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Reading Hillsong is an audible presentation of literary works of the Pastors Houston

Reading Hillsong tanya levin

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Reading Hillsong is an audible presentation of literary works of the Pastors Houston

    Another‘s Mantle - chapter 8

    Another‘s Mantle - chapter 8

    Ray refuses to return from Canada and so Frank is left to cough up some healing gifts and grow some church. 

    He decides to prey upon the local Maori people who are initially suspicious, but inevitably overcome by Frank‘s sale of the gospel and every single indigenous person signs up to the AoG. 

    Frank and Ray exchange letters declaring their love for each other and church growth, seeming to forget that they used to ride kids‘ mechanical toys at the shopping centre not long ago. 

     The Holy Spirit tells Hazel a thing even Frank hadn‘t known. Hazel refers to this as a spiritual gift and not shared psychosis, or ‘folie a deux‘, which often takes place when a member of a couple in isolation has psychotic symptoms. 

    By the end of the chapter, Hazel can‘t even be bothered letting us know if the 5th kid has any gender or name.

    • 22 min
    Beer Into Paint

    Beer Into Paint

    Frank and Ray are determined to win the spiritual war with the Maori people and show them the truth. 

    Hazel is skeptical, ‘as usual‘ but is forced into being a Pentecostal during a tent meeting. 

    Ray believes Frank is ready and prays for a double portion for him before he nicks off to Canada for some reason.

    • 19 min
    An Unforgettable Character - Chapter 6

    An Unforgettable Character - Chapter 6

    Frank and Ray continue their adventures together. 

    Hazel is skeptical, but Frank and Ray master all 9 gifts of the Spirit after they read a book from America and go out practising them in the general public‘s viewing. 

    Ray hits a medical issue, but is assured that ‘God does not amputate legs‘. 

    After Frank brings a glass of water to Ray, calling it the greatest moment of his life, even Ray knows it‘s time for things to cool down and for prince Frank to get his own kingdom.

    • 23 min
    The Fire Falls - Chapter 5

    The Fire Falls - Chapter 5

    Frank hangs out with the boys and they talk about the Holy Spirit. 

    Frank and Ray grow closer and pray together. 

    Hazel is skeptical about this movement but says she‘ll ‘try anything in a desperate moment‘. 

    It affects her so much she even reads the Bible instead of the usual women‘s magazines. 

    ”A new life had begun for both of us.”

    There was still the matter of needing new shoes. 

    Everyone notices the holes in Frank‘s shoes. Then they arrived as a ‘gift from God‘. 

    Sometimes talking to Frank was like talking to God. 

    The number of decisions to follow Jesus and Frank grows and ‘no one was refused the laying on of hands‘. 

    Frank and Ray continue their adventures together in the spiritual realm. Frank is horrified to see goiters disappear and it not be due to him. So he asks God for that gift too. 

    He wants a miracle to happen under his hands. 

    So Frank moves towards a 14 year old boy and asks him what he wants God to do for him tonight.

    • 26 min
    Chapter 4 Blowing a Strange Wind

    Chapter 4 Blowing a Strange Wind

    Frank is sick and/or depressed. 

    People accuse the couple of stealing from the Salvos

    Frank meets preachers that he instantly falls for. 

    Hazel can‘t believe how one man can be so dreary all the time and yet persist. 

    God tells Hazel to shut up.

    • 33 min
    Blood and Fire

    Blood and Fire

    Frank is up to his old hijinx again, only this time with Alex Bryson from next door. 

    Then, he meets a lassie who never planned to marry.. and they arrange an understanding... 

    You‘ll laugh, you‘ll cry but you can‘t help Being Frank

    • 27 min

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