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Two friends talk trails, fatherhood and life as 40 year old trail runners who have large families. It's about trail running but more than trail running.

Chasing Trails Podcast Brandon Thompson and Geoff Leblanc

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Two friends talk trails, fatherhood and life as 40 year old trail runners who have large families. It's about trail running but more than trail running.

    Kelsey Hogan and Adam Fearnall

    Kelsey Hogan and Adam Fearnall

    In this conversation, Kelsey Hogan and Adam Fearnall share their running stories and their love for trail running. They discuss how trail running brings them a sense of playfulness, curiosity, and connection to themselves, others, and the natural environment. They also talk about the challenges of balancing trail running with their relationships and responsibilities.

    Kelsey who is ranked third in the World Trail Majors shares her experience at the Quebec Mega Trail (QMT) 100-mile race. A course she knows well by setting a course record in 2023.

    Adam and Kelsey both emphasize the importance of celebrating the achievements of all runners and the supportive trail running community.

    Adam discusses his involvement with the Worga Foundation, which provides supports to Mabaan Youth in South Sudan to pursue their educational dreams. They also talk about their passion for justice and their involvement with various non-profit organizations.

    In terms of mental hurdles in trail running, they emphasize the importance of embracing and befriending the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that arise during training and races. They also discuss their recovery process after running 100-mile races and share their upcoming goals, including Kelsey's participation in the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc and Adam's continued involvement in trail running.

    @kelseypamela wanted to thank her sponsors @nordarun and @backtrailsnbfor their support. You can follow her season on Kelsey’s crew, click below to subscribe:

    @adamfearnall dedicated his efforts at the QMT to the Worga Foundation and you can support him here:

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Cody Cooper Rompin' Rockwoods 50k winner

    Cody Cooper Rompin' Rockwoods 50k winner

    Brandon and Geoff discuss their recent vacations and training updates. Brandon shares his experience in New York City and his hamstring injury, while Geoff talks about his vacation in PEI and his consistent training. They also announce the upcoming release of a custom-made Chasing Trails mug.

    They also interview Cody Cooper, a trail runner and mountain biker who shares his journey into trail running and the intersection between cycling and running. He discusses his love for being in nature and the mental and physical challenges of endurance sports. Cody also talks about his upcoming documentary project and the mental discoveries that come from pushing oneself in endurance activities.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Seaside Scramble and East Coast Beast Coast Break Down

    Seaside Scramble and East Coast Beast Coast Break Down

    This week the boys breakdown their race experience from the Seaside Scramble in Halifax Nova Scotia and the East Coast Beast Coast Run in Saint John, New Brunswick.

    They share about their experience running on some amazing terrain as well meeting a very friendly beach goer. The episode finishes with a special interview with Amelia and Adeline Leblanc who ran their first EVER trail race.

    • 50 min
    Lee Murphy and the Keji Big Backyard Ultra

    Lee Murphy and the Keji Big Backyard Ultra

    This week the boys sit down with Lee Murphy, winner of the Keji Big Backyard Ultra, a last man standing race where participants run a 6.7 km loop every hour. He talks about the challenges of sleep deprivation, the camaraderie among runners, and the support of his crew. Lee talks about reaching his 200-mile goal while emphasizing the importance of having fun and staying mentally and emotionally healthy during ultra races. He also discusses his future goals, including the Capes 100 race and as the silver ticket winner his entrance into the upcoming World Team Championships in October.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    A Weekend to Remember

    A Weekend to Remember

    Brandon and Geoff recap their trip to Wentworth, Nova Scotia, where they participated A Weekend At Wentworth. They discuss their Airbnb experience, the lack of amenities, and their post-race meal at a dive bar. Brandon shares his experience of completing his first ultra marathon, while Geoff talks about his race strategy and the supportive community they encountered. They share some of the memorable moments from the race including their experiences running a 50K race. They share their thoughts on nutrition, including eating Sour Patch Kids and drinking Coke.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    A Day in Wentworth Part 1

    A Day in Wentworth Part 1

    Brandon and Geoff record together for the first time in the beautiful Wentworth Valley. They discuss their upcoming 24-hour race and their lack of preparation. They talk about their training, their race goals, and the snacks they plan to bring. We take a second to chat about the Big Backyard Ultra and their admiration for the Last Man Standing style of race. They discuss their travel experiences and the challenges of packing for a long race. Stay tuned to see how they make out with Part 2

    • 22 min

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4.9 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

Yourgoingtoloveit ,

Restarting the fire

So my name is Jason Israel and I’m a father of 3 with an amazing wife. I have tried a million and one past times. I was a runner along time ago. Do to my injuries from my military career I have stopped. Now when I start I always think about how I was as a runner. Then I quit again feeling bad for myself. You two amazing men have taught me so much. How to give myself a break and do it because I love running. I will never run a 3 min km anymore, but now I run because I love it. Keep doing what you guys do, it helps so much. Thank you both

JacksonTJones ,


These guys are an excellent listen!!! So funny and great great guests

iPhizz69 ,

iPhone user enjoying this podcast

I found this podcast on one of my Apple apps and really enjoy it. It has motivated me to keep fit and have fun! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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