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Broadcasting from the burning edge of the climate crisis. An Australian news, politics and comedy podcast.

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Broadcasting from the burning edge of the climate crisis. An Australian news, politics and comedy podcast.

    100 — The gang de-isolates

    100 — The gang de-isolates

    We're all recording in the same room for the first time in 91 episodes! It's a bit chaotic. Also some news is discussed.


    Blocked Blockade
    A Blockade Australia activist has been jailed for 12 months for stopping a coal train.

    Tough lockdown anti-protest laws are now being used against envionmental protestors.

    WA Premier proposed keeping border checks post-covid to stop drugs.

    Schools out for parliament
    The Liberal government have decided to not establish an ICAC, even though they promised :(

    Why on earth are we doing a religious discrimination bill again?

    The Labor party are being incredibly wishy-washy about whether they support it or not, because of course they are.

    Oh hey the Liberal and Labor party also joined forces to give more money to carbon capture (doesn’t work).

    Who wedgies the wedgier?
    Scott Morrison lied about whether he said he was going on holiday specifically to Hawaii?


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    99 — gay little ep (feat. Evie)

    99 — gay little ep (feat. Evie)

    MQFF help pinkwash apartheid, Dani Laidley returns as a hero, and the Victorian Pride Lobby release a massive report on LGBTIQA+ people's feelings toward police.


    The Melbourne Queer Film Festival were asked to drop a pink-washing Israli film, and join in BDS against the aparthied state.

    They didn’t, saying they wanted to remain “apolitical”.

    The push to remove the film was spearheaded by Queer Palestinians like Lujayn Hourani.

    MQFF co-president Molly Whelan and board member Nayuka Gorrie have resigned over the festival’s decision.

    Returning hero
    Former North Melbourne coach Dani Laidley returned to speak at the football club, representing her “old tribe and new tribe”.

    Dani was outed as trans by police, who leaked photos and made transphobic comments.

    Pride lobby
    The Victorian Pride lobby surveyed 1,500 LGBTIQA+ people to understand their feelings towards police.

    In 2019, police raided queer bookshop Hares & Hyenas, breaking a man’s arm (they also had the wrong address).

    IBAC found it was okay though.

    Get cops out of pride.


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    98 — Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

    98 — Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

    Heroes keep stopping coal trains, Scott Morrison has never told a lie and Australia wins at Climate Golf.

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    97 — All COP26 are bastards

    97 — All COP26 are bastards

    Farm workers are now entitled to a minimum wage, some guy got smashed and crashed his car. Also some dudes went to Glasgow and talked about submarines or something.


    Minimum wage news
    The Fair Work Commission has ruled that farm workers must be paid a minimum wage!

    This means that some workers are entitled to an 830% pay rise.

    Shoutout to the Australian Workers Union for bringing this complaint.

    Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud (who previously worked as an Agribusiness Banker) says he’s mostly worried about supermarket prices.

    Slimeball news
    Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith got incredibly drunk and smashed his car into a house.

    Liberal party leader Mathew Guy asked his mate to not recontest the next election, but not to resign just yet.

    Behind the scenes, Tim Smith pushed against conversion therapy within the Liberal party.

    Federal Liberal party members are urging Tim Smith to stay in politics.

    He’s said now he won’t recontest the next election.

    Inaction news
    Scott Morrison went to the COP26 conference and yelled at an empty room.

    His speech was full of b******t.

    At the 2009 Paris Conference, rich countries pledge $100 billion to developing countries to help them build resilience to climate change. None has been given.

    Angus Taylor went there to push for carbon capture.

    Australia brought a Santos-sponsored display to the climate conference.

    Morrison likened climate change to Coronavirus, saying we’ll be saved by new technologies.

    Shame the government has massively cut funding for energy research.

    Labor is selling totes about it.

    They also want to give the government “the room” to arrive at a policy in his own time.

    Simon Kofe, a minister in Tuvalu highlighted the folly of the big nations, speaking half-submerged in water.

    Madagascar is paying the price for cheap flights and high emissions.


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    96 — What‘s the go with internet legislation (feat. Justin Warren)

    96 — What‘s the go with internet legislation (feat. Justin Warren)

    Evie sits down with Justin Warren for a good long chat about what's up with all the internet legislation the government is pushing.


    Justin Warren is a board member at Electronic Frontiers Australia. You can follow him on Twitter.

    Proposed legislation
    The Online Privacy Bill Exposure Draft, colloquially known as “the Online Privacy Bill”.

    Draft Restricted Access System Declaration

    Social Media (Basic Expectations and Defamation)

    Privacy Act Review Discussion Paper. We didn’t even get to this one!

    Other things discussed
    How to write a policy submission.

    How Mastercard uses it’s power to control who can do things online.

    Write some submissions regarding this legislation. You can do it!

    Online Privacy Bill Exposure Draft: Submissions due 6th December.

    Draft Restricted Access System Declaration: Submissions due 23 November.

    Privacy Act Review Discussion Paper: Submissions due 10 January.

    Follow Justin and other good digital rights advocates on twitter: Lizzie O’Shea, Lucie Krahulcova, Sam Floreani.

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    95 — Stop Dazza!

    95 — Stop Dazza!

    Governments are marking up the next IPCC report with track changes. Chistian Porter has a secret vault of cash and no-one wants to look inside.


    Climate action
    Activist Lauren McDonald calling a fossil fuel CEO a mass murderer to his face: Pretty cool!

    She was able to get onto the panel via the Stop Cambo campaign.

    Mia held up the Adani coal line for hours.

    Climate inaction
    Saudi Arabia has a goal to get to net zero by 2060.

    Bridget “Rorts” McKenzie says it’ll get ugly if Scott Morrison commits to net zero.

    Leaked documents from the next phase of the IPCC report show Australia trying to massage themselves out of the report.

    Big bux Porter
    In an unprecedented move, the government has blocked a recommendation to investigate Christian Porter over his blind trust.

    Porter claims he doesn’t know who put money into the blind trust used to pay for his legal campaign against the ABC.

    By comparison, class action suits are highly regulated and transparent (PDF link).

    In mid-September Porter resigned from the ministry (he remains an MP).

    … which is lucky because now he won’t be investigated for breaching ministerial standards!

    Shoutout to Inner North Medical clinic — working to get vaccinations happening where people need them.

    Listen to Evie’s 3CR interview with Hana Assafiri from the Moroccan Soup Bar on their popup vaccination program.


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35 Ratings


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