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YogiTriathlete and its co-founders, Jess and BJ, are waking up and shaking up the world of endurance sports. Their approach is anything but mainstream and they are known to go deep. Buckle up because jumping on this train has the power to change your life forever.

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YogiTriathlete and its co-founders, Jess and BJ, are waking up and shaking up the world of endurance sports. Their approach is anything but mainstream and they are known to go deep. Buckle up because jumping on this train has the power to change your life forever.

    When The Happiness Factor Falls - Eli Hemming From Professional Triathlete To Trail Runner

    When The Happiness Factor Falls - Eli Hemming From Professional Triathlete To Trail Runner

    We're thrilled to welcome professional triathlete turned professional trail runner Eli Hemming to the show.

    Jess and BJ followed Eli's career through Olympic distance draft-legal racing on the world stage until he chose to step away from his career as a professional triathlete. Despite being ranked #1 in the U.S. because of his multiple World Cup podiums, Eli's happiness factor was falling, and he could no longer ignore that it was time for a radical change.

    When he hit the trail running scene in 2021, he immediately found success qualifying for the 2022 Mountain Running Championships, and when he crossed over from sub-ultra to ultra-distance racing with a 2nd at the Way Too Cool. He finished that year with several podiums but did not claim victory at a race until 2023, a year of continued improvements and highlights like placing 2nd at the Marathon Du Mont Blanc.

    Since the calendar turned to 2024, he's been on a winning streak; it's almost as if the trails have been patiently awaiting his arrival.

    Jess and BJ caught up with Eli less than a week after he took the win at the Big Alta 50k by over 20 minutes in a cool 3:38:33, an incredible feat considering this race came on the heels of crushing his competition at the Black Canyon 60k just two weeks prior, where he broke the tape by 30 minutes over 2nd place in 4:06:39. Smoking fast!

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    In this episode:

    - The feeling of winning
    - Finding fulfillment now
    - Hot from the start or slow build?
    - Opportunities for growth in his trail running skills
    - Knowing where the bar is set with competition
    - Racing in Europe versus the US
    - Routine philosophy
    - Importance of specificity of racing
    - Black Canyon Ultra goals
    - Why don’t we fuel enough while racing?
    - Big Alta learnings on nutrition
    - Golden Trail World Series
    - The uprising of sub-ultra racing
    - What does happiness feel like

    • 58 min
    Women's Wellness Series Part Three With Coaches Melissa and Jess

    Women's Wellness Series Part Three With Coaches Melissa and Jess

    Coaches Jess and Melissa are back with the third and final episode in their Women's Wellness Series.

    Jess, Mindset and Wellness coach for YogiTriathlete, has practiced and educated others on the ancient sciences of yoga (the mind) and ayurveda (optimal health) for decades. Melissa, Herbalist and Triathlon/Running Coach for Team YogiTriathlete, trains and races while supporting herself and her athletes with herbal medicine and wellness practices.

    Their inspiration to begin this series was to serve and spread the good word about what remains a mystery on a mass level. Many have lived decades navigating hormonal imbalances, cramps, cycles, and symptoms without a community, but now we have one. These episodes are important for women and their partners to better understand the full scope of the feminine entity.

    Today, based on feedback and some questions, the coaches dive in a bit more on the cycle from an Ayurvedic standpoint and also talk about support throughout the decades of our lives.

    Thank you for tuning in, and please help others find the show by leaving a review on your favorite place to listen.

    In this episode:

    - What I wish I knew
    - Menopause - never too late or too early to embrace
    - Melissa’s going the seed route for her garden this year
    - Nighttime elixir
    - How to best support the phases of life
    - Oat straw benefits
    - Pitta phase: stress relief and rejuvenation
    - Making tea in a French Press with herbs
    - Vata phase: making the most of change
    - Salty vs. sweet tastes in the phases
    - Benefits of Ginseng
    - Later phases of life: relish and rebirth, grace
    - Raspberry infusions loaded with minerals
    - Ginger and turmeric to get your flo moving
    - Lions Mane benefits
    - Kapha dosha - slow-moving and heavy
    - Is napping for Kapha good?
    - Unexplained weight gain
    - Importance of high-intensity work

    • 1 hr
    Oceanside 70.3 Race Tips and Adventuring in Patagonia

    Oceanside 70.3 Race Tips and Adventuring in Patagonia

    The North American IRONMAN triathlon season kicks off just weeks away at Oceanside 70.3, and YogiTriathlete will be on site. In this episode, coaches Jess and BJ advise those attempting to conquer this course, and BJ shares his race plan as he balances his pursuit to his fastest IRONMAN in Texas later that same month.

    And then, from a completely different hemisphere, where summer is fading into fall, Jess returns from leading her first yoga adventure in Patagonia, Chile. We dive into her experience, transition home, and future intentions. Yoga adventures are expertly curated adventure travel experiences grounded in daily yoga practice. They are the perfect retreat for those who desire to stay active, explore new land, be immersed in local culture, and spend a little time on the mat to keep fit and soak it all in.

    We hope you will join her in the future - the Mediterranean Bliss, Sicily Yoga Adventure, September 28-October 5, is now open for registration. Perhaps the perfect accompaniment to the women's world championship in Nice, France, on September 22nd.

    In this episode:

    - Oceanside 70.3 is right around the corner!
    - Tips for Oceanside 70.3
    - Stay on top of nutrition even in the cooler temps
    - Freedom to travel without tethers
    - Results of stuffing our feelings and emotions
    - Patagonia Yoga Adventure
    - Letting go
    - Finding peace and calm anywhere
    - The power of the Futa
    - Answer your calling
    - Release the need to know WHY
    - The only reason we fear
    - Patagonia 2025?

    • 58 min
    Nervous System Sovereignty, Yoga & Wellness with Jess, Val and Meg

    Nervous System Sovereignty, Yoga & Wellness with Jess, Val and Meg

    Having checked out from the Ojas Retreat center just hours before following their first-ever Women's Wellness Retreat, BJ sat down with retreat leaders Meg, Val, and Jess to download the experience.

    This episode is a firsthand, fresh recollection of a powerful community of women coming together to remember their true nature. There is something for everyone in this episode, as returning to our true nature is not just for the women on this retreat but for every person navigating the complexities of life.

    Remembering our true nature through the practices of yoga and ayurveda has become a recurring theme with the retreats led by this trio, and more are in the making.

    The three are planning to return to Costa Rica in 2025; this is a very popular retreat; if you are interested in joining them, please make a comment, and we will put you on the list to receive word of this beloved retreat and access to early registration.

    In this episode:

    - Ojas Retreat Center
    - NEW OFFERINGS in Ayurveda and Somatic Breathwork
    - Purpose of somatic breath work
    - Nervous system sovereignty
    - The cave you fear holds the treasure you seek
    - Safe space for vulnerability
    - It's not just what we eat
    - Self-love workshop
    - Gua Sha practice on the body
    - Notice. Open. Allow.
    - Intentions for the retreat leaders
    - Retreat life joy, fun, and belly laughs
    - Hiking in silence with a curiosity about what's ahead
    - Dance parties and drum-offs
    - Who are these retreats for?

    • 48 min
    Shadow Careers That Keep Us From Our Calling, A Chat With 1st Year Pro Triathlete Matti Weitz

    Shadow Careers That Keep Us From Our Calling, A Chat With 1st Year Pro Triathlete Matti Weitz

    Professional triathlete Matti Weitz is our guest today, and he is living the example of what it looks like to answer a calling.

    Thriving as an age group triathlete, Matti was also successful in business as a Sports Physiotherapy; he was on route to building an empire, and by all means, society would say he should have continued toward the professional and financial success that was inevitable, but that's not what he did.

    As his passion for triathlon was building, his fulfillment in his profession was falling, and he couldn't help but wonder what life would look like if we put 100% of his focus into his sport.

    In 2023, Matti took the leap despite his fears and stepped up into a role that he could no longer ignore. He's been documenting his journey on his YouTube channel from mindset to frugality, workout sessions, and recovery; Matti is openly sharing his story.

    He is embracing patience, facing fears, and putting himself out there for us all to see as he documents his patient pursuit of becoming the very best in the sport of triathlon. Jess and BJ were thrilled to connect with Matti and look forward to connecting in person this spring at Ironman Oceanside 70.3. Will you be there? Let us know.

    In this episode:

    - Beginnings started with excelling at Judo
    - Not quitting this time 
    - Choosing passion over profession
    - Growing up in Germany and expectations of the culture
    - Shadow careers
    - Developing intuition 
    - 10-day training cycles
    - Having objective people around you for honest feedback
    - Living the monk lifestyle
    - The central governor system
    - Being in the moment
    - Journaling - 3 things I’m grateful for
    - How did martial arts form your current mindset
    - His first pro-race experience
    - Comparison is the thief of joy
    - Staying process-driven vs outcome-oriented
    - Feeling fear vs repressing it
    - Building community through Live Q&A on his YouTube
    - Staying frugal with triathlon expenses
    - What is the big dream and vision
    - Growing up in a culture that shares the same mindset
    - Learn to dream

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Betting On Yourself with Professional Triathlete Claire Michel

    Betting On Yourself with Professional Triathlete Claire Michel

    Belgium Professional Triathlete Claire Michel is back on the show!

    Claire first launched into the YogiTriathlete community in 2018, and in that episode, the three of them go into detail about Claire's backstory and much about her resilient mindset.

    As she now pursues her third Olympic games in Paris this summer, it was the perfect time to invite her back onto the show to catch up, dive in, and give space for her to share her athletic wisdom with us all as she did back in episode 116.

    Inspired to be an Olympian at the age of 12 after finding newspaper clippings about her mom's debut at the 1976 Olympics, Claire first focused on swimming, then running. But it wasn't until 2012, when Claire started competing in triathlon, that she found multisport to be the ticket to fulfilling her Olympic Dreams.

    In 2015, she stepped into her professional multisport career, which has afforded her experiences of high highs and low lows, but through it all, Claire has stood the test of time. Thank you for tuning in; we hope that you enjoy the show!

    In this episode:

    - the lure of Girona, Spain
    - Moving into her next career phase
    - Improve relationships with the Belgium federation
    - Solution-oriented mindset
    - Talent detection
    - Betting on yourself
    - Olympic build
    - Paris triathlon course
    - Training with ranges
    - Keeping the big picture in mind
    - Going longer
    - Belgium Olympic mixed relay team
    - Managing nerves
    - Trusting yourself
    - Sign up for her newsletter

    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
87 Ratings

87 Ratings

maveryhart ,

Dr. Bozonne episode is incredible

This is a great podcast, so much rich information. The Dr. Bozzone episode is what caught my attention and opened the floodgates for the rest of the episodes. 5 stars.

bach1068 ,

Being at Ease in Struggle and Getting Clear on Purpose

I truly enjoyed listening to Dr. Suzannah Bozzone talk about Ease in Struggle and Getting Clear on Purpose. Dr. Bozonne is incredibly knowledgeable about a plant based lifestyle. She is clearly a very caring doctor who also uses common sense when it comes to helping her patients. She also sounds like a very fun person to be around. I especially appreciated her simple descriptions of the benefits of a plant based lifestyle and of learning to be at ease with challenges in our lives and of how to identify clearly what one’s purpose is. Thank you Dr. Bozonne 🎶

J. Kallin ,

Wealth of knowledge and inspiration!

This has quickly become one of my absolute favorite podcasts! The guests and the hosts always have the best, most thought-provoking conversations and there’s always a small change I can take away and begin applying to my own life! I’d mention a favorite episode but I literally love every single one!

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