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Conversations with every type of creative. Hosted by Ryan Leacock - Find a creative like you:

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Conversations with every type of creative. Hosted by Ryan Leacock - Find a creative like you:

    #82: Isabelle Poirier: "This is Why We Create"

    #82: Isabelle Poirier: "This is Why We Create"

    This week, the wonderfully contagious Isabelle Poirier is on the podcast - Izzy is a creator and founder of the Ottawa Design Club - She sent me a copy of the beautiful semi-annual zine they produce, and... it is like a present from a friend with perfect taste!  The two of us talk about how cool it is that we get to create with other people, how her team made their zine through the pandemic, and of course - pantones/kerning.  Great one, do it up. 

    Episode links:

    IP Design

    Ottawa Design Club

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    #81: Photographer: Taylor Jones: "I Love Sports"

    #81: Photographer: Taylor Jones: "I Love Sports"

    What is the formula for creativity?  Is there one?  This week's guest, photographer Taylor Jones tells me about his formula for creativity and how it led him to create Dear Photograph.  He tells me about his grandfather's 10 Rules for Life and we take a left turn into the world of sports.  Back in the studio this week for my excellent chat with Taylor.  Do it up!


    Taylor Jones on Instagram

    Dear Photograph

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    #80: Brand Designer: Robin Lindner: "#kwfamous"

    #80: Brand Designer: Robin Lindner: "#kwfamous"

    This week the podcast is #kwfamous with brand designer Robin Lindner.  Robin is one-half of Robin + Elaine (Elaine, you must be on the podcast sometime!), and she is the owner of the most adorable puppy you will ever see.  We have a great, giggly time talking Kitchener, what she learned early about failure and her ideal design community.  Great one!

    Find Robin on Instagram

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    #79: Artist: Allison Poprocks: Get Out to Nature

    #79: Artist: Allison Poprocks: Get Out to Nature

    Sometimes I wonder if this entire podcast is just me getting people together to overthink creativity.  Because I love how today's creative person, Allison Poprocks, approaches her work, she doesn’t worry about it.  I really enjoy it when people like Allison are on the pod – balance all this overthinking out.

    Allison is a Kitchener Artist currently residing in her home away from home, Dawson City, Yukon.  I love Allison's artwork. For me, it captures the proverbial forest and the beauty of the proverbial trees.

    Allison tells me about her connection to places, mummified toes, and how she doesn't overthink her creativity.  Great one.

    Check out Allison's artwork

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    #78: Illustrator: Mel Milton: Buckle Up, here goes Mel

    #78: Illustrator: Mel Milton: Buckle Up, here goes Mel

    When Mel Milton talks about his love for art, he means the love you have for your family.  They can piss you off, but you love them, and you're in this thing together. 

    This week's creative person is illustrator Mel Milton - He is an illustrator from Utah who has worked for Disney and Marvel and 2 volumes of his own "dooks" (listen to find out what that means... haha) 

    Mel and I had a fantastic evening chatting about his long journey to liking himself and how that was the key to finding his artistic voice.  He tells me about being homeless and how money and some fame are essential if you want to help other people.  Great one. Do it up.

    Go check out Mel's work

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    #77: Podcasters: Dharma & Mikayla: "Sexy Books"

    #77: Podcasters: Dharma & Mikayla: "Sexy Books"

    This week's creative people, Dharma & Mikayla come from the world of theatre.  An industry that has been on pause longer than almost every other.  So where did these two turn for creative expression?  To the strange comforts of smutty books and podcasting.

    Not Your Mother's Bookclub is a sexy book podcast made by Dharma &  Mikayla, and these two are a blast together.  Their podcast is like overhearing a hilarious and oddly insightful, inappropriate conversation. Delightful.

    We had the best time.  They tell me how their podcast began, what their parents think, and what they miss about being on stage. 

    Great one!

    Listen to Not Your Mother’s Bookclub
    Not Your Mother’s Bookclub on Instagram

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Krista Kankula ,

Creative inspiration is found here

If you identify as a creative, even a little, you’ll find so much inspiration, wisdom and resonance in this podcast. I’ve found the conversations Ryan has with his guests on their unique creative process and perspectives so fascinating.

SuperZero2814 ,

Dare I call it essential?

Ryan is a fantastic host who draws great conversations from his guests. I might even consider it an essential podcast if you're a creative person looking for inspiration, looking to discover new artists or just looking for insight into the minds of creative professionals. Great conversations across creative disciplines and if you're a Kitchener-Waterloo local, you have to appreciate the connection to our creative community.

Mariangelica. ,

Amazing Podcast!

A great podcast with candid conversations with amazing creatives! I love the chill vibes and feeling less alone hearing how other creatives manage this amazing thing we all share! The NEED to create!

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