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"Making It Count" with Julie Hyde is a podcast dedicated to business owners and leaders to inspire you to make it count for your leadership, team, culture, clients and you. Join Julie Hyde as she taps into the experience of some remarkable people who have built successful businesses, learnt from mistakes, navigated challenges and who just get out there and make a difference."

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"Making It Count" with Julie Hyde is a podcast dedicated to business owners and leaders to inspire you to make it count for your leadership, team, culture, clients and you. Join Julie Hyde as she taps into the experience of some remarkable people who have built successful businesses, learnt from mistakes, navigated challenges and who just get out there and make a difference."

    Empowering Wellness - Yasmin Darwish

    Empowering Wellness - Yasmin Darwish

    Yasmin, is a former corporate success turned Kinesiologist and employee wellness enthusiast who brings along 15 years' worth of corporate experience working for some big organisations who now run's her own successful Kinesiology business for which has had continued success changing people's life.

    Yasmin's work is now dedicated to helping people and companies engage in mindset and wellness activities that are proven to increase overall wellbeing and productivity.

    Kinesiology and wellness sessions have empowered hundreds of men and women to grow and achieve their goals. She's been able to help
them move forward from that stuck stagnated feeling, allowing them to have the strength and inspiration to achieve anything they truly desire.

    We chat about:

    • What Kinesiology is all about
    • How it can assist with stress and burnout
    • Her workplace wellness approach
    • The importance of filling your own cup first

    This is an interesting chat and one that you will enjoy.


    Yasmin Darwish

    Leadership Lessons from the Bushfire Crisis - Julie Hyde

    Leadership Lessons from the Bushfire Crisis - Julie Hyde

    Firstly, Happy New Year! Welcome back to Series 2 of Making It Count.

    For many in Australia, the year certainly hasn't started well. It's been heartbreaking to see our Great Southern Land burning with the Vic and NSW fires consuming lives, property, wildlife and livelihoods in it's path. It's devastating and my heart goes out to all affected. I just can't fathom what these people have been going through and witnessing at this time.

    On a positive note, in tough times, the true Australian spirit shines through the darkness and I am in awe of the courage and dedication shown by our fire fighters and the many volunteers who are helping at this time and beyond.

    As with any crisis situation, there are lessons that we can take out of this dreadful situation as leaders. That is what this podcast is focused on. There is one man I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of right now and that's our Prime Minister! I'm not about to make judgments or play the blame game here, there's plenty of that going on. However, I have used this first podcast of season 2 to talk about the three biggest lessons I have learnt as a leader from this situation.

    The message from people both directly and indirectly impacted is very loud and clear and these voices provide a clear indication of what people are looking for from their leader in tough times. These are:

    • Presence
    • Empathy
    • Support


    If you would like to assist the wonderful organisations that are assisting the victims, both human and wildlife, during this time, here are some that you can consider:

    Bendigo Bank (Vic Govt endorsed and donated)

    Kangaroo Island Mayor Appeal

    CFA - Country Fire Association (Vic)

    RFS - Rural Fire Service (NSW)

    Salvation Army


    Zoos Vic has set up an emergency fund

    Wildlife Rescue - WIRES

    Ep32: Julie Hyde - Top 10 Leadership Themes of 2019

    Ep32: Julie Hyde - Top 10 Leadership Themes of 2019

    This year, I've had 24 guests on the Making It Count podcast. The guests are from a diverse range of industry and profession, have been incredibly generous and shared so much value to our listeners. I am very grateful to them all.

    It was interesting to reflect back on them because what I realised is even though their experience is diverse and different and they are at very different stages of business or career there were some key leadership themes that really shone through which are very powerful.

    So given we are facing into not only a new year but a new decade, I thought I'd share these with you so you can also take these into account when thinking about how you are going to choose to be as a leader in the new year and throughout your 20's! Yes, some of us get to live these again, much wiser!

    Thank you so much for your support this year and I truly hope you have enjoyed the podcasts and the insights shared. As always, if there are any topics you would like to hear about or if you have any guest suggestions please let me know.

    Looking forward to chatting with you back here in 2020!

    • 20 min
    Ep 31: Paula Glynn - It's All About the Conversion

    Ep 31: Paula Glynn - It's All About the Conversion

    Paula Glynn is my guest on the podcast today.

    Paula is the Search Specialist at PixelStorm, a boutique digital agency in Richmond. For over a decade, Paula has helped businesses across Australia boost their bottom line with effective marketing campaigns and website strategies. While the web has changed dramatically over that time, the fundamentals of Paula's approach have remained the same: matching her client's objectives with the needs of an online audience.

    Paula is a regular speaker at industry events, offering actionable advice to businesses looking to grow with digital strategies. She specialises in CRO & Online Lead Generation using Google Ads, SEO and more.

    We chat about:

    • CRO - what it means and the benefits?
    • The biggest mistakes people are making in this space
    • The top 5 things that need to be considered when thinking about a digital strategy.

    Enjoy this chat with Paula


    • 34 min
    Ep 30 - Jacqui Braum - Authentic Success

    Ep 30 - Jacqui Braum - Authentic Success

    Jacqui Brauman is the Principal solicitor at TBA Law, accredited wills and estates specialist, author, speaker, runner, former yoga instructor, military spouse and book worm.

    Jacqui bought a regional legal practice 7 years ago when the original owner retired. By applying 'new law' methods, a liberal dose of technology and digital marketing, Jacqui has grown TBA Law to 3 times the size and has locations across Nagambie, Romsey, Seymour, Wallan and Melbourne, but the firm also provides services virtually.

    Jacqui's also authored 6 books, 3 of which are legal books on Estate Planning, an area TBA Law specialise in, and the other 3 are on the topic of women's empowerment and success. Jacqui is passionate about empowering women and educating them to be legally wise.

    TBA Law have been awarded as NAB 2017 Professional Services Winners, 2017 Australasian Law Awards Finalists and Jacqui was a 2016 Women in Law Finalist and is the Law Institute's 2019 Regional Lawyer of the Year.

    I really admire Jacqui's authenticity, her willingness to be vulnerable, operate true to her values and to speak out for the benefit of others, which has obviously been a big contributor to her success.

    We chat about:

    • How Jaqui has tripled her business in 7 years
    • How Jacqui makes Estate Planning easy for her clients and how Social Media needs to be considered in Estate Planning
    • Equality in the workplace
    • Unconscious bias and how to understand this better

    This is a diverse chat and one you'll enjoy!

    TBA Law
    Jacqui Brauman

    • 35 min
    Ep 29 - Shaun Resnik - Prioritising Your Health

    Ep 29 - Shaun Resnik - Prioritising Your Health

    Shaun Resnik is a Naturopath, Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach with 18 years experience in his full-time practice. With two bachelor of health degrees behind him and a passion for health, he has created the VitalMe Methodology to powerfully transform his clients' physical and emotional wellbeing.

    Shaun specialises in helping people overcome anxiety, depression, phobias and addictions. He has a special interest in weight loss too, and helps his clients successfully lose weight using a special program incorporating hypnosis alongside his nutritional expertise.

    Our mental and physical health are two of the most important things that contribute to our performance as professionals and how we operate and feel as individuals. Unfortunately, these can be the two things that are compromised due to our busy and demanding lives. Shaun wants this to change.

    In this podcast Shaun and I chat about:

    • How Shaun combines his three areas of expertise into helping others
    • The common mistakes people are making with their health
    • Tips to enable you to take care of yourself
    • The importance of sleep

    Shaun is passionate about what he does and this comes shining through this podcast. He's a breath of fresh air and I know you'll enjoy our chat and it may be an important reminder for you and your health too.


    Shaun Resnik

    • 28 min

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YazieDH ,

Loved being apart of this wonderful podcast!

Loved sharing my insights on this wonderful podcast created by Julie. She has some of the most insightful experts and shares so much valuable information for everyone to learn from.

acquija ,

Real people with experience to learn from

One of the best things about this podcast, other than the learnings it offers, is that the people are real and relatively unknown. Yet they’ve had amazing careers with insights into productivity, leadership and resilience

Margot Andersen ,

Making It Count

Great insights, stories and tips shared in an engaging and ‘real’ way. Julie’s passion for seeing people and organizations thrive is evident in each episode with so many practical take aways and conversations with people looking to make an impact through what they do!

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