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Dishing Podcast: This once a month podcast from host Elaine Benoit features successful food bloggers who share their stories of success and failure and their advice to others on how best grow their food blog into a thriving business. Elaine also interviews experts in this competitive field to help bloggers fine-tune their websites, grow their audiences and uncover ways to take their food blogs to the next level. Elaine is dedicated to inspire, educate and help bloggers realize their dreams of owning a successful online business.

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Dishing Podcast: This once a month podcast from host Elaine Benoit features successful food bloggers who share their stories of success and failure and their advice to others on how best grow their food blog into a thriving business. Elaine also interviews experts in this competitive field to help bloggers fine-tune their websites, grow their audiences and uncover ways to take their food blogs to the next level. Elaine is dedicated to inspire, educate and help bloggers realize their dreams of owning a successful online business.

    Silk Road Recipes | Kevin O'Leary

    Silk Road Recipes | Kevin O'Leary

    Kevin O'Leary wanted to dedicate a blog that encompasses the food he loves but didn't quite fit in his popular blog Kevin is Cooking. His new blog Silk Road Recipes covers all the cuisine that can be found along the Silk Road.
    New blog, new lease on life
    Kevin O'Leary was bitten by the cooking bug as a teenager. He went on to work in restaurants and the catering industry but although life intervened, he never really stepped away from the stove.
    Now, Kevin lives the cooking life every day, inspired by his international pantry and by his ongoing effort to put a fresh spin on classic recipes.
    Kevin founded his first food blog, Kevin Is Cooking, in 2014 to share his inspiration and help busy people get that meal on the table.
    After Kevin realized that he was cooking and publishing recipes he wanted to instead of what his readers were gravitating to, which is Tex-Mex, Mexican, grilling and BBQ, he changed gears to give them what they wanted.
    But that left out a part of Kevin's culinary experience that he still wanted to express. So, after tossing around the idea for many years, Kevin decided to start his second blog in October of 2020. Silk Road Recipes focuses on recipes that he has always loved and has been making and perfecting for many years.
    Kevin got his inspiration from his many trips to a lot of the countries along the Silk Road and wants to excite others to enjoy the meals that he has come to love.
    From condiments, to spice blends, to appetizers, to full meals, Silk Road Recipes has it all. He's focused on expanding the content and helping his new readers find that cooking doesn't have to be difficult and life is too short to be bland.

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    Growth with Tanya Harris

    Growth with Tanya Harris

    Tanya Harris is a former attorney who started her food blog, My Forking Life, as a hobby in 2016. Her goal is to provide her readers with quick and easy meals that are full of flavor. She wants everyone, even busy people, to be able to cook more often at home.

    Tanya posts a lot of gadget recipes, pressure cooker and air fryer recipes, because these have helped her get dinner on the table quickly. She has increased her blog traffic to over 100,000 page views in just a few months by providing her readers with content they need and enjoy.

    After her interview two years ago, she quit her full time job as an attorney in late 2019 and has grown her blog to over a million views per month.

    So, in this episode will discuss the growth with Tanya Harris.

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    What I Learned on Hiatus

    What I Learned on Hiatus

    This episode is to relay what I learned while I was on hiatus. It is my introductory episode that kicks off the new season which will begin on January 13th, 2021, so stay tuned.
    Hello everyone, it's Elaine and I am back at the mic. When I first announced that I was going on hiatus, I was feeling like all I did was toil away and didn't have a good work/life balance. So, when I announced my decision to 'go on hiatus', I actually didn't think I'd get back into podcasting.
    I thought that was it for me.
    Well, I was wrong.
    My last episode was published on December 20th in 2019 so, it has almost been a full year since I hung up my microphone and headphones.
    During that time, I learned many things.
    Let me start with what I learned regarding the podcast, which I found very interesting.
    After I pressed publish on that last episode, I danced around the house, feeling free and happy that I didn't have to reach out, schedule or sit down and perform those interviews.
    But even more exciting to me was I didn't have to edit the episodes. Because as I've mentioned before, it was extremely hard for me to let those "umms", false starts, sometimes-hard-to-follow sentences, and deep pauses just 'be'.
    My training as an actress, performer, and recovering perfectionist reared its ugly head and made me spend hours editing each episode. I tried to make both myself and my guest sound as good as I possibly could.
    But in the process, I sucked the fun out of podcasting.
    I loved chatting with my guests, but I was starting to dread the interviews. Not because I didn't want to talk to them, I just didn't want to edit the episodes. And I wasn't ready to hire someone to edit them for me since the show didn’t make me any money.
    So, after that last episode and my freedom dance party, I enjoyed the holidays and even enjoyed the first few months of the new year. We all know that the pandemic has been a big part of our lives, but I don't think it had anything to do with why I started to get the feeling that I should get back into interviewing other bloggers and experts.
    Those niggling thoughts
    By the time May rolled around. I was thinking daily about getting back into podcasting. But then I'd talk myself out of it by reminding myself how I felt the last few months of 2019.
    Then it occurred to me, "What if I don't publish episodes every week?" "What if I published twice a month or even better, ONCE a month?"
    I struggled with those questions because I've heard from many of my awesome listeners that though they understood why I stopped; they did miss the show. So, if I only published one episode a month, would people still want to hear the content?
    I asked a few bloggers their opinion and it ended up being a resounding yes.
    That made me happy.
    So here I am.
    I have rebranded the podcast from Dishing with Delishes to the Dishing podcast because, let's face it, I was trying to connect it to my food blog Dishes Delish and play on the word dishing as in chatting or better yet, gossiping (because I am nosy) and delishes to represent other food bloggers. But try saying that over and over and over. It's a mouthful.
    Those that helped me
    So, the podcast is now the Dishing Podcast. You can still get to the website through the old dishingwithdelishes url. Charles Smith from WPOpt.net has happily and efficiently redirected the site to the new url which is dishing.co.
    I also had Vladi of the husband and wife team from LIL Creative Digital Agency design both the artwork for apple podcasts and the logo for the website.
    The format for the show will stay the same - interviews with food bloggers and an expert or two, but I need your help. I’ll still ask the questions I’ve been asking my guests all along, but I’d also love to know what YOU want me to ask them.
    Please share your questions for food bloggers and food blogging experts with me at elaine @ Dishe

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    Hiatus Announcement | Elaine Benoit

    Hiatus Announcement | Elaine Benoit

    I wanted to publish this episode to let you all know that, after long and careful consideration, I have decided to take an extended hiatus from the podcast.
    Here are my reasons:
    This has been a passion project for me and, although I thought I might someday make money from it, I realize now that probably won’t happen. So, it’s time for me to focus my attention on my true money maker, which is my Dishes Delish food blog.
    Dishes Delish has grown leaps and bounds since I started this podcast. I attribute that growth to a few things.
    The first was my audit in June of 2018 with Casey Markee. That was the catalyst. I had interviewed Casey before that but at the time I decided to move forward with my audit, the blog had only five thousand sessions a month. Mind you, I had been blogging for almost 3 years.
    Casey helped focus me. He taught me to not pick keywords like “dark chocolate caramel marshmallow cashew butter cups” Yes, I actually used those keywords in a post. As you can imagine, it gets 0 monthly searches. But I’m the reigning champ of that keyword. I am in the carousal and #1 in Google search results. And that’s only one of my really long keywords.
    Casey also got me to write for my readers and help solve problems. That was a game changer for sure.
    Another game changer was the viral moment I had in September of 2018. The HBO show Camping mentioned a jelly donut shot in one of its episodes and at that time, the monthly viewfor those keywords was only 330. But here’s why I had that viral moment. My Jelly Donut shot was already #1 in search results, so everyone and their brother who watched that episode of Camping clicked through to my website.
    That shot is still #1 and now has a monthly search volume of 4400. That shows you how something can grow just by having exposure.
    And that exposure was also a growth catalyst because, as with all such exposure, having people look at my jelly donut shot brought them back to the site to see other content, which gave me even more sessions.
    By October of 2018 – and remember: in June of the same year, I had only 5k sessions a month – I qualified for Mediavine and in November their ads went live on my site.
    Fast forward 6 months, when I was lucky to have another viral moment. My pistachio cookie recipe became my top post, toppling my Cadillac Margarita from 1st place. The popularity of this cookie post allowed me to apply for (and join) AdThrive. Now remember, to join MediaVine, you need 25k monthly sessions. AdThrive requires 100k pageviews.
    Now, I tell you all this for two reasons, first to explain why I’m placing the podcast on hiatus. I need to focus on the blog to make it even more successful by adding various income streams.
    Secondly, I am hoping to inspire you by letting you know that you can do it too. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of work and sometimes a little luck. But you don’t have to have a viral moment to succeed. Many of my guests didn’t have one, and yet they are successful; it just takes years and hard work.
    So, keep at it and don’t give up. Write for your readers, help them solve a problem and create quality content.
    I also want to say that it is not always necessary to pick keywords that have a high monthly search volume. Some of my more popular posts have under 1000 monthly searches on Google but they do really well on Pinterest.
    So I would have missed out on this if I’d listened to the experts and neglected to follow my gut. Experts are great and can be a big help but you also can rely on yourself by doing what you think is best.
    You can also help yourself by joining Facebook groups like Food Bloggers Central. Ask questions, learn from other bloggers mistakes and if you’re wanting some inspiration, visit Dishing with Delishes and re-listen to interviews with food bloggers who forged their way before us. You can also lis

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    Marye Audet-White | Restless Chipotle

    Marye Audet-White | Restless Chipotle

    Marye Audet-White is a long-time food writer whose work and expertise are featured in cookbooks, websites, magazines, TV programs and her food blog, Restless Chipotle.
    With a 40 year focus on the importance of family and a passion for southern comfort food, Marye Audet-White has become an expert in melding the two together effortlessly. She's a NY Times Bestselling author with 10 cookbooks under her belt and her recipes have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Today, House Beautiful, Texas Living, Food & Wine, and many more.
    Marye also works to help other women learn the craft of blogging through courses, coaching, and mentorship programs.  Her ultimate goal is for women to be able to provide for themselves and their families while being able to work from home.

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    Dennis Littley | Ask Chef Dennis

    Dennis Littley | Ask Chef Dennis

    Dennis Littley is a retired chef, live stream show host and producer, social media consultant, and speaker who can be found at his food and travel blog, Ask Chef Dennis.
    Dennis is a retired chef and culinary instructor who enjoys life by traveling and eating his way around the world, sharing his recipes and adventures along the way. A native Texan who spent most of his life in greater Philadelphia, Chef Dennis now resides in Kissimmee, Florida with his wife Lisa.
    During the newest phase of his culinary journey as a food and travel blogger, Chef Dennis has amassed an impressive following, including 950K+ social media followers and 80+ million impressions monthly.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

Chefsecuisine ,

Practical, relatable information for food bloggers!

I’ve been binge listening ever since I discovered this podcast! I love Elaine’s down-to-earth interviewing style and the standard set of questions she asks each blogger. There is a wealth of relatable material here for food bloggers.

I’m so glad you’re back! I love your podcast, and I’ve missed you.

Ajax, son of Oileus ,

Easy to listen to with great content!

It’s always so refreshing to listen to Elaine and her guests. Always inspirational and informative... look forward to listening every week. Food really is such a unifier!
Thanks Elaine!
Maria :)

Fresh is Real ,

Fresh is Real

Dishing with Delishes by Elaine Benoit will surely inspire you! Are you considering starting a food blog? Do you have questions about recipe development? Elaine’s podcast will be very helpful. I look forward to each new episode as she interviews guests that always offer great advice. Keep up the great work! Chantal @freshisreal

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