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A podcast by Philip DeFranco

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A podcast by Philip DeFranco

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notmattmac ,

Here for the throat punch....

Probably one of the better ways to kill 1-2 hours. I’m really only on YouTube for news and don’t know 80% of the people that come on, but none of it gets boring and leaves you waiting for the next conversation.

bredeis ,

One of my favourite podcasts ever!

Philip DeFranco is one of my favourite creators and this extension of his brand is amazing. It’s a great way to get to know Phil and see more of your favourite Youtubers.

It has a casual vibe with a conversation/interview format of various people including youtubers, influencers and sometimes fans or family members (shout-out to the Santa Barbara show). Although it’s pretty chill it also dives into deeper and more thoughtful topics ranging from childhood trauma, politics, mental health, etc. Overall it’s a great podcast, I will be listening and watching forever.

PS I love how the podcast crosses over into the PDS but you gotta do something about your excessive host turnover.

TeamRFX ,



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