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Dnext is the innovation and entrepreneur's podcast. The world is changing faster than it ever has. The new Dnext Podcast speaks to leading thinkers from around the planet to reimagine the future in the brave new worlds of tech, business and social innovation.

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Dnext is the innovation and entrepreneur's podcast. The world is changing faster than it ever has. The new Dnext Podcast speaks to leading thinkers from around the planet to reimagine the future in the brave new worlds of tech, business and social innovation.

    Dnext: SCIMAR

    Dnext: SCIMAR

    John West of Scimar.

    SciMar Ltd. was founded in 2009 to advance the pioneering medical research of Dr. Wayne Lautt and his team as they work to unveil hepatalin* as the foundation of a new paradigm in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.

    Based in Manitoba, Canada, SciMar is driven by a passion to change the course of human health as type 2 diabetes exacts a frightful toll on communities around the world. Rates of type 2 diabetes and the conditions that lead to it—especially obesity—are skyrocketing everywhere. The current paradigms for preventing and treating type 2 diabetes are not working.

    Through rigorous science, deep passion, and significant investment, SciMar has made important progress in the lab; has moved through the early stages of regulatory approval in Canada and the United States; and has protected key elements of its intellectual property and product pipeline with patents in 10 countries.

    Clinical trials are moving forward; a change in global health and well-being is on the horizon. Investors are invited to join the journey.

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    Dnext: Peter Mansbridge

    Dnext: Peter Mansbridge

    Peter Mansbridge is an award-winning journalist, a Distinguished Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto and a member of numerous boards and committees.

    He is best known for his five decades of work at the CBC where he was Chief Correspondent of CBC News and anchor of The National for thirty years. He has won dozens of awards for outstanding journalism, has thirteen honorary doctorates from universities in Canada and the United States, and received Canada’s highest civilian honour, the Order of Canada, in 2008. He is the former two-term Chancellor of Mount Allison University, now its Chancellor Emeritus, and is the President of Manscorp Media Services where his work includes documentary film production.

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    Dnext: Sylvia Tyson

    Dnext: Sylvia Tyson

    Sylvia Tyson (b Fricker). Singer, songwriter, guitarist, broadcaster, b Chatham, Ont, 19 Sep 1940. Her mother was a music teacher, church organist, and choir director. Sylvia Tyson sang and played guitar and auto harp in Toronto coffeehouses (Bohemian Embassy, Village Corner Club, etc) and teamed up on occasion as early as 1959 with Ian Tyson in what would be a full-time partnership 1961-75 as the popular duo Ian and Sylvia. She contributed many songs to their repertoire. One, 'You Were on My Mind,' was a hit for the US group We Five in 1965, and has been recorded by other artists internationally. Others ('Sleep on My Shoulder,' River Road,' and 'Trucker's Cafe') remained part of her own club and concert programs and were re-recorded in 1989 for her album You Were on My Mind.

    In the duo's last years, Tyson began to perform on her own and was host 1974-80 for the CBC radio folk music program 'Touch the Earth.' She maintained parallel careers in broadcasting and music through the 1980s, serving CBC TV as host in 1980 for 'Heartland' and 1981-3 for 'Country in My Soul,' and subsequently working as a scriptwriter for 'Video Hits.' Concurrently she performed in clubs and concert with successive versions of the Great Speckled Bird (the band formed in 1968 to accompany Ian and Sylvia).

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    Dnext: Margo Sage

    Dnext: Margo Sage

    Margo Sage, author.


    A decade after the sudden death of her husband, (Leasider) Margo Sage writes on the peace, love and gratitude she’s found from grief.

    Toronto, ON, November 2, 21 – Ordinary Miracles: Life after Loss details how the instances of ordinary miracles coupled with a focus on wellness and the resiliency of parenthood helped Margo Sage raise her infant son and eventually find new love following the tragic death of her husband.

    “After 11 years I find myself in a place of gratitude, peace and love. I am no longer riddled with fear but I am fearless,” Sage professes in her book.

    While home with her four-month-old son, Sage’s world was forever changed with the news that her husband was near death. She chronicles that terrifying moment and it’s jarring aftermath in a cathartic and intentional tone. From journal entries to her perspectives on the unforeseen obstacles that a widowed parent faces, the book provides important lessons but it’s the recognition of life’s smallest moments that sets it apart in its raw and tender account of a woman’s journey from inconsolable grief to a life full of gratitude and finally new love.

    In this her first book, Sage shares memories from her life and the connections to her deceased husband as spiritual markers in her passing from grief and heartache to a growing sense of joy and renewal. Throughout, she bridges to the music and lyrics that helped comfort her and remind her of the beauty of love.

    Now a certified yoga instructor, Sage uses wellness and exercise to help guide others to greater awareness of the simple joys that surround them.

    Ordinary Miracles: Life after Loss is published by Oxygen Publishing and is available for purchase at amazon international on November 22, 2021.

    Visit the author’s website for pre purchase November 1, 2021: www.margosage.com

    About Oxygen Publishing Agency:

    Oxygen Publishing is an independent publishing agency located in Canada and the United Kingdom that publishes people who have a deep desire to write books that cause and create an impact in the world. The team at Oxygen helps breathe life into your book, brand, and business to amplify your authority in the marketplace and are committed to awaken, inspire and empower people to be the authors of their extraordinary stories. Visit: www.oxygenpublishing.com

    For more information about Ordinary Miracles or to speak to Margo Sage, contact: margosage@rogers.com / 416-988-7243.

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    Dnext: Harry Stinson

    Dnext: Harry Stinson

    Harry Stinson and The Buffalo Grand.

    Harry Stinson is a Canadian real estate developer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is president of Stinson Properties, Inc. and has been called Toronto's "condo king."

    Posed with with the classic question “what did you want to be when you grow up”, Harry Stinson would say he is still not sure (about either) but the most consistent passion has been architecture, closely followed by the entertainment industry. His life has already included a fascinating blend of both.

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    Dnext: John Kay, STEPPENWOLF

    Dnext: John Kay, STEPPENWOLF

    John Kay from Steppenwolf.

    This is an extended interview excerpt from an upcoming PBS special. 

    In 1965, invited by fellow German-born bass player Nick St. Nicholas (born Klaus Kassbaum), Kay joined a blues rock and folk music group known as The Sparrows, which had moderate success in Canada before moving to California, augmenting its line-up, and changing its name to Steppenwolf in 1967. With music that pioneered hard rock and heavy metal, Kay's Steppenwolf had international success with songs such as "Born to Be Wild", "Magic Carpet Ride", "Monster", "The Pusher", and "Rock Me".

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