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i am from the future..

    Conversations With Dez - featuring Stuart McIrvine, Director, Product Management, Broadcom

    Conversations With Dez - featuring Stuart McIrvine, Director, Product Management, Broadcom

    I had the pleasure of catching up once again with Stuart McIrvine, Director, Product Management for Mainframe Security and Compliance; Mainframe Database Tools at Broadcom.

    This is Stuart’s second guest appearance on the show. I also had the pleasure of catching up with Stuart recently in Pittsburg at the SHARE Mainframe user group event in America. If you have’t seen that interview please do tune in & check it out after you’ve listened to this podcast at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL6j92qLcpM

    In his role as Director, Product Management for Mainframe Security and Compliance; Mainframe Database Tools at Broadcom, Stuart is responsible for leading the offering teams managing Security and Compliance as well as Database Tools; developing and leading strategy to ensure products meet customers’ needs and have competitive edge in the marketplace.

    In this show, we discuss the latest news & updates from his team and the Broadcom Mainframes division - in particular mainframe security, and what security entails in a modern world living with an incredible lack of predictability as well as what Broadcom is doing to ensure an airtight security experience for their customers.

    Key highlights in this show include:

    - Current events/Secure Access Cloud Offering and how Broadcom Mainframe products ensure the security and monitoring of your mainframe

    - Broadcom’s Symantec division and their free offer for a period of time, of their secure access cloud offering, which allows customers to come into the Symantec cloud service to ensure proper access to their network and mainframe; which is helpful when people are working from home esp. so a VPN doesn’t get overwhelmed

    - Why Symantec’s secure access cloud is one of the most secure solutions, how it can be used to tightly control it gives users / staff access to with it’s application specific features, more so that than standard basic VPN offerings

    - Broadcom mainframe components which tightly align with Secure Access Cloud to augment mainframe security such as CA AAM, CA TAMz and CA CEM, when combined can ensure that mainframe access is secure, properly monitored, and not overly elevated

    - The ever present need for security cycle and how mainframe should be part of every enterprise strategy and the importance of ensuring that your mainframes are as well protected as your distributed systems

    - The need to deliver proper access, ensure privileged users are managed, critical data is ID’d, unusual events are managed appropriately, and automation is used to aid routine, albeit important, tasks

    - Broadcom’s Mainframe Security Centre (which is about understanding how mainframe network security is configured)

    We also discuss why the mainframe is under a new types of pressure due to new and emerging technologies and business trends such as 5G, IoT, more mobile working, changes in the profile of what Security means today in context of 2020, both current state of the world given we’re currently dealing with life under a global pandemic with #COVID19, compounded by the fact that everyone effectively has a Star Trek “Tri-corder” in their hands that runs our lives – email / buying”.

    And Stuart closes out the show by sharing his medium to long term views on key upcoming trends, challenges, opportunities, topics organisations should be talking about now, actioning, i.e. “orgs should be gearing up to have a 5G Strategy in place and be running PoC’s in 2020.

    There is so much in this show for both Mainframe and Business decisoin makers we know you’re going to get a great deal from this conversation as well as key takeaways you can action right now.

    For more information on the Broadcom Mainframe offering please visit:


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    Conversations With Dez - talking with Janet Giesen - VP of Operations and Programs, Metallic

    Conversations With Dez - talking with Janet Giesen - VP of Operations and Programs, Metallic

    Dez Blanchfield gets up close & personal with Janet Giesen, Vice President of Operations and Programs for Metallic, a Commvault venture, to talk about SaaS Data Protection and considerations for remote workers.

    This conversation begins with a quick 30,000 foot point of view introduction to Metallic, what it is, where it fits with data protection & what drove the decision for Commvault to develop & launch Metallic.

    Also covered are the three key market focused offerings Metallic was launched with, and insights into why those three initial service offerings in particular, which included:

    1 - Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery, to protect SaaS office automation tools & data

    2 - Metallic Core Backup & Recovery, focused on Virtual Machines & their data

    3 - Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery, focused on laptop & desktop backups

    Janet outlines their strategy regarding the global roll out, from Metallic initially being launched within the American market in the USA, and which regions will follow with great insights into the challenges of deploying any SaaS offering, esp. one where data protection is the key offering, and how data privacy, encryption etc play into this.

    Another key highlight from this conversation is a walk through what the first six months so far has been like, since Metallic.io was first launched at the Commvault GO event in Denver in the USA late 2019, and some of the key highlights and learnings from those exciting first six months.

    An interesting key insight also discussed is that as with the ever important issue of Endpoint Protection, the current COVID19 global pandemic, and the huge increase in remote work and "work from home", the trend of mission critical data moving to the edge has become even more critical now that we have seen people, our human resource, literally "moving to the edge" as it were - in effect tipping the traditional Enterprise data protection model on its head.

    Janet talks about how she and the team at Metallic have seen the Business & IT community react to the dramatic changes brought about by the COVID19 global pandemic, and whether or not organisations were fully prepared to handle the broad challenge of remote data protection for laptops, and what organisations should they be thinking about as they continue to address this challenge, and how Metallic is supporting organisations in meeting this critical business & technology challenge.

    Also discussed is the topic of security, which is always front and centre in any conversation around Data Protection - Janet shares how and why this has been a key consideration from day #1 for Metallic, and how security is built into Metallic across the portfolio - from encryption, security certificates, access controls & data policies, to anomaly detection and more.

    Another key insight discussed is a remarkable finding that more than two thirds ( 66% )of I.T. security professionals say their company experienced one or more endpoint attacks which compromised their critical data assets or IT infrastructure in 2019. Janet shares insights into what Metallic is doing to support companies to avoid this happening to them.

    Janet also highlights that when Metallic was launched they offered a free trial period, and that now, as part of their response to supporting organisations through the COVID19 global pandemic, they have extended the Endpoint Protection offer, and shares details of how organisations can now take up this amazing free offer.

    The conversation wraps up with views on what the next 12 to 18 months might look like regarding key challenges around data & endpoint protection, in particular the next big challenge we’re about to face - the transition from a global pandemic “lockdown” WFH model, back to “normal”, and what that new “normal” might look like.

    For more information visit => http://j.mp/metallic-io

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    Conversations With Dez - talking with Ulf Jönsson, Head of NFVI Portfolio Strategy Management

    Conversations With Dez - talking with Ulf Jönsson, Head of NFVI Portfolio Strategy Management

    Dez Blanchfield gets up close & personal with Ulf Jönsson, Head of NFVI Portfolio Strategy Management at Ericsson, to talk about Network Function Virtualisation ( NFV ).

    In particular, what NFV is, why it is needed, where it fits in the grand scheme of the future of modern software defined infrastructure & software defined networks in the telco & carrier service provider world.

    Ulf Jönsson is responsible for the NFV Infrastructure solution & product portfolio strategy at Ericsson.

    He has had several leadership positions in Ericsson with business and strategic product management responsibility in areas such as NFV infrastructure, Telco Cloud, SDN, and IP & Broadband.

    He is currently driving the next generation Cloud Native infrastructure optimized for 5G telecom applications and Edge computing.

    Ulf holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Ulf shares insights into what the most important topics he and his team are discussing with customers currently and what their key concerns are at the moment.

    Also discussed is the broad topic of Edge computing, and why Edge has become a term we have become familiar with, why edge computing is needed, and Ulf elaborates on the relation it has with NFVI.

    Ulf also shares insights as to how much interest they are seeing from Communication Service Provider customers currently to discuss NFVI in an edge context.

    He also gives us an introduction to Ericsson's new Cloud Native Infrastructure Solution which is based on a bare metal architecture - a very exciting new initiative to gain maximum performance from compute infrastructure at the edge.

    We also discuss various key benefits CSPs can expect to see from deploying Ericsson's new Cloud Native Infrastructure Solution at the edge.

    Ulf also offers his views of what is ahead of us, as we look forward 12 to 18 months, and where he thinks we will be by then with cloud native, bare metal and so on, and much much more..

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    Conversations With Dez - talking with Nic Charrington, founder & creator, Bio Blast mobile game app

    Conversations With Dez - talking with Nic Charrington, founder & creator, Bio Blast mobile game app

    Dez Blanchfield gets up close & personal with with Nic Charrington, founder & creator of Bio Blast, a fundraising mobile phone game app, created in the record time of just two weeks, as a fund raising effort to raise much needed funding for the National Health Service coping with the COVID19 global pandemic.

    Nick is an entrepreneur from Bristol, what some might call a serial entrepreneur which in startup circles is a badge of honour earned by those go “get stuff done” - in response to COVID19, Nic created a novel approach to the COVID19 novel Coronavirus! I came to know about him and his latest project Bio Blast through social media myself, and instantly felt compelled to get onboard and support Nic and the Bio Blast project.

    As soon as he learned about the project Dez instantly tweeted about it to help promote it, and almost immediately Nic commented saying "Hi Dez thanks for the tweet. I am the founder, would love to speak to you more about it if you have a min ;-)"

    After a quick call the plan was to schedule a recording session the very next day to get Nic on the show as time is of the essence with this project so we wanted to get the show on air as quickly as possible.

    Through this wonderful conversation Nic introduces us to Bio Blast the game, what lead him to decide to design & develop the game, the journey and key steps or the process from the initial idea to launching it on app stores, from screen designs, level layouts, to finding a developer on UpWork, the exciting two weeks from ideation to a working Minimum Viable Product, to getting it through the Apple & Google app store review process and approved and published for download.

    Nic also shares details on how to get involved and what’s ahead from here, how can individuals, the media, organisations etc. can get involved and where do you want to see it go from here.

    He also shares his thoughts around what the next few months might hold, as the world eases out of the COVID19 global pandemic, and in particular how the future of fundraising with Bio Blast might play out ( pun intended ).

    Nic is such a charming individual and an inspiring fellow, a bona fide change agent, and there is no doubt he is well on his way to do great things and we look forward to watching his success in the near term with the awesome Bio Blast project, his Photography startup, and what will surely be many more amazing projects.

    Please get involved right now, grab your phone, download the game from http://BioBlast.me and get involved!

    All support through playing the game, sharing it on social media, posting your high score screen shots, tag 3x friends and challenge them to download Bio Blast and try to beat your best high score by posting the screen shot and high score on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn for Facebook etc and @tag a few friends and give them an Ice Bucket style "challenge" to "beat my high score".

    Any media support or enquiries would be welcomed by Nic to help share this amazing story, and get the message out - every single download and player helps raise much needed funding for social good.

    Nic can be contacted via the project's website at:


    Nic Charrington can also be reached via LinkedIn here:


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    Conversations With Dez - talking with Lauren Valenti, Broadcom Mainframe Division

    Conversations With Dez - talking with Lauren Valenti, Broadcom Mainframe Division

    Dez Blanchfield gets up close & personal with Lauren Valenti, Senior Manager, Customer Advocacy & Mainframe Education in the Mainframe Division of Broadcom, to talk about her academic & career path, her role at Broadcom within their Mainframe division, current business & technology trends, and the very real need Broadcom have see and addressed, to open up education to "close the Mainframe skills gap".

    Also discussed are the challenges around building and enhancing mainframe skills and how Lauren and her team have addressed this through Broadcom's Mainframe Academy, Associate Software Engineer Program and Vitality Residency Program.

    Also discussed is the broad range of successful outcomes and work Lauren and her team and Broadcom's Mainframe division as a whole are doing around Customer Advocacy and how they are creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with their customers, and much more.

    For more information please visit: http://j.mp/BroadcomMainframe

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    Conversations With Dez - talking with Anne Chow, CEO, AT&T Business

    Conversations With Dez - talking with Anne Chow, CEO, AT&T Business

    Dez Blanchfield gets up close & personal with Anne Chow, Chief Executive Officer at AT&T Business, to talk about AT&T's response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, both with their own challenges throughout AT&T and AT&T Business, as well as their customers and challenges being faced by their customers organisations.

    This amazing discussion covers the broad range of challenges organisations of all sizes are faced with throughout the COVID19 pandemic, from core Business Continuity ( BCP ) to Disaster Recovery ( DR ), to supporting their staff, their own organisations from the core need "keep the lights on" to continuing to operating and support their own customers as well.

    Also covered are the depth and breadth of the challenges AT&T Business and their partners, resellers & integrators, and in turn their end line customers face, from fundamental core mission critical network services such as Fixed-line, Wide Area Networking, Mobile, Broadband and Virtual Private Networks, through to Security services, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Capacity, to in-field Emergency Services & First Responders and the world leading AT&T "FirstNet" initiative.

    We also delve into the issues individuals and families face while dealing with their own challenges to make the shift to Work From Home, challenges faced by the Education Industry while schools are in shutdown mode and students need to pivot to a learn from home model, as well as the challenges faced by families with young children now dealing with the need to juggle of Work From Home whilst also managing young children at home due to Child Care centres being shut down.

    For key insights and advice from Anne Chow, tune in and hear what the CEO of AT&T Business has to share, from her personal challenge of making the transition to work from home, to the 24x7 challenges of leading a global team and business, to working with her peers across AT&T Business to CEO's to CIO's / CTO's et al throughout their global customer base, at what can only be described as one of the most unique moments in time in human history.

    For more information on AT&T Business and their products & services please visit: http://j.mp/attbusiness

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