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Dialed In is a podcast where we explore obsession with all of its advantages and challenges... but especially about cars and garages.

Dialed In - Some Obsession Required Matt Moreman & Chris Hanes

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Dialed In is a podcast where we explore obsession with all of its advantages and challenges... but especially about cars and garages.

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4.8 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Dallas Owen ,

Alberta, Canada

Admittedly, not a podcast guy. I was vaguely aware of Obsessed Garage through my short stint on GarageJournal years ago, and through seeing the videos on YouTube. Recently a old high school friend of mine started his own podcast, and I’ve always hated these things, an ex girlfriend made me listen to a motivational one in the mornings while she got ready and I wanted to blow my brains out. Which turned me off of these for years and years. Now- fast forward to present day and out of begrudged curiosity I give my old friends a listen. To my surprise listening to someone else talk about things that related to me (in this case it was my hometown/high school) was interesting to me. After demolishing his episodes in under a week, I was searching for that same feeling, but on the next level. Unsatisfied with the normal rumblings of most podcast motivators or business magnates. I felt a sense of urgency to find one that I enjoyed before this newfound bliss for podcasts had passed... and then Dialed In came along. Admittedly I found out about Obsessed Garage (and Dialed In) from searching through pages of reviews on Wheel Cleaners, where I originally used Sonax, I needed something better. I found the OG site and immediately had this massive sigh of relief, it was a holy grail of exploration on a product. There is a detailing shop, ever so similar to Matt’s philosophy that resides merely an hour north of me - Auto Obsessed, whom I have shopped from and admired for years. OG gave me the same feeling being on their website that going to Auto Obsessed gave me in person. It was to my complete surprise that during my yearning for a new podcast to obsess over, the OG website had a link for Dialed In... and it’s been a non-stop, data destroying, listening frenzy since then. I think I may be one of the few that really grew to love the OG brand via the podcast first and subsequently the YouTube and Website. I would imagine it takes it form on YouTube or word of mouth first before the podcast is dove into. So many times I sit there listening and smugly smile because I have experienced the same frustrations and obsessions that are being spoken of. I’m into 2017 now on the podcasts, and I’m not looking forward to ending my binge. It started out as a way to fill a newfound void in my podcast needs, but it has transpired into a feeling of acceptance. Finally a group of people who just “get it.” I have now joined the Facebook group, which clearly has grown quickly, and have spent time analyzing every page on the website. It’s amazing to finally figure out that my obsession with my garage and my vehicles - in the very unique and particular way that I (we) am obsessed, is shared amongst others. Keep it going guys, you’ve gained a subscriber, listener, viewer and customer.

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