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A Christian perspective on our cultural climate

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A Christian perspective on our cultural climate

    Why Bother with God if I'm Happy?: An Interview with Max Jeganathan

    Why Bother with God if I'm Happy?: An Interview with Max Jeganathan

    It's a question asked by many who have either walked away from the Christian faith, or those who have never claimed it. There's no denying that much of what people desire in this life is to live comfortably, have fun and potentially leave a mark after they are gone. When someone claims to be happy, do they mean it? If so, by what scale do they determine as to when they are happy enough? On this episode Andy sits down with new AC Adjunct Speaker, Max Jeganathan of Thinking Faith Asia; as they challenge what people really mean when they say they are happy, and why that's still not enough.

    • 48 min
    The Missing Chapters of Jesus?

    The Missing Chapters of Jesus?

    Jesus Buddha? Jesus the Greek-speaking Jew? This week, Wes and Steve seek to put Jesus in his proper historical context. Did Jesus travel to Nepal in his teen years to receive Buddhist teachings, later to bring it back home? Did Jesus speak exclusively in Aramaic? And what do the answers to these questions have to say about God’s character? Find out on this week’s edition of the AC Podcast.

    • 55 min
    Let’s Talk About (Pre-Marital) Sex, Baby

    Let’s Talk About (Pre-Marital) Sex, Baby

    It’s well enough known that we live in a hyper-sexualized culture. Sex is taken casually and this has made its way into the church, too. “I’m shocked that so many young Christian men expect sex before marriage,” one listener complains. What’s going on here? Andy, Steve, and Troy sat down this week to kick off year 2022 by reflecting on dating, marriage, and sex.

    • 49 min
    Baptists, Beards and Burqas: An Interview with Andy Bannister

    Baptists, Beards and Burqas: An Interview with Andy Bannister

    From across the pond, AC adjunct speaker Andy Bannister (Director at Solas Centre for Public Christianity) joins us digitally from his home in Scotland. Andy and Andy, as they’re known, discuss Bannister’s new book, Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? Are Christianity and Islam the same? Join us for this week's episode of the AC podcast where Bannister brings his British accent and wit to this common question.  

    • 47 min
    AC in the Classroom: Discussing Christmas with Kids

    AC in the Classroom: Discussing Christmas with Kids

    This week the AC Podcast heads to the classroom for a Christmas Eve special. With Christmas commonly known for its traditions, one can't ignore the folklore and commercialism that comes with it. But what are the kids saying about it and how much do they know? Join Troy and new AC Adjunct Speaker Rachel Mackenzie, as they chat with her grade 3 class from Regent Christian Academy.

    • 28 min
    Pondering Christmas

    Pondering Christmas

    On this week's episode, Andy, Troy, Wes and Steve have a conversation about Christmas. The team looks at how their perspectives on this year may differ from the previous. Hope and Expectation are two common themes that come up. Given the times, there is something to be said about the foreshadowing of the promised son to Abraham, and the prophecy fulfilled by the birth of Jesus that calls us to remain hopeful and expectant. Tune into this week's episode as we discuss the true meaning for Christmas and how it pertains to us as believers throughout the year.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
178 Ratings

178 Ratings

Danthereader ,

Thoughtful, Respectful Discussion of topics concerning Christians

I have been listening to the AC podcast almost since it began. I have learned a lot from it and deeply appreciate the wisdom and insight of the Apologetics Canada team. I also commend the tone they set and the care they take to be gentle and respectful of other points of view. So many Christians are dismissive and sometimes bombastic with respect to other thoughts, interpretations, and opinions. You won’t find that here; instead you will find intelligent, clear discussion of important topics. This podcast will be a blessing in your life. Give it a try!

MoonGirl738 ,

Finally, Canadian Theological Content!

So grateful for the AC team and their thoughtful approach to various intellectual, ethical, and spiritual issues. In particular, it’s a blessing having a great theology podcast that comes from a Canadian perspective. Though I would love to see more specifically Canadian content that reflects on issues and news stories that would help us navigate living as Jesus’ disciples in our cultural context. Maybe more interviews with Canadian theologians and pastors from across the country?

In addition to the weekly podcast, I have also really appreciated the Thinking Series and the short, animated YouTube videos on apologetics. While I miss former AC co-host Terry, with his funny stories and sense of humour, I have been consistently impressed by the AC team.

So keep it up, AC team. I’m grateful for and blessed by your content.

Pastor Derek Melanson
Barrington, NS

cojoco72 ,

Very balanced takes

And interesting subject matter of general interest that you wouldn’t necessarily find on other apologetics sites.

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