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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at thegreynato@gmail.com.

The Grey Nato James Stacey and Jason Heaton

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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at thegreynato@gmail.com.

    The Grey NATO - Ep 112 - The Isolation Tapes // Perfect Product #3

    The Grey NATO - Ep 112 - The Isolation Tapes // Perfect Product #3

    After a nine-month hiatus, episode 112 sees the return of the Perfect Product series in which Jason and James pick a fav product from their lives and give you an insider’s review about what makes it so great. For the third installment of the series, Jason has a two-wheeled suggestion and James wants to keep your coffee game quick and simple without sacrificing on taste.

    Up first, the guys chat about old speakers, household projects, and new camping adventures not (at all) far from home. Don’t change that dial as the TGN boys round out the episode with a photo that gets edited more than 1000 times (by different people) and a tour of a special camp in Antarctica. Finally, A big thanks to The HODINKEE Shop for their continued support of the Isolation tapes, just press play, and thanks so much for listening.

    2:40 Alps Mountaineering Taurus 4 https://bit.ly/2LMqCCQ
    9:30 Wharfedale S33 speakers https://bit.ly/2LIuuVp
    10:25 Lepai 2020 amp https://amzn.to/3bMjOj9
    10:30 D03K Fiio DAC https://amzn.to/3cPWum8
    16:50 Garmin Fenix 6 42mm https://bit.ly/3cOt33X
    18:50 Triple Aught Design Quantum NATO strap https://bit.ly/2WLR3PA
    20:16 Aquadive Bathysphere 100 GMT Diver https://bit.ly/3e1PxP1
    22:25 The Twin Six Rando Bike https://bit.ly/2LMFH7r
    37:05 Aeropress https://amzn.to/2zXHmEt
    43:15 Baratza Encore burr grinder https://bit.ly/3d1hFSt
    45:00 Metal filter for Aeropress https://amzn.to/2z6sFiI
    45:52 Milano coffee https://bit.ly/2WOA9jm
    51:15 The HODINKEE Shop https://bit.ly/3cmkVHm
    55:55 What happens when 1000+ people edit the same photo https://bit.ly/3cOqVZL
    58:55 A Very Short Guide To Union Glacier Camp https://bit.ly/2LHWgl2

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    The Grey NATO - Ep 111 - The Isolation Tapes // Tudor

    The Grey NATO - Ep 111 - The Isolation Tapes // Tudor

    Episode 111 is the return of the TGN “brand focus” topic, this time taking a close look at none of that Tudor. From the brand’s roots to its relaunch in North America, and an in-depth highlight of many core models, Jason and James break down the strengths and qualities of this well-loved Rolex sibling brand. From the Black Bay to the Heritage Chrono and even the recent P01, there’s more than enough Tudor to chat about.

    From the top, Jason is binging a great series for those who loved “Homeland” and James has got some new carbon strapped to his wrist. Stick to the end for a buzz-free (mostly) but tasty beer bread recipe, how to get back into the wild, a push to fix something around your home, and a journey some 36,000 feet under the sea. A huge thanks to the HODINKEE Shop for making this episode possible - just press play and thanks so much for listening!

    1:40 The Bureau https://amzn.to/35TIDsm
    12:02 Beyond The Dial Podcast https://bit.ly/2Wt7wrB
    13:40 Doxa Sub 300 Carbon https://bit.ly/3cwApJ3
    22:53 Historic Tudor Divers https://bit.ly/3fFJ65X
    26:26 Tudor Black Bay https://bit.ly/2WrHbdB
    28:20 Black Bay Fifty-Eight https://bit.ly/3btKR2L
    29:00 Black Bay Chrono Dark https://bit.ly/2Wt8QL5
    30:24 Black Bay GMT http://bit.ly/2SrZU4t
    31:30 Heritage Chrono https://bit.ly/2WuFCve
    37:10 Tudor Ranger https://bit.ly/3fL2vCr
    39:00 The North Flag https://bit.ly/3fKfiFh
    42:00 Tudor Pelagos http://bit.ly/2MLWatH
    47:30 Cole’s Hands-On with the Black Bay P01 http://bit.ly/2YKutWx
    52:50 The HODINKEE Shop https://bit.ly/3cmkVHm
    53:50 Bake Beer Bread https://nyti.ms/2WRlcvI
    55:50 King Arthur Flower Beer Bread https://bit.ly/2T2Rti4
    58:30 “36,000 Feet Under The Sea” The New Yorker https://bit.ly/2Z0KCte
    1:01:40 “Re-Wilding” With Wes Siler https://bit.ly/3cvWNCi
    1:01:50 Indefinitely Wild https://bit.ly/2Wxxv1n
    1:05:35 Wes’ Overland Ford Ranger https://bit.ly/2Lshmnf

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    The Grey NATO - Ep 110 - The Isolation Tapes // Film Club Vol 4

    The Grey NATO - Ep 110 - The Isolation Tapes // Film Club Vol 4

    After a six month wait, the TGN boys thought it was time for another installment of The TGN Film Club. So here’s volume four and it’s quite a collection of thrillers, westerns, comedies, and even some horror (unexpected!).

    But before the guys offer up ten new films into the TGN collection, they chat about a new watch podcast from some good buddies, a great new diver from Sinn, Heaton’s success with ramps, and the fact that James is too weak to service his own Jeep. As always, stay in the mix for a solid suggestion of homework and more than enough in to keep you entertained via Final Notes. Thanks for listening and an additional thanks to the HODINKEE Shop for supporting this show. Just press play!

    9:15 OT: The Podcast https://bit.ly/2SI3bOX
    11:15 Sinn U50 https://bit.ly/2L4OCRp
    14:09 Jason’s CWC 1970s RAF Chrono https://bit.ly/2yARKBP
    15;05 James’s Oris Divers Sixty-Five LE for Hodinkee https://bit.ly/2SGSQD0
    15:17 James’s Stay At Home Essentials with Acquire Magazine https://bit.ly/2W6X5tD
    16:40 Retrowatchguy.com http://bit.ly/1U7J6bh
    19:15 Lawrence of Arabia https://imdb.to/2ziSUln
    21:50 Rushmore https://imdb.to/35BjfaA
    24:10 Casino Royale https://imdb.to/2L4SGRH
    28:08 Wind River https://imdb.to/3dhRg28
    31:30 1917 https://imdb.to/3cbRec2
    35:00 No Country For Old Men https://imdb.to/2yp4StZ
    39:48 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly https://imdb.to/2SHeOG0
    43:40 Arrival https://imdb.to/35EwRSh
    4810 Let The Right One In https://imdb.to/2L5bDnt
    51:45 Drive https://imdb.to/2zciOaL
    57:35 The HODINKEE Shop https://bit.ly/3cmkVHm
    1:05:05 Pedro and Tailor Hats https://bit.ly/3cmkX1W
    1:07:20 Fly Overland https://bit.ly/2YH54zk
    1:09:30 Patagonia’s “Fishpeople” film https://bit.ly/2SHY815

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    The Grey NATO – Ep 109 – The Isolation Tapes // April Q and A

    The Grey NATO – Ep 109 – The Isolation Tapes // April Q and A

    Q and A is back for April with a big stack of questions from all over the world. Want to hear Jason and James chat about watch collecting, writing routines, watches we regret selling, demagnetizing watches, and what is always in their fridge. Look no further. The TGN boys have been thrilled by the response to the new Q and A format so please keep sending in your questions (just record them as a voice memo on your phone and email the file to thegreynato@gmail.com!).

    From the start, the guys are talking new dive watches from Seiko and Doxa, James’ continued fall into the world of higher-end audio, and more. Stay tuned to the end for an unlikely homework assignment from Jason and a solid set of final notes. A huge thanks to the Hodinkee Shop for supporting this episode and to everyone who has been listening to, commenting on, and enjoying the Isolation Tapes – just press play!

    2:25 R/audiophile https://bit.ly/2YhN0M8
    2:26 R/budgetaudiophile https://bit.ly/35f4Roh
    4:47 Doxa SUB 300 Carbon https://bit.ly/3bPjYXU
    10:57 Seiko Prospex SPB14X https://bit.ly/35efisl
    13:34 New Seiko Tunas https://bit.ly/3bM0h3q
    16:00 Kill Hubris http://bit.ly/2tKFAOn
    17:00 Jason’s Doxa T.Graph https://bit.ly/2SjU2fj
    18:00 James’ Doxa 50th Pro https://bit.ly/3bOJxsg
    22:50 Dan Brown Masterclass https://bit.ly/2VNPa4w
    26:30 Seiko Willard https://bit.ly/3bbIBhp
    36:47 Halios Seaforth https://bit.ly/3bZQHtX
    37:04 Doxa SUB 200 https://bit.ly/2yWgZyd
    37:30 Seiko Monster Orange dial https://bit.ly/2YexXCC
    52:40 Forstner Komfit http://bit.ly/2YYsrCE
    52:50 Strapcode https://bit.ly/2YhN3Y4
    53:10 Hadley Roma jubilee-style bracelet https://bit.ly/2xjnwCN
    1:05:20 Nerd Wallet investing guide https://bit.ly/3bJ4mVX
    1:05:50 Nerd Wallet stock market simulators https://bit.ly/3f3KH5e
    1:12:05 Peninsula Kelp Co https://bit.ly/2yYzdPF
    1:14:05 Demagnetizer tool https://ebay.to/2KHe2En
    1:14:20 Demagnetizer how to https://bit.ly/2yPN6zU

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    The Grey NATO - Ep 108 - The Isolation Tapes Ft. Josh Perez

    The Grey NATO - Ep 108 - The Isolation Tapes Ft. Josh Perez

    Episode 108 is another installment of the Isolation Tapes and a continuation of “isolation socialization” with a special guest from the world of photography. Joining James via a call from Denver, the TGN boys are excited to feature Josh Perez in topic-hopping chat keyed for the creatives (and hopeful creatives) in the audience. You may know Josh for his excellent Instagram, his work in the Hodinkee magazine, or his successful micro-studio Sett. A talented photographer who cut his teeth in the ever-competitive world of adventure sports, listen in for Josh’s story, his tips for those wanting to make the leap into a creative path, and how the launch of his new apparel brand helped put cash in the hands of some talented photographers.

    From the start of the episode, Jason and James cover everything from some cool new knives and old regatta watches but stay tuned to the end for a fresh set of homework (with James sticking to a knife-heavy theme) and final notes that will have you looking both up high and very very deep. A big thanks to the Hodinkee shop for making this episode possible. Just press play and thanks for listening!

    3:45 Finch Knives Runtly https://bit.ly/34YLXlC
    9:30 Raven Solitude https://bit.ly/3aycHdE
    10:20 Jason’s birthday Swiss Army Knife https://bit.ly/3bt4BV6
    11:05 Buck 501 Squire folding knife https://bit.ly/3cJh5Ip
    13:20 Fraser Kit Co https://bit.ly/2KnxlCE
    15:10 James’ Explorer II https://bit.ly/3eOpqfR
    17:10 Jason’s Aquastar Regate https://bit.ly/3cCzwOO
    18:45 The Hodinkee Shop https://bit.ly/2UEcQpR
    19:39 Josh Perez’s Instagram http://bit.ly/2MJUl0e
    23:16 Volume 5 of Hodinkee Magazine https://bit.ly/2S2wcEW
    25:45 Topo Designs https://bit.ly/2KnrEon
    30:00 Chris Burkard https://bit.ly/3eKoh8H
    31:05 Rab Equipment https://bit.ly/3bH5LfT
    31:30 Dano Pendygrasse instagram https://bit.ly/3eEydAK
    37:17 Sett Studio https://bit.ly/2VLelTU
    47:00 Pedro and Tailor https://bit.ly/3bAahMC
    49:30 Photo contest winners https://bit.ly/34UTbXw
    51:33 Guayabera shirt https://bit.ly/2RYByke
    55:35 PonPon Denver https://bit.ly/34VcJeB
    55:40 Forest Room 5 https://bit.ly/2KrH4YQ
    56:20 Our Mutual Friend Brewery https://bit.ly/3eLguaI
    57:30 “Rams” documentary https://bit.ly/2Ksuaty
    59:00 The Design of Everyday Things https://amzn.to/2SfkoPR
    59:27 The Watch http://bit.ly/2SB125k
    59:50 The Man in High Castle https://imdb.to/2Kqr35h
    1:03:10 Knife Skills on Skillshare https://skl.sh/34VdzIh
    1:06:00 Looking Deep Into the Oceans - David Gallo for Ink Talks https://bit.ly/2XWql7L
    1:07:30 Valley Uprising https://bit.ly/2Kqrgp5

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    The Grey NATO - Ep 107 - The Isolation Tapes Ft. Cole Pennington

    The Grey NATO - Ep 107 - The Isolation Tapes Ft. Cole Pennington

    In episode 107, Jason and James welcome their first guest to the Isolation Tapes series as Hodinkee colleague Cole Pennington calls in to chat travel, Japanese off-road trucks, the Omega Seamaster, and more. From the top, the guys chat about some recent big changes to the Baselworld line up and then patch Cole in for a bigger chat about his background in writing, his experiences abroad, and how his #1 place in the world isn’t all that far away (if you’re in America, even less so if you’re in the South).

    Stay tuned for a wide-ranging final notes that will have you cooking backyard chili like a pro, navigating unknown terrain with ease, taking classes at Harvard, and rounding out your 2010’s film knowledge. A huge thank you to the Hodinkee Shop for their continued support of The Isolation Tapes - just press play and thanks so much for listening.

    1:00 Hodinkee Radio Rolex and Patek leave Baselworld https://bit.ly/3afJYdj
    9:05 Apollo 13 Real Time https://bit.ly/3bcCUzx
    11:48 Seiko Prospex Willard https://bit.ly/3bbIBhp
    14:25 Lorier Watches https://bit.ly/2K9Eqqu
    17:44 Cole’s Bond Seamaster https://bit.ly/3afKlod
    21:30 Jason’s Speedy https://bit.ly/3bcDixZ
    21:48 James’ Buren MinStop https://bit.ly/34BgrtC
    27:06 Coles’ Seamaster 300M A Week On The Wrist https://bit.ly/34DXkyT
    33:06 RADwood https://bit.ly/3a5385O
    33:11 Driving While Awesome Podcast https://bit.ly/2VuZUDt
    37:00 Cole’s Mitsubishi Pajero https://bit.ly/2yly04A
    38:33 Japanese Classics https://bit.ly/2K53m23
    40:15 All of the dirt roads around America https://bit.ly/2VBZGKS
    42:32 Global Roamer https://bit.ly/2VxcqlD
    45:25 Mitsubishi Willys Jeeps https://bit.ly/2VzX1RT
    47:10 Hutan Tropical Instagram https://bit.ly/2Va6sbp
    54:08 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia https://bit.ly/3bfiUfU
    55:26 Fang, Thailand https://bit.ly/2z1fZsN
    58:20 Natchez, Mississippi https://bit.ly/2VcsJW0
    59:30 Carton Brewing https://bit.ly/2XCpF7m
    1:00:50 Lodge Dutch Oven https://bit.ly/3a6O7Ah
    1:01:00 The Old Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook - Don Holm https://bit.ly/3a9elCs
    1:03:30 The Hodinkee Shop https://bit.ly/2UEcQpR
    1:07:15 How to use a compass https://bit.ly/2VvQ1VZ
    1:08:34 Free Harvard classes https://bit.ly/2K4spT9
    1:10:00 AV Club’s top 100 films of the last decade https://bit.ly/34BdJEu
    1:12:15 Sounding the Sumburgh Foghorn https://bit.ly/2wHpwEB

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