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Reading Hillsong is an audible presentation of literary works of the Pastors Houston

Reading Hillsong Leaving/Reading Hillsong

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Reading Hillsong is an audible presentation of literary works of the Pastors Houston

    Chapter 15 Refiring

    Chapter 15 Refiring

    Hazel and Frank refuse to see sense in stopping the lifelong lived delusion even when Frank gets sick but not enough to die. 

    The book finally ends. Yay.

    • 11 min
    Chapter 14 The Thief Sitting in the Church

    Chapter 14 The Thief Sitting in the Church

    Frank is moving and shaking in the gifts, prophesying and correcting people everywhere he goes and calling out their demons. 

    Having lost any previous fear of getting anything wrong, Frank corrects people’s tongues and interpretations and he knows what’s in people’s purses. 

    Hazel can only worry that the same thing might happen to her while Frank is out of town. 

    But Frank is unstoppable. 

    One night, while a young Brian is preaching, Frank calls from Seoul  where he is ministering with a word of knowledge that Brian must enforce!

    And you thought your father was hard core!

    Where will Frank go next and who will he exorcise? 

    Join us for the reading of Chapter 14 by the most special narrator I know xo

    • 17 min
    Chapter 13 Enlarge Your Tent

    Chapter 13 Enlarge Your Tent

    Hazel marvels at how Brian and Frank are like peas in a pod, right after Brian agrees it’s a fantastic idea to start an Arts/Theology College. 

    Frank and Hazel travel around looking for new buildings and churches to start and chuck a couple at Brian to look after to keep him out of the house and busy. 

    Hazel outlines that Frank is the person who started everything and let pastors manage under his supervision, settling the old question of who started Hillsong. Thanks, Haze 

    This week’s racism is about Indians and Chinese as they were left out of previous colonising views.

    • 22 min
    Chapter 12 A Quiverfull

    Chapter 12 A Quiverfull

    Hazel talks about all the joys of having children but actually just highlights their secret shames and does so one by one. 

    Frank prays and warns people not to be seen mixing with the Beatles fans but there is rebellion in the ranks.  Deliverance meetings cause Beverly pain and Graeme ends up in weeks of depression which isn’t cured with Frank’s interventions, oddly enough

    Then one day, one of the Houston kids has a terrible, horrible awful thing to tell the parents. Frank and Hazel respond with the most appropriate fears.. HOW will this affect them??

    • 29 min
    Chapter 11 A Magnificent Marriage

    Chapter 11 A Magnificent Marriage

    Hazel invites us all to share in her marriage secrets, which involves mostly Frank losing his mind and Hazel tolerating the outbursts of rage and emotion. 

    Frank gets out of bed to go see Billy at 230 am as Hazel relates that time she slept through someone’s emergency phone call chat for 2 hours!

    Hazel says that after 39 years of marriage they knew each other’s thoughts so she must have known about his criminal activities and just ignored them, making her culpable. 

    Marriage advice from these two is not to be missed.

    • 25 min
    Chapter 10 Other Sheep

    Chapter 10 Other Sheep

    Frank and Hazel take a trip to Australia even though they can’t afford it again but then suddenly Frank starts travelling the world and is amazed at how many new kinds of people there are to be judged. 

    Frank learns that demons are a thing and basically is disgusted by every other culture apart from his own until he gets home and doesn’t want to settle. 

    He gets invited and then uninvited from a youth conference but Hazel doesn’t quite say why. 

    Frank cries a lot.

    • 24 min

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