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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

    Top 5 Most Talented Rosters; Impact of Opt Outs

    Top 5 Most Talented Rosters; Impact of Opt Outs

    The guys dive into opt outs, the most talented teams in the NFL, and finally settle the Mascot Wars. But first, Ahmed discovers he might have been bamboozled by the deodorant industry.

    (3:45) Opt outs: What team has the biggest on-field loss? What is Chris hearing from coaches around the league?

    (19:10) Patriots: Why did they have so many players opt out? And why shouldn't they panic?

    (28:00) CJ Mosley: "The Jets lost their 2 best defensive players in consecutive weeks."

    (32:15) Devin Funchess: "This makes the Packers draft look worse now."

    (34:30) Damien Williams: "Clyde Edwards-Helaire is going to be a superstar."

    (37:15) Nate Solder: "Andrew Thomas will be ready to go."

    (42:00) Top 5 Teams With The Most Talent

    (1:07:55) Mascot Battle Royale: We finally crown a winner, and why the Giants are the first team out.

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    #AskMeAnything: Patrick Mahomes isn't #4, Sleeper MVP Candidates, and Zombie Apocalypse Team

    #AskMeAnything: Patrick Mahomes isn't #4, Sleeper MVP Candidates, and Zombie Apocalypse Team

    Simms and Ahmed hit the mailbag with an #AskMeAnything, and welcome Big Phil back to the show.

    (2:40) NFC West: Does the Jamal Adams trade push the Seahawks above the 49ers?

    (6:30) Seattle scheme: Who plays the Kam Chancellor role for the 7 teams that run it?

    (12:00) 49ers defense: If Chris isn't high on the Seattle scheme, what would he run instead?

    (14:30) Big Phil busts into the pod, with some high praise for the Ravens

    (19:00) Patrick Mahomes: How was he ranked #4 in the league by his peers?

    (24:15) Lamar Jackson: Is he the James Harden of the NFL?

    (26:30) Davante Adams: Big Phil weighs in on Chris' Top 10 WR list

    (30:50) Offensive & Defensive Minds: Which 2 would Chris and Phil choose to mold their squads?

    (37:45) Bill Belichick: Do we overlook his bad roster moves because of his great coaching?

    (44:00) Sleeper MVP candidates: Matthew Stafford? Josh Allen? Philip Rivers?

    (48:30) Jamal Adams: Big Phil tells a story about George Adams that likely shaped the former Jets safety

    (54:40) Fantasy picks: Chris gives some insight into potential breakouts like Josh Jacobs, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman, Chase Claypool, and Bryan Edwards

    (58:45) Rookie WRs: Who will have the best numbers at the end of the year?

    (1:02:45) Zombie apocalypse: Chris creates his 5-man SWAT team

    (1:08:00) #3 TE: After George Kittle and Travis Kelce, is Zach Ertz the next-best TE in the NFL?

    (1:10:20) Roy Williams: What derailed his career?

    (1:13:00) Simms' Best WR: Who was the best receiver Chris ever threw to? Joey Galloway? Brandon Marshall? Randy Moss?

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    Jamal Adams traded & Top 10 WR reactions

    Jamal Adams traded & Top 10 WR reactions

    It's a day of reactions for Simms and Ahmed: to the Jamal Adams trade, to Chris' conversation with Kyle Shanahan, and to players mad about the Simms Top 10 WR list.

    (4:20) Jamal Adams: Simms reacts to the trade and defends Adam Gase

    (22:00) Seattle scheme: Chris explains it, which teams use it, and ranks the most important positions in the defense

    (38:00) Kyle Shanahan takeaways: When did Chris know Kyle was a "psycho"? Does he share his Jimmy G optimism?

    (55:45) Buttoning up: Chris explains when he started buttoning the top button

    (59:00) Top 10 WR Reactions: Davante Adams, Jarvis Landry, and Keenan Allen had comments, and Chris defends himself.

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    Guest: 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan

    Guest: 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan

    After 167 episodes, Kyle Shanahan finally returns for another appearance on the podcast. He talks about getting over the Super Bowl loss and preparing for a season unlike any other.

    (1:15) Fashion: Chris grills Kyle on his "look"

    (6:15) Career: What Kyle learned from his father, Jon Gruden, Monte Kiffin & other coaching mentors

    (17:00) Xs and Os: How he organizes his playbook for gameday to "crack the code"

    (22:15) Seattle scheme: Why Kyle prefers it for his defense

    (27:45) 2019 season: How Kyle knew his defense was elite way back in Training Camp, the impact of the Emmanuel Sanders trade, and Jimmy Garoppolo's improvement

    (35:40) Super Bowl LIV: How he got over the depression of the loss and if he's watched the game with the team yet

    (40:15) 2020 expectations: Is this year "Super Bowl or bust"?

    (43:20) Coaching: How Kyle builds his style on being honest to players

    (49:45) Jimmy Garoppolo: Why he's just getting started

    (53:15) 3rd & 15: At what point of the Super Bowl did Kyle say "Oh no"?

    (55:15) COVID-19: How Kyle is preparing for the season and why he's more optimistic since arriving to the facility

    (1:01:00) Preseason games: Why he's glad they were canceled this year

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    Simms Top 10 Wide Receivers & Ahmed's 99 Club

    Simms Top 10 Wide Receivers & Ahmed's 99 Club

    (3:00) Simms Top 10 Wide Receivers: Chris explains his gripe with Madden ratings and the logic behind his list

    (10:30) WR #10 Courtland Sutton

    (16:45) WR #9 Stefon Diggs

    (22:00) WR #8 Amari Cooper

    (26:30) WR #7 A.J. Green

    (31:15) WR #6 Odell Beckham Jr.

    (37:00) WR #5 DeAndre Hopkins

    (44:00) WR #4 Mike Evans

    (49:15) WR #3 Michael Thomas

    (55:00) WR #2 Julio Jones

    (58:00) WR #1 Tyreek Hill

    (1:03:30) Missed the cut: DJ Moore, DK Metcalf, Davante Adams, T.Y. Hilton, Adam Thielen, Chris Godwin, DeVante Parker, Terry McLaurin, Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson, AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel

    (1:08:00) Ahmed's 99 Club Don't forget the punters

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    #AskMeAnything: Back from Vacation

    #AskMeAnything: Back from Vacation

    We're back, baby! After a 2-week break, Chris & Ahmed return to hit on the big stories we missed (Cam to Pats, Mahomes' big deal, Washington's name change) & tackle other #AskMeAnything questions from the homies.

    (3:45) @SimmsHomies: Chris gets his own fan account

    (6:00) Training camps: Why do players need even more time to prepare for this season?

    (11:30) Cam to the Pats: Is he guaranteed to be the starter? Was this Belichick’s plan all along? Is Jarrett Stidham still the future? Are the Bills or the Pats favorites in the AFC East?

    (30:15) Mahomes' big contract: "One of the most team-friendly deals we've ever seen."

    (35:45) Dak's contract negotiations: Why did Mahomes' contract hurt Prescott's leverage?

    (39:00) Chiefs: Should we give Mahomes less credit because of his weapons?

    (47:15) Best O-lineman: Chris names his top guys at each position. Are left tackles still more important than right tackles?

    (54:15) Washington name change: What should their new mascot be?

    (1:01:00) Madden Top 10 QB Ratings: Where does Chris disagree?

    (1:05:45) 2020 QBs: Who will lead the league in TD passes? How about INT?

    (1:10:30) Ravens: Are they the most talented team in the NFL?

    (1:13:00) Switching fandom: Chris talks a Packers fan off the ledge

    (1:15:00) 49ers: Should Raheem Mostert have demanded a trade? And why does Kyle Shanahan like the Seattle defense despite Chris always bashing it?

    (1:21:40) Seahawks: Is there any chance they (or any NFL team) sign Antonio Brown?

    (1:24:45) Mascot Pro Bowl: “I’m putting my money on any human”

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