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Captain Nick Anderson, aka The Old Pilot, takes us on an aviation audio journey each week on the Airline Pilot Guy Aviation Podcast

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Captain Nick Anderson, aka The Old Pilot, takes us on an aviation audio journey each week on the Airline Pilot Guy Aviation Podcast

    The Secret Life of 60528

    The Secret Life of 60528

    Back in 1997, on a sliver of land wedged between a gas station and a car park, a lone C130 Hercules could be found. It was mounted there near the entrance to the National Security Agency at Fort Mead in Maryland for a good reason. Not the original aircraft, as that crashed on foreign soil, it had been painted with the tail number 60528 to represent it.


    The memorial to the crew of 60528


    The C130 airborne


    The plot of 60528 and the track of the intercepting fighters.


    A Mig 17


    Gun camera film from the attacking Mig17s


    Gun camera film from an attacking Mig 17 showing the C130 in flames


    The crash site of 60528


    A USN Neptune


    A Mig15


    An LA11


    An RAF Lincoln


    The U2 spy plane


    Gary Powers


    The memorial to the crew of the C130


    Arlington Cemetery


    Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the NSA, Soviet Defence Archives, 1Lt Kucharyaev, Soviet Air Force, Kirill Pisman, Adam Jones, Garry Goebel, RIA Novosti archive and IP Singh.


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    Names To Conjure With

    Names To Conjure With

    If you are anything like the usual aviation enthusiast you’ll have a list of famous names in your head that you can quote at parties to bore your friends like, Wilbur and Orville, Bleriot, Richthofen, Lindbergh, Sikorsky, Whittle, Yeager and such but I wonder if you can place some of the others who deserve recognition.


    Charlie Taylor


    Hans Von Ohain


    Ohain's HeS8 jet engine


    The He178


    The He280


    Gloster E-28


    Olive-Ann and TravelAir


    The Staggerwing


    Doolittle and the Mystery Ship


    Louise Thaden



    Bessie Coleman


    Mae Jemison




    Colin Defries


    Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the USAF, the Air Force Research Lab, Embryriddle, RAF/IWM, SDASM, Flugkerl2, BAC, NASA, Museums Victoria,

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    The Son of Enola Tibbets

    The Son of Enola Tibbets

    He is dead now but you’ll find no stone to mark his grave since he has neither grave nor marker, which is a little odd for a much decorated American hero who fought for his country with outstanding bravery... but it was his wish and his family accepted that.


    Boeing B-17D


    The 509th


    Project Alberta


    The Trinity Test tower


    The world's first atomic bomb just prior to the Trinity Test


    The Trinity Test fireball


    Little Boy


    The mission map




    Hiroshima just after detonation


    The Hiroshima Damage estimation map


    Enola Gay returns


    Tibbits in Enola Gay


    Tibbits is decorated by Gen Spaatz


    Enola Gay in the Udvar Hazy


    Paul W Tibbits


    Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the USAF, US Gov, Project Alberta, Mr98, Berlyn Brixner, US Gov DOD, Jack W Aeby, United States Department of Energy, George R Caron, U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, Armen Shamlian and elliottwolf.

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    In 1941 the German Navy commissioned its latest submarine, the U-134 and as it slid out of harbour to join the 5th U boat flotilla, Captain-Lieutenant Rudolf Schendel keenly anticipated the mission ahead. You may be wondering why this Type 7C U Boat should feature in a Plane Tale but bear with me as I introduce the K-74. Built a year after the U-134, the K 74 came from a company with an interesting origin, the Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation. This is their intriguing story.


    The Type VIIc U-Boat


    One of the few U Boats to survive the war.


    Zeppelins over London


    A British recruitment poster


    The Goodyear Zeppelin Airdock


    The Airdock interior


    The Goodyear K Class blimp


    K-Class blimp arrives in Gibraltar


    The U-134's last patrol


    The U-134 survives an attack


    A K-Class on patrol


    Attack report of the engagement between K-74 and U134


    A K-Class is loaded with Depth Charges

    The K-Class crew man their gun



    HMS Rother finally sinks U-134 with all hands



    Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to NSA, UK National Archives, Darkone,  US Library of Congress, the Goodyear Zeppelin company, USN, Grossnick Roy A, Royal Navy and the US Naval Institute.

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    Who Killed Yogi Bear?

    Who Killed Yogi Bear?

    The ejector seat is still a subject of fascination for a lot of pilots, mainly those who have never been strapped to one. It’s often the opinion of folk not part of the small fast jet community that an ejection is a simple matter, you just pull the handle and ‘boom’ you’re safe.


    The B58 Hustler


    An ejector seat from the B-58 Hustler

    Smarter than the average bear!


    North American Aviation test pilot George Smith.


    The F100


    Vought A-7E-5-CV Corsair II


    The USS Constellation during her 1964–1965 WESTPAC cruise


    Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to J Clear, USAF, USAF National Air Museum, US Navy archives, US Gov, Hanna-Barbera and Robert L. Lawson.

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    The Rare Redhawk

    The Rare Redhawk

    On April the 1st 2011, a little known story of intrigue and tension within the usually calm and placid country of Canada came to light.  This little known affair which brought the United States and Canada to a breaking point revolved around the purchase of an unusual Fighter for the RCAF. This drama of the 1960s has become notorious in government circles and is variously referred to as, “The Stab in the Back-yard”, “The Fishbed Flap” “The Redhawk Incident” or more ominously “The Canuck Invasion Crisis”.


    The Arrow is rolled out.


    The Arrow is cancelled and cut up into scrap.


    Scrapped portions of the Avro Arrow.


    The Mig 21.


    The first Canadian CF-121, Redhawk.


    441 Sqn, the Stratocasters, are reformed with their Migs.


    441 Sqn deploy to their new home in Cold Lake.


    The first Redhawk is lost.


    A grainy photograph reveals the truth!


    The story is out.


    Little evidence remains of the CF-121 Redhawk.


    The old Cold Lake gate guard.


    The truth is finally revealed.


    Images published under Creative Commons licence with many thanks to parfaits, the Government of Canada and the amazing Vintage Wings of Canada.

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5.0 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

twotone56 ,

A must listen for aviation enthusiasts

A well presented and well narrated podcast on all things on aviation. Capt. Nick Anderson will keep you glued to every podcast as he beautifully narrates in his well spoken voice on a wide variety of aviation topics.
Great job Capt. Nick. Keep it up.

AirStig ,

Have a listen and learn a bit

Captain Nick has honed his story telling with a few years of practice. This podcast is the distilled brilliance of those efforts.

The subject matter is wide ranging and never fails to surprise. The stories are well selected and factually researched.

If you are very very lucky he might even take a request

Boz80 ,


So interesting and the narration is fantastic. Thanks APG Capt Nick!

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