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Tennis podcast featuring casual, semi-respectable conversations about the ATP & WTA.

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Tennis podcast featuring casual, semi-respectable conversations about the ATP & WTA.

    I Am Not A Tennis Expert

    I Am Not A Tennis Expert

    The first week of this Australian Open has been something. Serena and Naomi lost on the same night Caroline Wozniacki retired from the sport, Milos Raonic is blasting his way through the men's draw, Rublev extends his win streak, and Novak Djokovic's dominance here shows no signs of slowing. We also take a few moments to ponder a certain 8th-seeded Italian, who allowed Sandgren to flourish. But mostly, we're looking at the many -- often delightful -- surprises of the first week. It's been a ride.
    01:20 Camila Giorgi, minimalist tennis philosopher
    3:20 Coco Gauff's run
    12:15 Team Canada disappoints, except for Milos Raonic & Gaby Dabrowski
    17:00 Honoring Caroline Wozniacki's great career: 71 weeks at #1, a heroic Australian Open title, a fighting spirit, and a juris doctor
    25:30 Serena Williams loses to Wang Qiang
    38:10 M----- B----tt--i enters tennis prison for allowing Tennys to prosper
    42:55 Other surprises: Pliskova's Grand Slam problems;  Federer snatches victory from Millman; Raonic, Muguruza, Kontaveit, Fucsovics, Ernie
    55:25 Zverev slides through the first week by figuring out his serve issues
    57:15 Previewing the men's and women's second week
    64:20 Swiatek: the pronunciation politics
    67:30 What is happening in the press room? Fidanzata & fake feuds
    71:15 Dramatic Reading: Serena explains her post-US Open schedule in the past 5 years

    • 1 hr 20 min
    A Bespoke Approach to Natural Phenomena

    A Bespoke Approach to Natural Phenomena

    The Body Serve is back with our 6th annual (!) Australian Open preview. We break down the soon-to-be-broken draws, key first round match-ups, the dozens of floaters in the women's bracket, and whether the Big 3 stranglehold shows any signs of ending (it doesn't). We also cover the Australian Open's reliably unique approach to internationally accepted science, with their roll-out of a new air quality policy. 
    2:30 The Australian Open draw ceremony ... err, Power Point presentation?
    8:40 Breaking down the women's draw, starting with the Serena-Venus-Naomi-Dayana-Coco-etc quarter
    21:55 Women's bottom half - a tough out for #2 Pliskova in a fascinating fourth quarter
    31:00 A few probably wrong predictions
    32:00 Men's draw: Nadal and Medvedev's paths; Kyrgios, Zverev, Ruby, Dominic, and so much speculation
    39:20 Men's bottom half: Djokovic and Federer stuck with each other
    46:55 James takes you through the Australian Open's new bespoke air quality policy, "inspired" by science
    54:10 Et ceteras: union talks rear their head again, Sir Andy injury, GoFundMe update

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    ATP Sippy Cup

    ATP Sippy Cup

    Thank you to everybody for listening to our Monica Seles episode! We’re back to officially launch Season SIX of The Body Serve. If you’ve donated to our GoFundMe, please listen to the segment at the top of the show to find out what we’ve done, what we’re planning to do, and the prizes that we’ll be distributing at the end of the campaign. We start the tennis proceedings with a recap of a dizzyingly strange and moody ATP Cup before segueing into Serena Williams’ reassuring week in Auckland. Other topics on the docket: a note on climate change as it relates to tennis, the failures (thus far) of the Australian Open in dealing with the poor air quality in Melbourne, the need for unions in tennis, and a few predictions/wishes for the 2020 season. 
    01:45 An update on our GoFundMe 
    09:35 ATP Sippy Cup: an exercise in largesse and insolence
    20:18 You get all these men together and they act a fool and a mess
    31:44 Pliskova repeats in Brisbane
    35:51 Serena has herself a tournament in Auckland, wins title #73
    41:24 What this win could mean for Serena in 2020
    48:05 A note from us on climate change in tennis and our coverage
    51:25 Australian Open puts players’ health at risk & the need for unions 
    63:02 Jarry and Farrah catch a pair of cases 
    68:25 Breakout/comeback candidates and our tennis wishlists for 2020

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    How Do We Talk About Monica Seles?

    How Do We Talk About Monica Seles?

    It's clear that from the moment Monica Seles arrived on the tennis stage as a precocious teenager, the tennis world didn't quite know what to do or say about her. She's been constructed as, at varying times: the grunting and giggling wunderkind, an enigmatic superstar, a tragic victim of violence, a worldwide symbol of resilience, and the tour's elder stateswoman. In this episode, we try to make sense of the creation of Monica Seles as a public figure, by combing through the journalism written about her and several books written by her. How did we arrive at the Monica we 'know' today? How do we make sense of her incomprehensible stabbing? Does tennis know how to reckon with this superstar and her place in history? What this isn't: it's not a comprehensive biography, not a litigation of who's The Greatest, nor is it a deep dive into the Seles-Graf rivalry and relationship. This is instead about trying to understand how sports media creates celebrity, how patterns are repeated through generations, and a reminder that your heroes are complicated.
    :30 Why are we doing this episode?
    6:45 The first stage of Monica discourse: prodigy and peculiarity (1988-90)
    15:45 Grand Slam debut at 1989 Roland Garros 
    20:45 Seles' run of firsts in 1989/1990 and the Bolletieri falling out
    30:25 The second phase: dominance and drama (1991-93)
    33:20 The '91 Wimbledon withdrawal and reappearance at Mahwah
    46:30 Let's talk about the endless grunting conversation, which blew up at 1992 Wimbledon
    57:00 The stabbing and the subsequent 27-month hiatus (1993-95)
    75:20 Monica's return to the WTA Tour, entering another phase of Monica discourse: embraced and beloved (but often underestimated) champion (1995-present)
    83:00 Assessing Monica's post-comeback career: full of contradictions and lots of greatness

    • 1 hr 38 min
    OK, We Move to 2020, Cause That's Bull$#!t

    OK, We Move to 2020, Cause That's Bull$#!t

    Y'all, we made it to the end of Season FIVE! First, we MUST thank you for all your generous contributions to the GoFundMe we launched last week. Truly, we are bowled over and so grateful. As for this finale, we're back to recap the year on the men's tour, replete with your responses to our questions we threw at you on Twitter. The season closes with James taking a quiz on the men's season, and be sure to let him know if you fared any better! Thanks again for all your support this season and over the years; we are here only because of y'all! 
    02:36 Our general thoughts and a rundown of the titlists
    12:56 Bautista Agut the Forrest Gumpian bookend to the season?
    16:45 Thinking out loud about Nadal and Djokovic's seasons
    20:30 Andy Murray's wild ride this year
    25:23 Davis Cup. That's it. That's the timestamp
    37:45 Y'alls most memorable moments
    40:39 Thirst trappers of 2019
    44:09 "Federer one good swing from the greatest moment of his career?"
    48:06 Your most surprising & funny moments
    53:39 Vote for the pettiest moment of the year
    57:17 Comeback player and Player of the Year
    59:07 Farewell to these men and goodBYE to Tipsarevic
    62:44 James takes a quiz

    • 1 hr 12 min
    WTA Wrap 2019: But Wow, What A Moment

    WTA Wrap 2019: But Wow, What A Moment

    Our penultimate episode of 2019 is exciting for 2 reasons: we get to wrap this hugely entertaining WTA season and launch our first ever crowdfunding campaign. We're asking our loyal listeners to consider throwing a few coins our way to help us expand on our already 5(!) seasons of podcasting. 
    But back to tennis -- we daresay that top tier of the WTA is shaping up a bit more clearly this year. Between stone-cold killers like Andreescu, a consistent no. 1 in Barty, up-and-comers like Gauff and Anisimova, and multi-Slam winners in Halep and Osaka, the WTA is in a great place. With help from our listeners, we chat about the most surprising, funniest, feel-good, and favorite moments of the WTA season. After that, cap off your WTA season by taking our quiz alongside Jonathan (and tell us how you did).
    0:30 Announcing our first ever crowdfunding campaign  - #GoFundTBS - here's why we're asking and how we'll invest in the podcast
    6:00 Assessing the themes of the WTA season: parity but the hierarchies are becoming clearer
    10:00 The winners of the WTA's 14 big titles - Barty & Andreescu with 3 each
    21:10 Our listeners' favorite moments of the WTA season: Murrena, Townsend, Su-Wei everything, Bianca-Angelique Drama Queen-Gate, Strycova's Wimbledon, and more
    31:30 You Did That: Coco Gauff 
    34:00 Feel Good Moments: Bianca comforts Serena in Toronto, Barty's entire season, Kristie Ahn's US Open
    39:15 Most surprising moments: Konta's clay run, Barty/Halep/Andreescu's Slam wins, Serena-Pliskova at AO, Clijsters' comeback announcement
    48:10 Funniest Moments: "If it's not one scam" ... you know the rest
    55:00 Keeping ourselves honest - how did we do on our January predictions for the year-end top 10 and breakout players?
    60:30 Checking in on the #HatchingandSnatching crowd
    62:20 Comebacks, retirements, breakups, makeups
    65:30 WTA Year-end Quiz - She said WHAT?
    Our GoFundMe - #GoFundTBS

    • 1 hr 16 min

Customer Reviews

bay2029 ,


Love the way you present the moments form the season. I have been listening all year and your podcasts are always entertaining and exciting to listen too.
I also love the coverage on WTA, Please don’t change that.

Warriewood sports nut ,

Some notes from an Australian fan

You guys are bringing phenomenal entertainment to tennis enthusiasts all over the world.

Me, I am Peter and I come from Sydney Australia.

I love your intelligence, your sense of humour, your irreverence and the fact that you openly play favourites – has Venus ever put a foot wrong?

Your discussion about events in Rome – I was lucky enough to attend but one of my days was the washed out Wednesday – was both funny as hell and spot on.

So a big big thank you to you both. A couple of minor thoughts would be as follows – the podcast from the car did not work for me at all - in fact I got a headache and had to stop listening - and secondly I wish you would provide us with more certainty about when you are making your next podcasts. In particular I would have thought that the first week of Wimbledon should tee you guys up nicely for a fantastic review while the tournament is “in progress”. Maybe only you two alone could have put the marvellous entertainment of the Nadal / Kyrgios match in proper historical context.

Anyway thanks again and congratulations on your fantastic product.



Quimby81 ,

Great podcast

Smart, funny and informative. I love this podcast. Can’t wait for each new episode to drop.

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