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enter a zone and never return. vibe music for dreamers and dancers. hosted by Autonomy, copy/paste airs monthly on n10.as radio in Montreal (every second sunday of the month @ 3pm ET), and is syndicated weekly on CiTR Radio in Vancouver (thursday nights @ 11pm PT).

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enter a zone and never return. vibe music for dreamers and dancers. hosted by Autonomy, copy/paste airs monthly on n10.as radio in Montreal (every second sunday of the month @ 3pm ET), and is syndicated weekly on CiTR Radio in Vancouver (thursday nights @ 11pm PT).



    time to shake off the dust, stretch the hams, and get ready for another season of ~sun life~

    expect sparkling synths, moody vocals, bouncy drums, and of course, slammin' bass ✨


    Baltra - Where I End (Extended Version) [96 & Forever]

    My Nu Leng - 4ME [Hot Haus Recs]

    Jessy Lanza - Don’t Leave Me Now [Hyperdub]

    Santa Muerte - Tonantzin [Hyperdub]

    Looting - Op So Le Sence [Self-Released]

    RDS - 2312 [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

    Duncan Forbes - Santa Cruz Roller Coaster (Ciel’s ‘Pleasure Point’ Remix) [49North]

    Blazers - Early Motion [Miura]

    Fear-E - Not Getting In [Super Rhythm Trax]

    Abstraxion - Wholes [Biologic]

    Old Skool Scott-E - Crowd Pleaser [unreleased]

    Jacques Greene - Believe [LuckyMe]

    Two Shell - ♡here4u♡ [Mainframe Audio]

    Doss - Puppy (Feel The Beat Mix) [LuckyMe]

    • 58 min


    that's right, it's real ray kurzweil hour here on copy/paste. we're gonna put on our blackhats to figure out what all this mind-machine merging is all about by diving *in* to the computer, tracing every bleep, and decoding every bloop. expect electro sounds new and old, from x86 to RISC-V and beyond 👾


    DVA [HI:EMOTIONS] - Dafuq [Hyperdub]
    Cygnus - Emerging From The Void [Biosoft]
    Bochum Welt - Saint (Heinrich Mueller Z Version) [CPU Records]
    Ashtar Lavanda - Gratiot Shake [Ultramajic]
    Legowelt - Computerized Paradise [Clone]
    Cygnus - Radical User Interfaces [CPU Records]
    Binary Operator - System Booting [Unknown To The Unknown]
    Hugo Massien - Hexadecimel [Unknown To The Unknown]
    John Shima - 011 [CPU Records]
    Microthol - Binary Systems [TRUST]
    Nullptr - Terminus [CPU Records]
    Martyn Bootyspoon - Nite Ryde [LuckyMe]
    Client_03 - Morality Corruption Splice Pointer [Cultivated Electronics]
    Assembler Code - BIOS [Cultivated Electronics]
    Lo Process - Conduit [Posse Up!]
    Edmx - SU141 [Casa Voyager]
    Computor Rockers - Computor Mechanic [Casa Voyager]
    Assembler Code - HH Drive (ft. Alex Jann) [Unknown To The Unknown]
    DVA [HI:EMOTIONS] - Shutdowncentral [Hyperdub]
    Bochum Welt - Feelings on a Screen [CPU Records]

    • 58 min
    sweat it out

    sweat it out

    for the first new mix of 2023, I figured we were long overdue for another workout mix, just in time to make your freshly paid gym membership worth it. think you can keep up? let's sweat it out 🥵


    Ikonika - Energy [Hyperdub]
    TT The Artist & She’s Ryan - Go Best Friend [Club Queens]
    Lauren Flax & Chrissy - Come To Me [System Records]
    Hugo Massien - Momentum [Unknown To The Unknown]
    Tiga - Easy [Turbo]
    Jamie Unknown - The Drumz [System Records]
    Fear-E - KRS [Super Rhythm Trax]
    DMX Krew - Spasm [Super Rhythm Trax]
    Alex Virgo - Charge The Gun [Lost Palms]
    Sohrab - Movimento Perpetuo [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
    Boy Pussy - Pump My Body Up (Ariel Zetina Remix) [Wet Trax]
    Ariel Zetina - Smooch Track (ft. DANNN) [Local Action]
    Dance System - Eyes On Me [System Records]
    Regal86 - Close [Self-Released]
    Dev/Null - Broken Bell (DJ Swisha Remix) [Evar Records]
    Criminal Practice - Booty Treatment [Philthtrax]
    Bonpit - Lila [Impulsive Behavior]
    DJ Europarking - Bitte Everyday! [UFO Inc.]
    Morelia - Work Yo Back [Das Booty]

    • 1 hr 13 min
    backspin 2 the 90s

    backspin 2 the 90s

    2022 was a full force 90s dance throwback year, and I am here for it! spin it back to that ecstatic 90s feeling on this episode of copy/paste, featuring a full setlist of trax dropped in '22. 😋


    Omar S - Money Hit Da Floor (feat. Supercoolwicked & Amir Hassan) [FXHE]
    Alan Fitzpatrick - Learning To Love [Shall Not Fade]
    Alias G - Attention [Unknown To The Unknown]
    Kush Jones - To Keep It 100 You Gotta Be 100 [HAUS of ALTR]
    Alex Virgo - Fantasy [Nocturne]
    9trane - Thuggish [Hardcore Energy]
    Kyle Starkey - Get On Now [System Records]
    Dance System - Work It (ft. DJ Deeon) [Ministry of Sound]
    Groovy D - Red Alert [Hot Haus Recs]
    mista men - Forget U [Unknown To The Unknown]
    Old Skool Scott-e - Gives Me (The Strength) (Original K-hole in a Darkroom Mix) [Hardcore Energy]
    Orbital - Impact (30 Years Later and the Earth is Still Burning Mix) [London Music Stream]
    The Future Sound of London - Informal Horizon [fsoldigital.com]
    A+A - North Star [AD 93]
    Maara - Highrollerz [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
    Matasism - Space Invaders [BPitch Control]
    Blue Hawaii - I Felt Love (Salzbauer Rave Edit) [Arbutus Records]

    • 1 hr 10 min


    anyone who's been to a rave in the middle of winter knows what happens when you step outside the sweatbox to get some air... yeah, you're feelin the chillz. turn up the heat with this mix of equatorial tunes from around the world 🌐


    Omaar - Marcha [NAAFI]
    Lady Lykez - Woza [Hyperdub]
    Tribal Brothers - Tribal Drums [Livity Sound]
    DJ Polo & Tribal Brothers - Bullet Rice [Livity Sound]
    Onipa - Kukuru (Marot Remix) [!K7]
    Lao & Dj Fucci - Guacamaya [NAAFI]
    Soulmate - Tribe One (Vocal Edit) [ilian tape]
    Dj Plead - Louca [Livity Sound]
    Denham Audio - Thirty Eight Snub (ft. Trim) [Club Glow]
    Dj Marfox - São Tomé Grosbeak [Shika Shika]
    Batu - Convergence [Timedance]
    Nico - Radio [NAAFI]
    Viers - Running [Typless]
    Animistic Beliefs - It’s Called A Dip [NAAFI]
    Jabes - Ripples [Timedance]
    Mdou Moctar - Layla (Aya Metwalli Remix) [Matador]

    • 57 min


    moving from warm to cold, the physical transition from liquid to solid is dominant. but it doesn't always go that way. sometimes we find an alternate state, somewhere in between liquid and solid, somewhere more beautiful than either states. sometimes, we crystalize. and this season, I hope we all find our reason to crystalize ❄️


    Marco Zenker - Intuition Dub [ilian tape]
    Physical Therapy - Emotional Rescue (aya petrichor version) [Allergy Season]
    Jacques Greene - Relay (Skee Mask Remix) [LuckyMe]
    Snarexx - Interplanetary Cruise [Philthtrax]
    The Passenger - Autumn Star [RF]
    Daphni - Always There [Jiaolong]
    Doss - Srawberry (Singin’ Club Mix) [LuckyMe]
    A+A - Eternal September [AD 93]
    Picture - Forskudt [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
    DJ Aquatraxx - Folk From Arizona [Unknown To The Unknown]
    Placid Angles - Stormy Angel [AD 93]
    Hugo Massien - Mariana [Unknown To The Unknown]
    FaltyDL - One Hitter [Blueberry]
    Sally Shapiro - Million Ways (Gerd Janson Remix) [Italians Do It Better]

    • 57 min

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