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Filmmaker Alfie Faber explores the relationship between sound and image in film through interviews with directors, sound designers, composers and more.

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Filmmaker Alfie Faber explores the relationship between sound and image in film through interviews with directors, sound designers, composers and more.

    35 - Maya Newell on The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone

    35 - Maya Newell on The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone

    Maya Newell is a documentary filmmaker in Sydney whose body of work is a beautiful testament to the power of documentary to engender empathy. Her first feature documentary, Gayby Baby, followed the experiences of children of same-sex parents, and her second, In My Blood It Runs, is a cinematic portrait of a young Indigenous boy in central Australia - it was selected for the Sundance Music and Sound Design Lab.

    Often working with her participants as credited collaborators, Maya's documentaries are emotionally stunning and politically vital. Her most recent film, The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone, is a half-hour Netflix Original following teenage trans activist Georgie Stone.

    In this interview, we chatted about her beginnings in video art, the experience of recording an orchestral score for In My Blood It Runs at Skywalker Sound, and how she and Georgie Stone discovered a format and tone that would suit Georgie's story.

    More about The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone here

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    34 - Sophie Hyde on Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

    34 - Sophie Hyde on Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

    WARNING: In this episode, I repeatedly mispronounce Leo Grande. Sophie was really nice so she never corrected me and I didn’t realise till I uploaded. It’s not easy being this dumb but somehow I stumble through life.

    Sophie Hyde is a super talented Australian director from Adelaide whose first fiction feature, 52 Tuesdays, won directing awards at both Berlin and Sundance. Since then she’s been making a bunch of phenomenal work in features, doco and TV, most recently the film Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, starring Emma Thompson.

    We chatted about everything from her background in documentary, shooting 52 Tuesdays over 52 weeks, her collaboration with Irish sound editor Steve Fanagan, rehearsing over Zoom and the challenges of shooting a film in one location.

    Good Luck To You is currently screening in theatres across Australia (maybe still in the US and UK?) Either way watch it it’s so good!

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    33 - Elvis with Wayne Pashley and Elliott Wheeler

    33 - Elvis with Wayne Pashley and Elliott Wheeler

    In this episode I chat to sound supervisor Wayne Pashley and composer/music producer Elliott Wheeler about their work on the new Elvis biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann. I joined Wayne at his studio Big Bang Sound Design, and Elliott Skyped in from the US. We chatted about their history working with Baz Luhrmann, the intense collaboration between sound design and music necessary for a soundtrack this dense, the contextual news recordings that Wayne used as “sonic glue” and the joy of bringing Elvis’s music to a contemporary audience.

    Check Wayne’s IMDB at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0664563/

    Elliott Wheeler at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1395268/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0

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    32 - The Novice - Director Lauren Hadaway

    32 - The Novice - Director Lauren Hadaway

    Lauren Hadaway is a director based in Los Angeles and Paris whose debut feature, The Novice, premiered this year at Tribecca to great reviews and several awards; it's since been released theatrically and has been nominated for 5 Independent Spirit Awards. However even before this phenomenal film, she was achieving remarkable success in post-production sound, having worked in ADR and sound editing for directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Zach Snyder and Damien Chazelle.

    In this interview we chatted about how she wrote this feature whilst recording ADR on Zach Snyder's Justice League, what she learned from other directors through working in sound, the challenges of indie filmmaking and the appeal in a niche story such as The Novice.

    Read more about The Novice here - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11131464/

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    31 - Power of the Dog - Robert Mackenzie and Dave Whitehead

    31 - Power of the Dog - Robert Mackenzie and Dave Whitehead

    In this episode I had a great interview with supervising sound editor Robert Mackenzie and sound designer Dave Whitehead about their work on Jane Campions psychological thriller Western, Power of the Dog. We chatted about their collaboration with Jane, finding the right sound of spurs, working with Johnny Greenwood's score, how Jane personally directed and oversaw the loop-group, and their thoughts on mixing for Netflix.

    Catch Power of the Dog now on Netflix!

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    30 - Ben Lawrence on Ithaka

    30 - Ben Lawrence on Ithaka

    Ben Lawrence is an Australian director whose credits include Hearts and Bones, Ghosthunter, and most recently Ithaka, a feature documentary following John Shipton, Jullian Assanges father, in his fight for Julian’s freedom. It’s premiering at Sydney Film Festival this Sunday 7th November, with music by Brian Eno.

    In my first face-to-face podcast interview in over 18 months, me and Ben chatted about how he pitted Hugo Weaving against first-time actors in Hearts and Bones, how he unwillingly became a character in his documentary Ghosthunter and how he collaborated with Brian Eno to find the right music for Ithaka.

    Get tickets for Ithaka at Sydney Film Festival here: https://www.sff.org.au/program/browse/ithaka

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Film Sound ,

Love This Podcast!

Awesome podcast! It’s great to hear from a sound perspective can’t wait to hear what’s yet to come!! Thanks Alfie!

Film Soundie ,

Must hear...

An Informative, deep dive into sound artists approach, technique and drive. Couldn't ask for more! Keep up the great work Alfi

ilovesound123 ,

This podcast changed my life

No joke, this podcast has absolutely changed my life. Alfie is the best interviewer and these conversations has really opened my perspective about sound in film. Listen if you have ears.

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