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Songs of a generation

    A Whole Lotta D

    A Whole Lotta D

    Your old skool lockdown house party rolls on again tonight.

    We have songs from Justice, The white stripes, George Michael, Natalie Imbruglia, Steely Dan, Bananarama, Home improvement theme song, Gym class heroes ft Patrick Stump and more.

    Britneys got big news, Benifer 2.0, Billy Joels stones triubute, Foo fighters at the Vmas, Metalica laugh at their critics, and Masked singer predictions.

    This week we are playing Led Zepellin song, either Trampled under foot or Fool in the rain.

    Stay home like a snail and listen to us. Hope we can compete with masked singer and the Brownlow 🙄

    • 2 hrs 5 min
    Happy Ending

    Happy Ending

    Spring has well and truly sprung, ‘birds are singing, bees are trying to have sex with them…as is my understanding’.

    We have songs from J. Geils band, Five for fighting, Foo fighters, Bruce Springsteen, Hunters and Collectors, Bachelor girl, Five, Avril, Dio and more.

    Multiple Britney requests as Jamie has finally agreed to step down!

    We have clips from Janet Jackson, Mel C, Drake, Future and Young thug. Hopefully we’ll finally hear from Dougie and Lance Bass, if i ever shut up.

    This week we are playing an Anthony Callea song, our gay idol, either Rain or addicted to you.

    Enjoy your Sunday with us, But not in a Nads Barts kind of way.

    • 2 hrs 8 min
    Life In Lockdown motion

    Life In Lockdown motion

    This ep We have we have songs from No doubt, Britney, Abba, Delta, Smashing pumpkins, Good Charlotte, Goanna, and more.

    A Rolling stones request for drummer Charlie Watts, Prince and me and my little crime issue.

    We have clips with a Lion king vaccine parody, and Duran Duran and Abba comebacks.

    This week we are playing a Mika song. We’re stuck in lockdown so lets break the rules for our gay! And be a bit naughty in the naughties. Youll hear either Love today or Happy ending.

    Relax, take it easy, for there is nothing that we can do.

    But who called the cops??

    • 2 hrs 17 min


    This ep have we have songs from Toto, Killing Heidi, Manic street preachers, Yello, Chris Isaak, Franke  Potente, Sia, and a warning from Green day. 

    We have some late tributes for Biz Markie and Slipknots Joe Jordison.

    We have clips from Brendon Fraser, Mariah and Ryan Reynolds, Kanyes Donda party, and a quick Britney update.

    This week we are also playing a Vanessa Amorosi song for our Paralympians, either Shine or Absolutely everybody.

    Warnings are good.

    • 1 hr 58 min
    Get Me Outta Here

    Get Me Outta Here

    This ep we have another bangers fest with Jet, 4pm, The little river band, Pat Benatar, Chyna Phillips, Deborah Conway, Fallout boy, Fleetwood Mac, Kylie and Enrique.

    Britneys story takes a new twist, we have a remix mashup of Elton, Dua and Pnau, some scenes from the voice with our own guy sebastian, Jmau n keith, Ed sheerans tribute for Michael Gudinski, and Babs goes savage on Bee n Gaga.

    This week we are playing a Sade song, either Smooth operator or No ordinary .

    Get me outta here! But don’t stop thinkin bout tomorrow.

    • 2 hrs 3 min
    Come on over…in 6 to 8 weeks

    Come on over…in 6 to 8 weeks

    Its our big 151st show!…ah I tried. Let’s go back to that old fashioned thing we did before that gimmick n just play some music. Although we do have some songs leftover from our big 150th last week.

    Theres Shaggy, Gary Wright, Eminem, Wall of Voodoo, New kids on the block, Robbie Williams, Alanis Morissette, James Reyne, a piece from Cannibal! The musical, Young Divas, another classic Simpsons song, and more

    Britney is one step closer to freedom..sort of, we have Moby Docs trailor, and finally Will Smith getting sporty, and an AC/DC cover from Olympic father Bruce Springsteen with Eddie Vedder and Tom Morello.

    This week we are playing a Shania Twain song, either from this moment on, or You’re still the one.

    Let’s party like it’s 150!

    • 2 hrs 9 min

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