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You don't choose the Mets life. The Mets life chooses you. The Yin and the Yang of Mets fandom - KFC (the battered pessimist) and Clem (the eternal optimist) - talking through the ups and downs of riding the New York Mets roller coaster..

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You don't choose the Mets life. The Mets life chooses you. The Yin and the Yang of Mets fandom - KFC (the battered pessimist) and Clem (the eternal optimist) - talking through the ups and downs of riding the New York Mets roller coaster..

    WGB #80: MetsFactor

    WGB #80: MetsFactor

    The Mets are well underway into their Spring campaign and everything is smelling like roses. We've got James McCann throwing out runners, Pete crushing baseballs and Marcus Stroman dripping in confidence.

    Not even Agent Rachel and Trevor Bauer can sour our good mood with their excuses and BS attempts at saving face because we've moved on!

    Stroman debuted his new split-change and had a message for the entire league. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW FAST HE THROWS WHEN HE'S GOT THAT NASTY MOVEMENT.

    The guys envision a rotation full of studs capable of taking on the NL East and select their MetsFactors for a successful season. The club looks complete on paper, but every team needs that one x-factor to put them over the top. If they come through it could mean big things for the Amazin's this year, if not we're definitely falling below expectations.

    Speaking of expectations, Clem gets a little crazy with his wins prediction for the club, but who isn't flying high after this offseason? Is he crazy? Maybe we're all little crazy. If you're not setting the bar high than you're not believing and if there's one thing we do on this podcast it's believe cause we gotta believe!

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    WGB #79: Swagged Out Spring Training

    WGB #79: Swagged Out Spring Training

    It's only a week into spring training and Francisco Lindor is putting on a swagger SHOWCASE. This guy is the definition of "as cool as the other side of the pillow." Blue hair, multiple chains and bracelets, a pinky ring AND THE JACKET FROM 'Coming to America.' This man was made for New York.

    Don't worry though, this isn't Yo's brand of swag like that girl in your high school with hoop earrings that'll rip your heart out, this is the type of swag that you can only be born with. Frankie's kind of cool is that effortless type that you always want to be around. The best part is he's a smooth on the field as he is off of it.

    He isn't above the team in any way and fits in perfectly with the cast of characters that we've already got. Working with McNeil on his defense, ripping baseballs and just being a stand up guy. Just another piece in the puzzle of a winning franchise.

    The guys discuss the impact that he's already having on the club and the good vibes that are flowing from the camp. We talk Taijuan Walker's new number, his stamp of approval from Turk Wendell and just how scary this rotation could really be when everyone is clicking and healthy.

    KFC announces the Barstool at the Ballpark dates, a 7 Line tailgate crossover and new merch in the works.

    It's going to be a glorious 2021 and with the team being ranked fifth in the preseason power rankings we gotta believe that this squad is good enough to deal with the target on their backs.

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    WGB #78: Pitchers, Catchers and Scandals Oh My

    WGB #78: Pitchers, Catchers and Scandals Oh My

    The guys welcome the start of baseball with optimism on the field and wariness off of it. After yet another firing and harassment scandal, KFC is skeptical that it will ever end. There's always something new and terrible on the horizon and until the team weeds out all of the old regime's mistakes it seems inevitable that we'll be dealing with this for the foreseeable future.

    There is some good news this week though, pitchers and catchers are back! Jacob deGrom is the best pitcher in baseball and his new catcher is a STUD. James McCann has ingratiated himself with the clubhouse like we all knew he would and he's serving as an ambassador to all the new faces. When we signed the new back stop we heard all the stories of his leadership, we just never expected that it would take hold this quickly. He's gonna have this rotation purring like a well oiled machine in no time.

    We break down Luis Rojas' introductory presser, the potential starters and position combinations and how the lack of DH will play into our headaches all season long.

    We wrap up the pod with a familiar face, Darren Meenan of The 7 Line, who jumped into the clubhouse to talk about what he's been up to this offseason, the affects of the 2020 season on his business and his expectations for Uncle Stevie and the club heading into 2021.

    All of the projections place the Mets at the head of the division, but with the Braves, Nats and Phillies all looking strong, we gotta believe that this target on our backs is part of the Cohen effect and that we're in for a dog fight right from the jump.

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    WGB #77: We Got Bauer'ed

    WGB #77: We Got Bauer'ed

    The guys got into the Bauer fiasco and the fallout that followed. Do we actually care that we missed out on a pitcher with a career ERA of almost four? Not really. In fact, it'll probably play out better for the Mets in the long run.

    With a team full of contracts coming due, paying a guy $42 million a year just doesn't seem like good business. That money could go towards much better options in the form of Lindor, Conforto and a Thor/deGrom extension. Yes, we said deGrom. Keep your eyes on that review people, because his 2022 opt out is coming up quick and if anyone deserves the money it's deGoat.

    We also take a look at MLB Network's top 100 rankings and KFC asks the very important question: who would you rather Pete or Dom?

    The team is almost complete, but right after recording we got word of some possible Kris Bryant/Matt Chapman conversations taking place so be on the lookout for a blockbuster and an emergency pod later today!

    (P.S. the audio gets MUCH better about 20 minutes into the pod. We've got some growing pains on Clubhouse so bare with us and JOIN THE ROOM FOR NEXT EPISODE AND ASK US YOUR QUESTIONS LIVE)

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    WGB #76: Uncle Stevie Saga Continued & Creepy Callaway

    WGB #76: Uncle Stevie Saga Continued & Creepy Callaway

    After continued backlash on Twitter and complete crazies going after his family, Uncle Stevie decided to deactivate his account. Being so public was bound to take a negative turn on the social media cesspool, but now we can hopefully put it behind us and he can slink back into the shadows where he does his best work.

    The guys break down the Mickey Callaway fallout and the systemic problem, not only in the game of baseball, but for women in the workplace in general.

    It's been a rollercoaster offseason with big acquisitions and big PR issues, but as we roll into the final weeks before spring training there may be one or two more big moves up the front office's sleeve.

    BIG TIME BAUER NEWS ON THE HORIZON and more dominos to fall! Make sure to subscribe for all emergency podcasts.

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    WGB #75: MetsBlog's Matt Cerrone and The Uncle Stevie Wall Street Saga

    WGB #75: MetsBlog's Matt Cerrone and The Uncle Stevie Wall Street Saga

    We finally got our man! We said it from day 1 of starting this podcast that we always wanted to pick the brain of the man that started it all, Matt Cerrone, and he didn't disappoint.

    For the uninitiated, Cerrone was the OG Mets blogger. Long before the days of Twitter and websites giving a voice to the common man, Cerrone was grinding away covering the Amazin's in a way that fans could appreciate. He didn't sugar coat it, he reacted like we reacted and he was damn good at his job.

    We talked about the beginning days of MetsBlog, being acquired by SNY, working for the Wilpons and Mets' misery in general. An inside look from a guy who had worked both sides of the fence. Really interesting guy that wasn't afraid to let it fly! No Wilpon shills here, we got down to the behind-the-scenes dealings of the team, the wildest things he encountered on the job and what he's most excited about with the new regime.

    BONUS Part 2: After recording the episode ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. Uncle Stevie was somehow wrapped up in the GameStop saga on Wall Street (unjustly) and our worlds collided as Steve Cohen and Dave Portnoy go into it on Twitter.

    KFC KNEW that Stevie being on Twitter was a bad idea, but never in his worst of nightmares would he have thought that Cohen would be going back and forth with Mr. Pageviews himself. A perfect storm of circumstance, but thankfully he held his own and walked out of the arena with the head held high.

    You don't get the show 'Billions' made about you by walking into a firing squad so we gotta believe that he knew what he was doing, but BOY was it touch-and-go there for a minute.

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4.8 out of 5
586 Ratings

586 Ratings

Big O86 ,

True Die Hard Mets Fans

There is no fakeness in this podcast, these guys KFC, Clem and Kyle they’re TRUE DIE HARD METS fans. They have no filter, they say what’s on their minds and they don’t care if you agree with them or not, like all True New Yorkers are! I’ve been hooked on this podcast since it started, this podcast is like crack, it’s addicting. I can’t wait to join them at Barstool at the Ball Park and talk Mets with other Mets Fan Anonymous. #LGM #LFGM #YouGottaBelieve

FootClanDan ,


Fellas, love the pod love the Mets. You guys have great discussions and are filling a much needed void in mets content. If we could just minimize the times the podcast sounds like I’m in an eco chamber that’d be great.

In uncle Stevie we trust <3

Wilpons worst nightmare ,

Keep the hits coming

Being a mets fan for 27 years has been tough. Kev and Clem are a great pairing and Brendan does the production justice too. You guys have made the last 2 seasons more tolerable after losing my grandfather who I talked to after every Met game. This is our year #lfgm #shoutouttomamaconforto

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