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Longtime friends and games media colleagues Vinny Caravella, Brad Shoemaker, and Alex Navarro share their combined decades of knowledge, expertise, and passion for games with weekly discussions about what they're playing, what's happening in the industry, and whatever else they're up to.

The Nextlander Podcast Nextlander

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Longtime friends and games media colleagues Vinny Caravella, Brad Shoemaker, and Alex Navarro share their combined decades of knowledge, expertise, and passion for games with weekly discussions about what they're playing, what's happening in the industry, and whatever else they're up to.

    Tom Clancy's Punk Rock Mosh Pit

    Tom Clancy's Punk Rock Mosh Pit

    Video games are still coming out, news is still breaking, and we're still here to discuss it all, including the Steam Deck and the portable-PC proposition, Death's Door, Skyward Sword HD, Ubisoft's Skull & Bones mess, Neill Blomkamp's upcoming video game career, Vinny's escape from FF7 Remake, video games in your Netflix app, and Tom Clancy... but with attitude.
    00:00:10 Intro
    00:01:06 Human RESOURCES or HUMAN resources?
    00:04:19 THUMPs and why we have them
    00:05:54 Brad was out and now he's back. Thank goodness.
    00:06:00 Podcast chapter markers like this one here
    00:11:41 Brad GNU-maker
    00:12:36 News
    00:13:28 Steam Deck
    00:34:35 Goodbye Big Picture Mode. Hello Steam Deck UI?
    00:43:12 Netflix Gaming?
    00:52:40 Chappie Director Going to Make Games?
    01:00:37 Ubisoft Announces New Game
    01:09:04 Where's my Skull and Bones?
    01:22:03 Break
    01:22:06 GAMES!
    01:22:18 Death's Door. Released July 20th, 2021. Xbox, PC.
    01:41:02 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Vinny End Thoughts. Released April 10th, 2020. PS4, PS5.
    01:49:22 Skyward Sword HD. Released July 16, 2021. Nintendo Switch.
    02:06:44 Samurai Gunn 2. Currently Early Access on Steam.
    02:08:02 Wrapping up and Thanks!
    02:08:57 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts
    02:11:52 Nextlander Content Updates
    02:13:23 Q and A This Friday on the Discord
    02:14:26 Goodbye and thanks for listening

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    Ham to the Home

    Ham to the Home

    This week: we're very hot on Boomerang X, Vinny claws his way to the end of FF7 Remake, and we reflect on home meat delivery, the shaky future of the Judgment series, movies we should not have seen as children, the soaring prices of classic games, and the unlikely reappearance of Powdered Toast Man.
    00:00:00 Intro
    00:02:57 Temple of Doom Talk
    00:04:07 Keeping up with the Jones Movies
    00:06:56 ANOTHER Indiana Jones movie is being made?
    00:09:58 What's a good age for melting faces?
    00:12:50 Ranking of Aliens?
    00:19:08 Boomerang X
    00:36:24 Is this boomerang a glaive? Is Krull wrong?
    00:38:23 Having the Jaws Talk
    00:41:45 Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Continuing thoughts
    01:04:13 Alex Finished Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
    01:08:50 Break
    01:09:11 The end of the Judgment series?
    01:19:41 Are arcade prize games rigged? Do we need to ask?
    01:26:33 Mario 64 selling for over a million dollars
    01:31:18 Nickelodeon's not-Smash Smash game
    01:37:56 Studies show getting older is the best!
    01:47:21 Wrapping up and thank yous
    01:50:13 Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts
    01:52:25 Nextlander content updates
    01:54:29 Fire Escape and Nextlander PAX Stream
    01:56:15 END

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    Shinra Switches Get What They Deserve

    Shinra Switches Get What They Deserve

    Well, that new Switch model sure did get announced. It surrrrrre did. Assassin's Creed is going live-service, Dan Houser might make more video games, we're all giving Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade another shot, the xCloud beta seems pretty good, a three-wheeled car is a questionable purchase, and Vinny's running out of room for Transformers. All this and more, discussed within!
    00:00:00 Intro
    00:00:36 Weather Report
    00:01:55 The struggles of collecting Transformers
    00:03:43 Midlife crisis Fortress Maximus
    00:04:17 Best midlife crisis car
    00:08:19 Cars are expensive
    00:12:17 Bigger baller purchase. Train or plane?
    00:14:27 Dirigible, Train, or Submarine
    00:17:04 20,000 Karats Under the Sea
    00:19:06 Run of Show
    00:20:01 The news
    00:20:23 There's a new Switch coming
    00:23:22 What's new with this Switch?
    00:28:12 Will we get another Switch as well?
    00:32:35 The reaction to the news
    00:38:23 Previous attempts at upgrades
    00:42:47 Assassin's Creed Online?
    00:47:50 Warning: Mild AC Valhalla story talk
    00:49:18 End of Mild AC Valhalla story talk
    00:49:26 The state of Assassin's Creed's narrative
    00:51:31 Will this game be a product in the actual AC lore?
    00:53:48 Clint Hocking and the NEW GAME GODS
    00:55:19 Former Rockstar founder Dan Houser starts a new company
    01:02:16 Sony buys another dev studio
    01:04:14 My Life for [Internet] Ire
    01:04:58 What IS news really?
    01:08:02 There really is a new Ghost of Tsushima release coming
    01:10:32 Pricing for Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut
    01:13:12 Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters dates and price
    01:17:49 What about RoboCop?
    01:19:13 New game from the makers of Zeno Clash?
    01:20:26 Break
    01:20:54 The Video Games!
    01:21:29 Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    01:56:11 What other Final Fantasy game should be remade?
    02:02:54 Project xCloud Beta
    02:06:58 Playing with a wired Xbox 360 controller
    02:09:55 Use cases for streaming
    02:16:42 Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
    02:23:53 Thank You and check out our other stuff
    02:25:00 Our latest show, Here Decay, Gone Tomorrow
    02:28:35 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts!
    02:31:01 Farewell and see you next week.

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    Chargin' Chuck and the Boo in the Mornings

    Chargin' Chuck and the Boo in the Mornings

    With the summer heat setting in, this week we're hunkering down and weighing in on Mario Golf: Super Rush, Scarlet Nexus, Lego Builder's Journey, Mortal Kombat: Fast and Furious, Alex's now-extensive river knowledge, a pair of Control sequels, Sony's Housemarque acquisition, Silent Hill fatigue, the rumored Ghost of Tsushima expansion, our personal dirty-dish thresholds, the current Hall and Oates frequency, and more!
    0:00:00 Intro
    0:01:44 Dishwashing and laundry schedules
    0:04:53 Do you own a dishwasher?
    0:10:48 End of household chore talk
    0:10:53 Quick recap of Alex's vacation
    0:13:57 Mario Golf: Super Rush
    0:25:14 Switch hardware talk
    0:29:17 Rabbids vs Minions vs Fast and Furious?
    0:31:25 Put Dominic Toretto in MK cowards!
    0:36:51 Scarlet Nexus
    0:50:41 Necromunda: Hired Gun
    0:53:15 Break
    0:53:22 Lego Builder's Journey
    1:02:39 Maybe some FF7 game talk next week?
    1:04:22 News!
    1:04:58 Co-op Control game and sequel?
    1:13:01 Sony Bought Housemarque
    1:18:52 Devs, please add Time Since Last Save if I can't manually save
    1:20:59 Bloober Team and Silent Hill?
    1:23:27 Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut?
    1:29:13 Rock Band DLC Update
    1:37:59 Nextlander patron tier updates, new content, business stuff
    1:44:09 Farewells and thanks
    1:44:34 Mysterious Benefactor Patron Shoutouts
    1:48:11 Misson Control Patron Shoutouts
    2:14:18 The very end of the show

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    I Need a Moment!

    I Need a Moment!

    Our friend and #1 guest Mary Kish joins the podcast to talk about a crash course on the ins and outs of Twitch life, remembering how to socialize in 2021, eating peanuts dangerously on airplanes, the return of PAX West, Griftlands, Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance, Bear and Breakfast, the end of Ratchet and Clank, the curious tale of Hideo Kojima and Blue Box Games, chestbursting emotes, and more!


    0:00:00 Intro
    0:01:10 Say hello to our guest!
    0:04:21 How to Twitch
    0:15:09 Travelling and PAX
    0:26:07 Pets and kids as an excuse to bail
    0:27:38 Dark Alliance
    0:43:39 Griftlands
    1:13:47 Break
    1:13:52 Bear and Breakfast
    1:20:44 Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
    1:25:54 News
    1:26:20 Fortnite?
    1:26:46 Aliens: Fireteam Elite gets a date and a price
    1:31:24 The original ending of Alien?
    1:32:55 Tekken X Street Fighter officially dead
    1:34:50 Kojima and Blue Box rumors
    1:38:51 Keeping expectations rock bottom
    1:40:41 Our outlets on planes segment
    1:44:18 Where can you find more of Mary Kish?
    1:46:40 Thank you everyone
    1:47:27 Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts
    1:52:25 Goodbye!

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    Metroid vs. Predator

    Metroid vs. Predator

    The first fully virtual E3 has come and gone, so we spend most of this episode running down our favorite games and announcements, touching on Starfield, Breath of the Wild 2, Advance Wars, Stalker 2, WarioWare, Redfall, Replaced, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Forza Horizon 5, Metroid Dread, Metal Slug Tactics, and more. Also, we played a bunch of Ratchet and Clank and Chicory. Also also, Alex saw F9! It's a podcast! About video games! Mostly! CHAPTERS
    00:00:00  Intro
    00:12:22  Alex Sees F9 Movie
    00:23:14  E3 Happened
    00:28:17  Some of our favorite E3 2021 Games
    00:28:43  Metal Slug Tactics
    00:29:29  Replaced
    00:31:03  Slime Rancher 2
    00:31:15  Contraband
    00:33:53  Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope
    00:34:58  WarioWare: Get it Together
    00:36:29  12 Minutes
    00:37:55  Redfall
    00:40:12  Starfield
    00:48:17  Advance Wars 1+2 Re-boot Camp
    00:50:59  Breath of the Wild 2
    00:54:36  STALKER 2
    00:55:46  Metroid Dread
    00:58:15  Somerville
    01:01:41  Forza Horizon 5
    01:06:30  Break
    01:06:33  Games We Wished Were There
    01:06:51  State of Decay 3
    01:09:18  Everwild
    01:11:28  Fable
    01:12:26  Perfect Dark
    01:14:09  Beyond Good and Evil 2
    01:14:34  Scorn
    01:17:12  So Many Games
    01:19:35  Stuff We All Played
    01:19:47  Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
    01:44:16  Chicory: A Colorful Tale
    01:50:30  Wrapups
    01:51:46  Backer Appreciation
    01:55:43  Nextlander Housekeeping
    01:57:25  The Actual End

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2 Bewertungen

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Three Giants of Gaming Media walk into a podcast studio…

Alex, Brad and Vinny are fantastic, knowledgeable and sympathatic people who talk about video games. No influancer stuff, no shilling, no fake reaktions but thoughtfull insights from decades of experiance! Im in for the ride!

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