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Small Beans Podcasting is a place for beans of every sort to come bean it up. Free your soul, eh? Be a frijole.

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Small Beans Podcasting is a place for beans of every sort to come bean it up. Free your soul, eh? Be a frijole.

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

Bon Motley ,

So good

They really go in depth into pop culture topics, without taking themselves too seriously. Haven’t really found anything else like it.

445513 ,

Love this podcast!

Fantastic podcast!! A wide selection of great content.

CanDelorean ,

A Smorgasbord of Podcast Fun.

For the pre-purge Cracked lovers, and general pop-culture sippers everywhere, this ongoing collection of show series is a beany balm to the hurting soul.
Plantation owner and brewer Michael Swaim, and skilled master-roaster Abe Epperson have created a beautiful, brutal, bold and deep (screw you alliteration) blend (goddamit!) of shows. Comedic, insightful, probing, intriguing, but above all entertaining.
As at the time of this review (August 2018) there are eight regular(ish) series;

*Frame Rate (“where we rate frames”) - sees Michael and Abe sit down with one or more guests (often Cracked or ex-Cracked alumni) to dissect and shoot the sh!t about a movie from the pop-culture stable. Love or hate the film in question, the talk is always interesting and insightful, it’s most often the show I’m desperately wishing I could join in on while I listen.

*The Coen Brothers Brothers - is a deeper dive by Michael and Abe (sans guests so far) into the ouevre of Joel and Ethan Coen. In chronological order of release they explore the craft and symbolism of one Coen film per episode. Consider this the successor to Swaim’s earlier podcast series Kurt Vonneguys...except with 50% different hosts, and about movies...by the Coens. My favourite show so far.

*Pop-Culture Petri Dish - explores and breaks down some of the science behind aspects of speculative pop-culture. From VR to alien life, spaceships to the genome, Abe Epperson (the joke guy) is joined by Cristian Ramirez (the science guy) who talk about what the creatives get wrong, what they get right, and where reality may indeed meet fantasy.

*1Upmanship - Hosts Adam Ganser and Michael Swaim welcome guests to their LAN party for a multiplayer dissection of a potentially classic video game. From checkpoint to checkpoint they speed run through the overview, rant about the failings and then sandbox for a while before deciding whether to keep or delete. Do the story highlights excuse the poor AI, or does the awful voice-acting distract too much from the intuitive controls? From puzzlers to first-person shooters, open worlds to platformers, these ‘casts are great for car trips or other long periods where you’re kept separated from your beloved controller by circumstance (or basic human safety concerns).

*Rough Stuff - brings in a guest each episode to share with co-hosts Bridgett Greenberg and Sarah Griffith their most deeply painful, but often humorous moments along the bumpy road of life. From puberty blues to dating disasters and near life-threatening injuries, discussions range from the horrifying to the hilarious. A brilliant show that reveals how all of us harbour memories that make us cringe and wince (crince?) at 2am.

*My Top 8 (“the relationship podcast about friendship”) - from the (mostly) tongue-in-cheek premise of rating your friends from 1st to 8th based on how wonderfully they’ve treated you, host Maggie Mae Fish and a new guest each episode talk about the nature of friendship and what it means in the modern world. From expectations to forgiveness, lifelong friendships and brand new relationships, the conversations range far and wide...and sometimes even stay on topic. The perfect podcast for making you enjoy the knowledge that we all have that *one* friend....or eight.

*Extree! Extree! - the tiny period newsboy Michael Swaim keeps in his pocket gives us a rapid-fire breakdown of the news from the previous week. From the latest dips towards despotism in the Whitehouse to crazy animal stories from Australia, these short(ish) essays are breathlessly and hilariously delivered down your ear holes. Swaim’s writing shines and his accent skills are...well exercised. Enjoyable little satirical snippets.

*Tales From The Pit - in many ways the best show on this channel, but often a very deep and frequently dark dive. Host Michael Swaim and a range of guests talk frankly and openly about particular aspects of life as viewed through the lens of clinical depression or other mental issues. After a usually masterful piece of creativity written and read by Swaim to introduce the topic of discussion, the conversation examines the two way street between external experiences and internal mental health and the ways in which acceptance and sharing of these can be so important in taking back personal control. From his own struggles with alcoholism, suicidal ideation and clinical depression through his guests’ experiences with stress, PTSD, body image, self harm and more Michael helps bring humour and openness to subject matter often viewed as difficult or taboo.

All up, it’s an amazing range of shows for a single channel, and one that the pop-culture inhaling, deeply overthinking, and extremely introspective side of me thoroughly enjoys. And it’s brought to me by all the people I learned to love from the good ol’ days of “that website” that started off with such genius and lost so much to ruthless corporatisation. Highly recommended!

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