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All things practical, magical and real when it comes to walking the artist's path. Conversations with successful artists and deep-dives with your host, Devon Walz, serving up actionable advice and soulful stories re: all things being a creative in today's world.

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All things practical, magical and real when it comes to walking the artist's path. Conversations with successful artists and deep-dives with your host, Devon Walz, serving up actionable advice and soulful stories re: all things being a creative in today's world.

    How to Develop a Unique Style | Q + A with Devon

    How to Develop a Unique Style | Q + A with Devon

    How do we break away from our influences? How do we come up with something totally original out of thin air? Hasn’t everything already been done? All valid questions that I had a ton of fun answering on today's q + a all about style development.

    I discuss the concept of “originality," as well as the four main reasons artists have a hard time cultivating their own style and practical things you can do now to develop a style that has substance.

    Shoutout to Hannah of @hannah.andersson.art for today’s question



    Unique: a 4-week style development workshop series

    Learn more and register: www.devonwalz.com/unique

    Enrollment closes  10/30/20 at midnight PST


    Henry Green


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    Unlearning Art School + Full-Time Realities | Marisa Avila-Sayler

    Unlearning Art School + Full-Time Realities | Marisa Avila-Sayler

    Today I have a super real talk for you all about the realities of working your way into being a full time artist (one of our favorite topics here-- I know!).  Our guest of honor is Marisa Avila-Sayler.

    Marisa has been an artist and navigating the journey of being full time for 20 plus years. As such she brings a refreshing dose of realness when it comes to the practicalities of being a working artist, how to discern what's right for your own path, and what’s happening in schools and in the art world. We also jam on failure, process, permission to make what you love and much more. This one was as informative as it was mega inspiring.

    We talked about…

    Marisa’s journey with her art career
    Balancing life with studio time
    Networking and finding opportunities as an artist
    The contradiction between growing as an artist and growing an art business/brand
    Making bad art, accepting failure and painting what makes you happy
    Unlearning lessons from art school

    About Marisa Avila Sayler

    Marisa Avila Sayler is a Los Angeles native who works in drawing, painting, and sculpture using both traditional and experimental media. She earned a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in 2005, and an MFA from California State University, Fullerton in 2009. An artist since childhood, Marisa has always supported her art practice with more traditional career paths, namely education. Her teaching and educational field experience ranges from art exploration

    with special needs preschoolers, to traditional undergraduate drawing and painting instruction, to doctorate-level lecture, curriculum design, and administration. Since 2018, Marisa has focused solely on her studio practice with occasional guest teaching, workshops, and visiting artist lectures. She has exhibited in numerous Los Angeles galleries, institutions such as the Torrance Art Museum and the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, CA, and her work is in private collections all over the world. Outside of the studio, Marisa and her spouse of 16 years are guiding their two exceptional young children in the art of being explorers of this universe.





    Artists Report Back study (by BFAMFAPHD)

    TED Article: “How do artists make a living? An ongoing, almost impossible quest” 

    ArtNet Analysis on the Income of Artists

    LA Review of Books: Chances of Artist Success in the 21st Century

    Hope for a new kind of education and art world reshaping: Black Arts Residency

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    How to Lead with Content, Switch Your Medium + Embrace Change | Taylor Lee

    How to Lead with Content, Switch Your Medium + Embrace Change | Taylor Lee

    Taylor Lee Nicholoson is BACK and I’m honored to have her be the first return guest on our show. It’s no coincidence that I keep coming back for convos with this woman-- she puts a ton of thought and intention behind her process and the evolution of her work, and it shows. This time around we’re diving into all things sculpture, performance, anxiety as a playmate, pivoting your business model as needed, the difference between content and style, and so much more.


    Changing directions and mediums with your art

    Themes of anxiety

    The importance of content and themes in your work

    Pivoting your business model

    About Taylor

    Taylor Lee is an artist that draws attention to anxiety and hyperreality through exaggerated kitschy/campiness. She juxtaposes laughter and pathos to create mood-whiplash, challenge perceptions of reality, and offer anxiety-ridden millennials like herself the catharsis of feeling “seen.”

    Taylor creates surreal content such as stop-motion GIFs and microfilms, sculpture, illustrations, performances, and installation for immersive experiences in both digital and physical spaces. When she's not building a paper-mache TV or another face vase, you can find her telling ghost stories…but more on that in October.


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    Kat Sanchez Standfield -- @fiberess

    Andy J. Pizza 

    CJ Hendry


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    Beauty, Defying Stigmas + Developing Your Voice | Dan Lam

    Beauty, Defying Stigmas + Developing Your Voice | Dan Lam

    DAN LAM. What a pinch-me-moment it was to have her on the show. SO many interesting topics got touched on in this conversation: how and why beauty is easily dismissed in art, Dan’s thoughts on a recent negative comment and the issue of gatekeeping in the art world, the stigmas she’s protesting (like fun! and psychedelic use!), how she’s dealt with copying, advice for creating strong work and tons more.

    It was powerful to talk to someone with so much experience who’s holding down very healthy and important perspectives for the whole art community. In fact, I almost titled this episode “Dan Lam is Awesome,” (true story) because that was how I walked away feeling from our chat. I know you all are going to appreciate it as much as I did.


    Dismissing beautiful work

    Balance and self care

    Destigmatizing psychedelics

    Gatekeeping in the art community

    Copying vs Influencing

    Advice for artists


    Dan Lam’s work straddles the line between numerous dichotomies. By navigating the
    realm between attraction and repulsion, organic and inanimate, seriousness and
    playfulness, soft and hard, Lam conjures up her idiosyncratic vision. As a result, the
    work strikes a deft balance between seemingly disparate concepts, subsequently
    inspiring a range of emotions and ideas from the viewer.

    Known for her bold and unique sculptures, she rose to popularity and prominence
    through social media, particularly Instagram. Her body of work ranges from gallery
    exhibitions to large scale installations to brand collaborations. She exhibits in the US
    and internationally.

    Lam was born in the Philippines while her family was immigrating from Vietnam to the
    United States. She was raised in Texas where she received her Bachelor in Fine Arts
    from the University of North Texas in 2010. She received her Masters in Fine Arts in
    2014 from Arizona State University.

    Lam currently resides and works in Dallas, TX, USA.



    Dan on IG: @sopopomo


    “Playing to the Gallery” by Grayson Perry

    The Botany of Desire (documentary)

    “How to Change Your Mind” by Michael Pollan

    Meow Wolf

    Martin Creed





    • 48 min
    Bridging Plant Medicine, Process + Meaning in the Work | Erin Loree

    Bridging Plant Medicine, Process + Meaning in the Work | Erin Loree

    I’ve been wanting to weave plant medicine and psychedelics into the conversation for a while now and I can’t think of someone I would’ve rather done this with than Erin Loree (who’s luscious abstract paintings are to DIE for, by the way). I’m eternally grateful for her openness and wisdom. Not to mention, I had the BEST time talking with her.

    In our conversation, Erin shared about what it’s been like for her to speak about ayahuasca publicly, how she’s navigated the topic within the exhibition world, the correlations she’s found between healing, ceremonies and the creative process itself, how she uncovers meaning in her work and tons more. Whether you’re interested in plant medicine or not, there are beautiful perspectives for all artists in what she shares-- and some fascinating stories about her adventures in the jungle, too.

    About Erin

    Erin Loree is Canadian painter based in Toronto. Her work explores themes of transformation, inversion, and duality, with an emphasis on the process as a journey of discovery. She completed her BFA at OCAD University in 2012 and has since exhibited nationally and internationally in Toronto, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, and the UK, with a recent solo exhibition at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound. Loree was awarded the Robert Pope Artist Residency at NSCAD University in Halifax and has participated in residencies in Toronto and in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. Loree’s work has been featured in YNGSPC.ca, MOMUS.ca, CBC Arts, the Toronto Star, Beautiful Decay, Booooooom, and Huffington Post. She is represented by Peter Robertson Gallery in Edmonton.


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    Going "Full Time": Transitions, Tips + My Story | Q+A with Devon

    Going "Full Time": Transitions, Tips + My Story | Q+A with Devon

    In this first Q+A, we're talking all things career advice, winding roads, navigating multiple gigs while being highly sensitive and much more. 

    If you're itching to make the leap from day job to artist or want advice on how to fast track your growth and progress, I think you'll find solace in this discussion. You'll also get the behind-the-scenes of my own (non-linear and highly risky) path to being in biz.

    A huge thank you to everyone who sent in questions! If yours didn't get answered, it's been saved for future episodes. 

    For this episodes Q's, big shoutout to:

    Beate Munch

    Rachel Noble @rachelkatenoble

    Julia Gomez @juligomexdesign

    If you'd like to write in a question, topic or wondering for a future episode you can send an email to devonleewalz@gmail.com with the subject "Podcast Question." Q+A's will come out on the regular!


    Episode 4: 5 Keys to a Sustainable Art Business



    • 35 min

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6 Ratings

em__prints ,

Blown away

I typically listen to this podcast while walking the same route I’ve walked a bajillion times during the pandemic. When I have art + magic playing I drift into this state of floating through the world, more connected to my creative brain and less to the physical world. And then either Devon or one of her amazing guests says something so resonant that I just float up into the sky, gleeful to hear inside another artists thoughts: blows me away!

Dani Massee ,


A must listen for anyone dreaming of stepping into the art world. Inspirational, motivating, educational and extremely relatable. Thank you Devon for giving me the courage to take my first steps into the pursuit of art!

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This show is a gift!

Thank you, this show is amazing. I look forward to each new episode!

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