    Every morning I make a juice tonic for myself – I call it my "Omega Cold Pressed Juice"! The ingredients include lemon, mint, lavender, ginger, beets, carrots, apples, turmeric and orange. It really helps build my immunity, which is so important during this time, and it is super anti-inflammatory. 
    I also create infused water that I drink throughout the day to further boost my immune system, detoxify, help with digestion issues. Plus, it is a great way to keep hydrated and it is super low in calories! I added a few of my favorite recipes below:
    Ginger/ Rosemary or Mint / Lime or Lemon
    Lavender/ Cucumber/ Lemon
    Strawberry/ Mint/ Lemon

    You can find Hellen at:

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    EP51: "Keep it Simple" Jules Miller

    EP51: "Keep it Simple" Jules Miller

    London native Jules Miller was no stranger to supplements when she founded The Nue Co. Having grown up with a doctor for a grandfather who specialized in the study of Vitamin B12, she knew the basics. It was only after she personally turned to supplements as a means to combat IBS, however, that she started to see the problems within the industry.
    She found that, as a general rule, 50% of the ingredients in supplements are composed of synthetic fillers, bulking agents, and processed ingredients –– all of which made her IBS worse. Disillusioned by brands touting misleading messaging, questionable ingredients, and poor quality products, Jules realized that she could create a solution.
    She left her job as a marketing executive to take on the supplement industry, developing products that utilized scientific research, clinically tested and clean ingredients, and the best practices from alternative medicines like Ayurveda. By the time the brand launched in 2017, Jules had become a pioneer, redefining the entire category by creating products like Debloat Food + Prebiotic, which has consistently sold-out year after year and which many customers have called “life-changing.”
    When she’s not at work redefining the supplement category and taking on the wellness industry, Jules advocates for mental health awareness, gender agnostic brands, and sustainability. Jules splits her time between New York and London with her husband, Charlie, and their beloved french bulldog, Lola.

    Her favorite Ritual:
    One of my favourite morning/evening self-care rituals is to make my own interpretation of golden milk - the Debloat Latte. I create it by mixing our DEBLOAT + PREBIOTIC supplement, that carries a combination of organic turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, in with warm frothy coconut milk...it’s delicious and great for soothing the stomach.

    You can find Jules at:

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    EP50: "Authentically Me" Jenelle Hamilton

    EP50: "Authentically Me" Jenelle Hamilton

    Jenelle Hamilton is an experienced communications consultant with over 18 years of industry experience. Specializing in lifestyle PR and brand positioning, her career has taken her to London, Milan, Paris. She now based Stateside and splits her time between LA and NY. Jenelle herself has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, The New York Times, Glamour, Essence, Business Insider and more.
    For two decades, Jenelle has successfully secured top tier media placements for entrepreneurs, start-ups and global lifestyle brands. Clients include; Tom Ford Beauty, Mented Cosmetics, The Shorty Awards, Black Opal Beauty, Simply Gum, delivery.com, Partake Foods, and Bob Mackie. 
    Her clients have appeared in the most respected publications, both internationally and stateside. Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, O-The Oprah Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Inc., and Entrepreneur magazine, are just a few examples of her extensive media contacts. She has also successfully secured high-profile TV segments on the TODAY Show, GMA, Rachael Ray Show, and E! News which positively impacted product sales and brand messaging on a national level. 

    Non-negotiable self care ritual:
    My daily morning meditation and prayer ritual is a non-negotiable for me. It's only 10 mins, but it changes the course of my day and how I react to things. It also helps me to manage stress and I definitely need help with that!

    You can learn more about Jenelle and her services:

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    EP49: "Grace and Gratitude" Rori Sassoon

    EP49: "Grace and Gratitude" Rori Sassoon

    Rori Sassoon is the Co-Founded Platinum Poire, a power player matchmaking service that aims to create lasting relationships for elite singles looking for a secure and discreet way to meet others of equal caliber. Rori is responsible for 35+ lasting marriages collaboratively and numerous ongoing relationships between Platinum Poire’s distinguished clientele. 
    Through her incredible experience of becoming a mother, lover, friend, businesswoman and relationship expert, Rori has also Co-Authored "The Art of The Date"- her first book in a trilogy series. It can be described as Chicken Soup For the Soul meets Sex and The City and explores how to navigate the complex world of dating. From dating your partner in your current relationship to the newly divorcee, or dating your husband to keep your marriage healthy happy and alive. It’s the ultimate dating guidebook/bible of the year and is designed for everyone - not just singles. 
    Non-negotiable self-care ritual:
    For me, a massage is something that is a self-care necessity. I get them regularly and it’s something I would not skip. It relaxes my nervous system and is so good for the lymph system.
    Prayer in the morning is a non-negotiable self-care ritual for me. I never skip showing gratitude in the beginning of my day - it just sets the tone for how the day will go. 

    You can find Rori at: 
    Instagram @RoriSassoon 
    "The Art of the Date (The Platinum Poire Trilogy Book 1)"

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    EP48: "Supporting The Self" Molly Shephard

    EP48: "Supporting The Self" Molly Shephard

    Molly Shephard is a twenty-something blogger, birthworker, and recovering maximalist. Her blog, with Molly, spans from sustainable practices, beauty, wellness, to an advice column. WM’s mission is, in an age of "more is more", to show the beauty in simplicity. Simple loving, simple living.
    Molly is a Birth Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor. Her journey in birthwork, is inspired by her desire to be a calm and healing presence for others. To support, to hold. 
    She is a Maryland native who moved to New York City in early 2019. You can find her editing her latest article, dancing to Springsteen in the kitchen, deep in a feminist theory essay, or sneaking a second espresso at her favorite café.

    Her non-negotiable self-care ritual:
    I have so many! But journaling near-daily to process my life and emotions is key for my mental health and wellness. It's my therapy. 

    You can find Molly:
    Website / blog: www.withmolly.com
    Instagram: @mollyshephard @birthingwithmolly

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    EP47: "Attuned Within" Katie Schomberg

    EP47: "Attuned Within" Katie Schomberg

    Katie believes in a holistic approach to your personal healing & wholeness. 
    Katie Schomberg is the modern-day medicine woman, The Rosewater Healer. She is a psychic, intuitive, and guide, offering her services via Breathwork, Human Design, Spirit Sessions, Reiki, and Flower Remedies (coming soon). Her work guides women to become aware, developing a deep self-trust and understanding of their individual soul-archetype. Her private sessions, group events, podcast, book, and retreats support women to wake-up, show-up, and dive-deep into their personal healing journey. 
    Katie believes that we hold old patterns and belief systems in our bodies, that keep us from living a life of freedom. When we choose to let go of what is no longer serving us and step into our power, we can heal not only ourselves, but the world around us. Her personal story of healing and reclamation, has shown her that returning home is an inside>out process. We have to go internal and begin to FEEL. We must feel it all>>>our hurts, our wounds, our desires, our wants, our joy, our innate knowing, and our giftings, to truly connect back to spirit. This is what her work embodies.
    She has worked with women individually in sessions, facilitated retreats, held workshops, in-person events, and online teachings that have empowered and brought healing for the collective over for the past five years. She resides in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina with her three unschooled boys, bullmastiff pup, and her husband of 19 years.

    My Morning Practice:
    meditation/breathwork/akashic records, morning pages, tarot, flower remedies (if my body is asking for it), + hot tonic - and I ALWAYS move my body in some way during the day. 

    My Favorite Tonic Recipe as of late: -
    “Heart Open” Cacao - use your favorite, enough for 16 oz
    Dandelion (Dandy) Tea - 1 tbsp 
    Collagen - 1 scoop
    Mushrooms - use a mix of your favorite, I have been using Lion’s Mane and Chaga lately in mine.
    Ginger - finely grate just a touch 
    Shilajet - 1 dropper full
    Bee Pollen - 1 dropper full
    Coconut Mana - just a little (1tsp - you could substitute Ghee as well)
    Dash of Pink Himalayan salt
    Sweetner (optional) - sometimes I use Monk Fruit
    I put all of this in my blender, add 16-20 oz of hot water and blend. I use my favorite mugs by my friend, who’s an amazing potter...and then pour and enjoy. They are perfect for just a few sips at a time. I add the extra drink into my favorite Kinto Travel Tumbler, and sip on this all morning…allowing the heart to expand and receive the intention of the day.  

    You can find Katie at:
    IG - @rosewaterhealer

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Stella Von Atlason ,

She’s wonderful

Paola is my mom and I have been there every time she has done an episode. and I am overjoyed to hear them in action.

ZA1981 ,

Easy and Joyful Listening..

The Live Journal is a testament to the healing and comfort that arrives with sharing our stories. Paolo's interviewing style is organic, inquisitive and without judgement. She genuinely wants to know more about the women she interviews, to offer this wisdom to herself and her listeners, and she does this with grace.

Ceremony_dc ,

Paola is seamless

Paola has warm grace in how she unfolds a story. She mixes her insight with humor and she's so relatable. I instantly felt I "knew" her, and she embodies inner and outer beauty. She's a force. I'm glad she exists in this world, to shine a light on empowering and connecting women through this community.

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