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Learn to upgrade your brain and take control of your healing. Make peace with your life.

Unstoppable Body and Mind Betsy Jensen

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Learn to upgrade your brain and take control of your healing. Make peace with your life.

    Episode #107- Pain Catastrophizing

    Episode #107- Pain Catastrophizing

    Today's Episode is about Pain Catastrophizing- what it is and how it affects your symptoms.
    People with high levels of pain catastrophizing are more likely to develop a new acute pain, more likely for their acute pain to turn chronic.  And who catastrophize more before surgery are more likely to have complications and a slower recovery.
    Here are the 13 questions on the Pain Catastrophizing Scale.  Rate from 0 (not at all) to 4 (all of the time) when you feel pain:
    I worry all the time about whether the pain will end. 
    I feel I can't go on. 
    It's terrible and I think it's never going to get any better. 
    It's awful and I feel that it overwhelms me.
    I feel I can't stand it anymore. 
    I become afraid that the pain may get worse. 
    I think of other painful experiences. 
    I anxiously want the pain to go away.  
    I can't seem to keep it out of my mind. 
    I keep thinking about how much it hurts. 
    I keep thinking about how badly I want the pain to stop. 
    There is nothing I can do to reduce the intensity of the pain. 
    I wonder whether something serious may happen. 
    A score over 37 means you tend to catastrophize how you think of your pain.
    What is the solution for pain catastrophizing?
    Mindfulness- being in the present moment!
    There are ways to interpret your pain differently, like through somatic tracking or sending yourself messages of safety
    Somatic strategies to calm the nervous system will help decrease pain catastrophizing.
    So listen in for this quick summary of pain catastrophizing and how to rewire it!
    If you are interested in coaching with me, I offer a free 60 min consultation to discuss your specific situation.  I have a group membership and some limited 1:1 spots.
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    Episode #106- Extinction Bursts

    Episode #106- Extinction Bursts

    Episode #106- Extinction Bursts
    Today’s topic is about part of the normal mind-body healing process- extinction bursts.
    When you are starting to experience some success with healing, one thing that can commonly happen is a resurgence of pain in an old area or a completely new pain.
    Dr Sarno called this the “symptom imperative.”
    In “The Way Out” by Alan Gordon, they call it an extinction burst because of a study with a rat receiving food through a lever.  
    When the lever broke, the rate started pressing more urgently and quickly before the behavior of pressing the button extinguished.
    If you have an extinction burst, there are 3 common stages 1- panic, 2- forcing it, and 3- oh this is how it works!
    Listen to this episode for more, and trust the process- extinction bursts are a good thing because it means the signal will soon become extinct!
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    Enrollment for 2022 ends Nov 16 until next year.

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    Bonus Episode- Alignment Academy Founder’s Special

    Bonus Episode- Alignment Academy Founder’s Special

    I know some of you are not on my email list or following me on social media (Why not?!?)
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    Episode #104-Predictive Coding

    Episode #104-Predictive Coding

    Predictive coding is like a brain's subconscious shortcut.
    Predictive coding is the #1 reason for chronic pain symptoms.  Especially for people who tell me they feel calm, but their pain is related to a movement, food, time of the month, etc.
    I give you a few examples of how predictive coding works in our bodies to produce symptoms, and how it can be reversed!  Be sure and listen to find out more.
    Want help with applying this into your life?  Check out Alignment Academy (my group coaching membership).  Click here:
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    Episode #103- Freedom From Food and Chronic Pain with Dr Katrina Ubell

    Episode #103- Freedom From Food and Chronic Pain with Dr Katrina Ubell

    In this episode I talk with Lifecoach and former client, Dr Katrina Ubell.   
    Today we talk about Katrina's journey as a weightloss coach, and getting out of chronic pain. 
    And we talk about Katrina's new book, out tomorrow- September 20, 2022! 
    Get the sneak peek on "How to Lose Weight For the Last Time- Brain Based Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss", and how it relates to coaching on chronic pain.
    For more information on Katrina Ubell and her new book, check out her website here:  https://katrinaubellmd.com/
    To hear my original podcast episode with her on her "Weight Loss for Busy Physicians" Podcast in Oct 2020: https://katrinaubellmd.com/how-i-cured-my-chronic-pain-and-acid-reflux-with-betsy-jensen/

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    Episode #102- 4 Ways Teens Trigger Survival Brain, and Relaxation Challenge with Torie

    Episode #102- 4 Ways Teens Trigger Survival Brain, and Relaxation Challenge with Torie

    Today I interview Torie Henderson- Lifecoach for exhausted, overwhelmed moms.
    She talk about how teens can trigger survival brain, but the concepts here can apply to close family members or friends too if you aren't a parent of teens!
    Torie also struggled with chronic pain- vulvodynia starting at age 21, then lower back pain and TMJ.  She talks about how she learned not to carry stress in her body.
    Join to listen to the insidious ways we cause ourselves nervous system dysregulation when we have teenagers or chronic pain.
    AND if you want to practice nervous system regulation with us, be sure and join our "Relaxation Challenge" September 26-30!
    Each day we will go over different techniques together so you can try them out for yourself and see what works for you!
    ****The Relaxation Challenge will be on Torie's "Supermom is Getting Tired" Facebook page, and you can sign up here: 
    Facebook Group - Supermom is Getting Tired https://www.facebook.com/groups/Supermomisgettingtired/
    Torie Henderson is a master certified life coach, teacher and owner of LifeCoachingforParents.com. She has helped thousands of overworked and exhausted Supermoms release self pressure so they can more fully enjoy their life as mom. Torie is host of the Supermom is Getting Tired Podcast and is devoted to helping moms release the burdens and the guilt so they can enjoy raising their great kids all the way into adulthood. 
    Website https://LifeCoachingforParents.com
    Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/LifeCoachingForParents/
    Supermom is Getting Tired Podcast https://lifecoachingforparents.com/podcast/
    Podcast on itunes 
    Time for The Talk - Sex Education Class https://timeforthetalk.com
    Leading Your Teen Group Coaching Program https://LeadingYourTeen.com 

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5.0 out of 5
75 Ratings

75 Ratings

auntcranky ,

Super helpful for emotional and physical suffering

I don’t suffer from chronic pain (thankfully), but I find that most of this applies to emotional pain in very poignant ways.

nernergohard ,

Absolutely wonderful!

This is an incredibly helpful and insightful podcast, especially for anyone new to their healing journey like me. I highly recommend starting from the beginning and working through to the present; so many gems along the way

gayle249 ,

Great podcast

So helpful! Thanks Betsy!

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