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The Vagina Blog Podcast is hosted by April Davis and is a safe place for everything women's health. I cover topics like sex, birth, periods, breastfeeding, body positivity, birth control, and overall good health.

The Vagina Blog Podcast April Davis

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The Vagina Blog Podcast is hosted by April Davis and is a safe place for everything women's health. I cover topics like sex, birth, periods, breastfeeding, body positivity, birth control, and overall good health.

    Let's Talk about Embodiment and Trauma with Chrissy Powers

    Let's Talk about Embodiment and Trauma with Chrissy Powers

    Chrissy is a wife, mother to 3, licensed therapist and embodiment coach living in San Diego, CA. Through her own healing journey through trauma Chrissy has found freedom from anxiety and panic attacks and is now living a more embodied and authentic life. Chrissy is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and creative career coach, and podcast host of Sure, Babe Podcast in Southern California.

    I ask Chrissy:

    How did you decide to go into therapy, specifically Marriage and Family Therapy?

    What's your favorite population you work with?

    What is purity culture and why is it problematic?

    What is female embodiment and how is it so helpful in the treatment of trauma?

    Why is working through your trauma so important?

    What is the best part of doing therapy for you?

    What is the next best step in our post-COVID world?

    Find her at chrissypowers.com

    • 35 min
    Female Pleasure + Disorders with Dr Sarah Bell

    Female Pleasure + Disorders with Dr Sarah Bell

    Dr Sarah Bell is one of my professors at Utah Tech. Dr Bell has extensively studied:
    - Dimensions of women’s sexual health and well-being, including sexual desire, sexual pleasure, and orgasm.
    - The influence of social and sexual norms on women’s sexuality and sexual pleasure.
    - How specific sexual contexts, such as hook ups, influence women’s sexual pleasure and sexual health.
    - Use of mixed-methods designs, both qualitative and quantitative, to study women’s sexuality using a phenomenological approach.

    I ask Dr Bell:

    How she got started in all of this.

    We talk about feminism, the waves and how this affects us.

    We talk about where we're going as feminists

    We talk about the orgasm gap and female pleasure.

    What is female orgasmic disorder?

    What else do we need to know about female pleasure?

    • 36 min
    Marriage and Family Therapy with Dr Nathan Meng

    Marriage and Family Therapy with Dr Nathan Meng

    Come to college with me! This week I'm interviewing 2 of my favorite professors, starting with Dr Meng, my Marriage and Family Therapy Professor.

    I ask Dr Meng

    What are you couples struggling with?

    What are couples struggling with sexually?

    How do we talk to our partners about sex?

    What advice do you have for a couple with mismatched libidos?

    How do we teach our kids about sex?

    You may not menstruate, but how do periods go at your house?

    • 51 min
    Sex Blogging + Gossip with Ashley Cobb

    Sex Blogging + Gossip with Ashley Cobb

    Ashley Cobb is the millennial microphone for people of color seeking ultimate pleasure and sexual liberation. Ashley, “your favorite friend in filth” is dedicated to bringing the conversation of Black Sexuality to the forefront, and across generational lines.

    Ashley is a sexpert, blogger, and influencer known for her fun, down to earth and practical commentary that's been featured in top media outlets to include Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Self Magazine, Women's Health, Black Love Doc, Shape, and many more. She's also the sex advice columnist for Madame Noire.

    ​Ashley is the creator of the digital news platform, Gossip and Gasms, which has been coined "The Shade Room of Sex." She also co-hosts a sexuality-centered podcast, "Hoe And Tell" that features real-life sex stories from strangers.

    I ask Ashley:

    How did you get into blogging about sex?

    What is "normal?"

    What are some of the most common questions you get or common topics you cover?

    Let's talk about orgasms...

    How can we get more familiar with what we like and our own anatomy?

    How can we own our sexuality?

    How can we talk to our kids about sex?

    Where can we find you?
    IG: @sexwithashley

    • 32 min
    This is How You Vagina with Dr Nicole Williams

    This is How You Vagina with Dr Nicole Williams

    Dr. Williams is a board-certified gynecologic surgeon and founder of the Gynecology Institute of Chicago. Growing up in East St. Louis, Illinois, she always knew she wanted to make an impact in the world, especially helping women. Dr. Williams is dedicated to international mission work and travels to third world countries regularly, providing much needed surgeries to women in need. Her world travel experiences and core belief in “giving back” has not only shaped her medical practice, but her entire life. She specializes in fibroids, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, female sexual dysfunction, menopause, pelvic pain, female incontinence and prolapse. Dr. Williams resides in Chicago and enjoys playing piano and writing short stories and poetry.

    I ask Dr Williams:

    To tell us all about herself and how she became a doctor.

    Let's talk about your new book, This is How You Vagina: All About Your Vajayjay and Why You Probably Shouldn't Call it That.

    Let's talk about menopause, what do we need to know?

    What kind of maintenance does a vagina actually need? What is normal?

    Instagram: @gynecologyinstitute @drnicolelife
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GynecologyInstituteOfChicago/

    • 31 min
    Seed Cycling and More with Kate Morton

    Seed Cycling and More with Kate Morton

    Kate Morton is a registered dietitian and owner and founder of Funk It Wellness. After years of struggling with the many life-altering side effects of birth control, she decided enough was enough. She wanted to embrace her period and learn about her cycle. After stopping birth control her period decided to ghost me for 6 months which really freaked her out! When it finally did return, it was horrific. Ear-to-ear hormonal acne, thinning hair, cramps so bad I couldn’t go to work, and intense mood swings. After doing tons of research and looking for food-based approaches to menstrual health (putting her dietitian degree to good use) she was introduced to seed cycling. TBH she didn’t believe it would work but she was desperate. After 3 months her acne, cramps and mood had done a total 360 and she knew she had to share that method with other menstruators! Her goal is to make Funk It a safe nutrition-backed space for anyone struggling with hormone imbalance so we can honor our cycles and bodies.

    I ask Kate:

    How did you get into what you're doing?

    We talk about the need for fiber in hormone balancing.

    We talk about the harmful effects of hormonal birth control and being pro-knowledge, not anti-birth control.

    Let's unpack misogyny in medicine.

    Let's talk about how our nutrition affects our hormones and PMS.

    Let's talk about detoxing naturally, for free (drink some water and eat some fiber).

    How can I get started with seed cycling and how does it work?

    Where can we find you?

    • 42 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

SarahHalladay ,

Thank you April!

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago , but have been dealing with it for so much longer ( obviously unbeknownst to me). Your podcast has been so helpful understanding more about this condition! Thank you so much for talking and interviewing people who care and know how to deal with this!

Kendiwendi ,

Must listen for people with vaginas!

April’s podcast and Instagram are packed with awesome information for people with vaginas. Seriously some of this info is life changing so check it out, she gets into misconceptions and misinformation we have about our bodies and how they work.

kasjean ,


I've always been insecure about several things but since finding The Vagina Blog I've become so empowered and more aware of my body and the incredible powers I possess. 10/10 recommend to anyone and everyone! 🤍

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