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The show where we watch the 1970s TV show "In Search Of..." and look at possible explanations the producers didn't consider.

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The show where we watch the 1970s TV show "In Search Of..." and look at possible explanations the producers didn't consider.

    S01E16 - Dracula

    S01E16 - Dracula

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    Was Dracula, the Bram Stoker novel, based on a real person in the form of Vlad Dracula? Jeb and Blake discuss.
    Discussed in this episode:
    Bram Stoker's Dracula the novel
    John William Polidori's The Vampyre 
    Varney the Vampire, a penny dreadful
    Carmilla by Joseph Le Fanu
    Dan Simmons Children of the Night vampire book
    Todd Browning's Dracula & Freaks
    Copola's movie Bram Stoker's Dracula 
    Hammer's The Horror of Dracula (1958)
    Hellsing, vampire anime
    Shadow of the Vampire (2000) fictionalized story of the making of Nosferatu (sort of)
    Remastered Nosferatu (English, Scored, and free via YouTube)
    Dracula (in the novel) goes to The Scholomance to become a vampire.  
    What's a Lich?
    Why did Hammer set most of its Dracula movies in Germany? It seems likely to be budget related, perhaps having sets ready? You'd have to ask script writer Jimmy Sangster to be sure, but I did uncover this passage in a book titled "Dracula Goes to the Movies," by Lyndon Joslin:
    "Due to the budget constraints of this version, Dracula doesn't take a sea voyage to London, not even via footage pirated from another film. Instead, he takes a hearse to the town of Karlstadt, wherever that may be. There is a Karlstadt in Germany, but in order to get there from Klausenburg in central Transylvania, Dracula would have to travel across modern-day Hungary and Austria. The movie depicts the trip as a mere overnighter, so Karlstadt is evidently a fictional town somewhere in Transylvania. There's a border crossing guard in the story, so Karlstadt must be in a neighboring 'state,' province or district. (The border crossing, we're told, is in 'Ingstadt,' itself apparently a fictional town and therefore not much help here.) Karlstadt here compares with the 'Carlsbruck' seen in the same year (1958) in Hammer's The Revenge of Frankenstein, and with the Karlstaad seen in 1964's The Evil of Frankenstein. The creation of a generic German archetypal town is what goes on here, comparable to Universal's having set part of its Frankenstein series in the never-land town of Visaria. It's ironic that in this, the first British adaptation of Dracula, the Count doesn't go to London, or even to England. In Hammer's series, he doesn't turn up in England until Taste the Blood of Dracula in 1970. Still, Horror of Dracula is so very British that articles have been written about it by reviewers who didn't notice that it isn't London Dracula invades. Seems the undertaker's address in the movie - on 'Friederickstrasse' - would've provided a clue." (Joslin, 2017) Castle Ambras - home of weird paintings and "cabinet of curiosities"
    Lot's Wife geological formations 
    Stoker was going to create his character, and then ran into a history discussing Dracula, and used that as the backstory. Also added the vampire bat aspects. Much of this may come from Emily Gerard’s The Land Beyond the Forest. He basically lifts a number of ideas and text from her. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Gerard She was a travel writer and novelist.
    Radu Florescu (obituary) co-author In Search of Dracula
    Vampire lore around the world varies in what the vampires do, and how they are created.
    The Order of the Dragon 
    Ceahlău Massif
    The story of Budu
    http://www.ceah laupark.ro/en/legends/ The show calls it a megalith, but it is actually two rock outcrops, one for Budu, one for Ana Bran Castle
    The Hardy Boys (and Nancy Drew) meet Dracula (part 1 and part 2) takes place in "Dracula's Castle" which I'm pretty sure features exterior shots of Bran Castle.  This episode features Lorne Greene (Battlestar Galactica and Bonanza) and also singer/songwriter/actor Paul Williams (The Phantom of the Paradise, Rainbow Connection)

    The story about what was found in the church seems to be completely wrong.
    From Wiki on Vlad Dracula: 
    "According to popular trad

    • 1 Std. 12 Min.
    S01E15 - Amelia Earhart

    S01E15 - Amelia Earhart

    In reSearch Of looks at episode 15 of season one of In Search Of, about the search for Amelia Earhart. They don't find her.

    • 57 Min.
    S01E14 - Nazi Plunder

    S01E14 - Nazi Plunder

    Jeb and Blake are joined by Game Designer and Writer Kenneth Hite to talk about the ISO episode "Nazi Plunder."

    • 1 Std. 28 Min.
    S01E13 - Learning ESP

    S01E13 - Learning ESP

    Wherein Jeb and Blake discuss the 13th episode of In Search Of... and fail to learn any ESP.

    • 1 Std. 30 Min.
    S01E12 - A Call From Space (A look at SETI)

    S01E12 - A Call From Space (A look at SETI)

    The In Search Of show profiles the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and Jeb is not impressed. Blake & Jeb both relate Roswell/Black-Helicopter experiences near the VLA.

    • 53 Min.
    S01E11 - Psychic Detectives

    S01E11 - Psychic Detectives

    Jeb and Blake join Leonard Nimoy and a group of St. Louis clairvoyants as we go in research of psychic detectives.

    • 46 Min.

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