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Podcast by Parenting for Liberation

    Episode #35: All About Kwanzaa With David Love

    Episode #35: All About Kwanzaa With David Love

    Habari Gani?! Our first annual Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration, in partnership with Dior Sunset Foundation, was an amazing community gathering bringing together 150 Black families in Los Angeles. Kwanzaa is a 7-day African-American & Pan-African holiday created to celebrate our culture, heritage, & foster unity, beginning on December 26-January 1.

    This episode features a snippet from our keynote presenter, Bro. David Love, sharing about the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa and the 7 Symbols of Kwanzaa.

    There are a multitude of ways to celebrate Kwanzaa such as pouring libations to honor your ancestors, getting together with family with song, dance, African drums, storytelling, and poetry reading. However you celebrate, just remember to practice the 7 principles of Kwanzaa: Umoja (unity), Kujichagulia (self-determination), Ujima (collective work and responsibility), Ujamaa (cooperative economics), Nia (purpose), Kuumba (creativity), & Imani (faith).
    Check out our tools online (www.parentingforliberation.org) and on our social media channels.

    Please share your Kwanzaa celebrations with us using the hashtag #P4LKwanzaa

    "May the light of the kinara fill your home with peace and light your new year with love!"

    • 23 Min.
    Bonus Episode #34: Harriet Screening debrief

    Bonus Episode #34: Harriet Screening debrief

    Parenting for Liberation hosted a private screening of Harriet, where over 50 Black parents and children witnessed Harriet’s enduring courage, ingenuity and tenacity to not only free herself but over one thousand enslaved Africans. The film was an inspiration for attendees to watch a small but mighty Cynthia Erivo as Harriet, wield her power--spiritual, legal, physical, and political political---against white supremacy for the sake of her own and her people’s liberation. Following the film, Parenting for Liberation hosted a talk back with families, using quotes from the film to guide discussions pushing past fear, black sisterhood, parenting fear Black children, and legacy-building.

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    Episode 33: Parenting After Prison with Matthew Arlington

    Episode 33: Parenting After Prison with Matthew Arlington

    In this week’s podcast, Trina talks with Matthew Arlington, who is currently interning with Parenting for Liberation through his program at California State University Fullerton. Matthew is a father who was formerly incarcerated during the early stages of fatherhood. This episode focuses on the hardships associated with parenting while incarcerated and methods to overcome those barriers. Trina also explores how Matthew has adjusted to parenting after prison and his parenting methods. Lastly, Matthew and Trina reflect on parenting strategies for raising our children with a liberated mind set.
    Key Points
    Approximately, 10 million children nationwide have a parent who has been incarcerated
    The importance of communicating with your child while incarcerated
    “Get on the bus” is a California based program that was developed by the Center of Restorative Justice Works, which transports families to and from prisons for visitations on Mother’s and Father’s Day.
    The importance of and open communication with your children after release from prison to build bonds of trust.
    Recognizing the inequality that still exist in society and how to teach our children how to live according to law with a sense of empowerment and love for themselves.
    “Friends Outside”, a Los Angeles based organization that provides resources to ex-convicts to help them transition back into society and family life.
    “Project Rebound”, a program located on most CSU campuses that provides assistants to ex-convicts in enrollment and other resources needed when returning to school.

    • 25 Min.
    Episode 32: Black Maternal Health with Melissa Franklin & Brandi Sims

    Episode 32: Black Maternal Health with Melissa Franklin & Brandi Sims

    In this episode, Parenting for Liberation spoke with Melissa Franklin and Brandi Sims of First 5 LA, a public agency focused on the safe and healthy development of young children. They both joined to talk about a current epidemic of Black mothers who are largely exposed to racial bias from health care professionals during childbirth. The episode delves deeper into issues of Black maternal and infant health, with each of the Black women sharing their own personal experience with maternal health ranging from miscarriage to preterm birth and how our own traumatic experience fueled our collective passions to make a change in society related to issues of maternal health.

    Key topics in this episode include:
    *How racial disparities are directly correlated to maternal mortality rates as the CDC reports that black women are 3.3 times were likely than white women to suffer a pregnancy-related death.
    *How common notions regarding factors such as age, income, and education being related to Black mothers experiencing birthing challenges are false.
    *How the attitudes and behaviors of health care professionals towards Black mothers largely impact the lives of both Black mothers and their babies.
    *How organizations such as National Birth Equity Collaborative, and the group Black Mamas Matter Alliance are educating the public to tackle racial disparities and institutional racism in the public health aspect.
    *The impact California State Senator Holly Mitchell has made pertaining to Black maternal health.
    *How racial disparities in maternal deaths is impacting the country on a national scale with involvement from the California Department of Public, politicians and lawmakers across the nations.
    *Ways in which California’s governor, Newsom is implementing change for a successful and healthy life for Black babies, mothers, and families overall.
    *Various forms of solutions such as Doulas to address racial disparities in maternal health and newborn health as well as programs such as Home Visitation and how it can benefit Black mothers and families.

    • 52 Min.
    Episode 31: Pleasure & Parenting: Live Conversation with Dani McClain & adrienne maree brown

    Episode 31: Pleasure & Parenting: Live Conversation with Dani McClain & adrienne maree brown

    This special episode features a live conversation hosted by Parenting for Liberation with Dani McClain (author of We Live for the We: The Political Power of Black Motherhood) and adrienne maree brown (author of Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good). In this conversation, Dani and adrienne highlight the joys and pleasures of parenting and caregiving as Black mothers, aunties, and doulas.

    • 1 Std. 39 Min.
    Episode 30: Raising Liberated Black World Schoolers

    Episode 30: Raising Liberated Black World Schoolers

    In this episode with Natalie Pipkin, founder of Black World Schoolers, she told the stories behind the research data that shows that African Americans are increasingly pulling their Black children out of schools and deciding to homeschool for a variety of reasons. Natalie shares her own personal experience with racism as a school age child, and how when her own children began experiencing it--she went into protection and fear-based parenting mode.

    Natalie and her husband decided it was time to stop fighting for their children to be accepted in “in the classroom but left out of the curriculum” and after fours years at a private classical education institution, Natalie decided to shift to what she calls Black World Schooling.

    “We believe centering the wisdom, truth, experiences, achievements, and beauty of Africans and those throughout the African Diaspora can have a unbelievably powerful impact on black children around the globe. We invite you to join us on this journey of self love, cultural appreciation, and black liberation.”
    -- Black WorldSchoolers

    The discussion also covers some juicy themes such as:
    *Classical education as the breeding ground of white supremacy
    *Both the privilege and sacrifice of choosing to send Black children to school or to home school
    *Distinctions between homeschooling and world schooling
    *Strategies for in- school parents to engage in homeschooling practices

    Thank you Natalie for reminding us that our ancestors have always homeschooled and educated our children. As Black parents we are always teaching and educating them on their history, how to love themselves, and how to navigate being Black. So regardless of whether our children go to school or stay at home, we as Black parents are always their first and consistent teacher--always guiding them back to themselves with love and affirmation.

    Blog: https://blackbeautifulandtrue.wordpress.com/2018/07/10/black-worldschoolers%EF%B8%8F-its-more-than-travel/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/black_world_schoolers/

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