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The show formerly known as The Drew & Mike Show on radio... but it's a podcast now.

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The show formerly known as The Drew & Mike Show on radio... but it's a podcast now.

    Drew And Mike – March 30, 2023

    Drew And Mike – March 30, 2023

    * 97.1's Stoney joins us to talk Bruce Springsteen at LCA, Bam Margera is drunk again, we interrupt Tom Mazawey's bowling night, Flo Rida's Father of the Year Award, Ace Frehley strikes back, and former president Donald Trump indicted.

    * Drew is super bummed about his appearance on the YouTube videos.

    * Music: KISS announces their VERY LAST Detroit appearance EVER! Ace Frehley is sick of Gene and Paul talking shit all the time. Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Tool are headlining the Power Trip Festival.

    * 97.1's Mike Stone joins the show to recap his 27,792nd (approximately) Bruce Springsteen concert. Some people are saying he's a super-fan.

    * Marvin Jones Jr. returns to the Lions.

    * It's Hash Bash, baby!

    * Grab your EXCLUSIVE NordVPN Deal by going to nordvpn.com/dams to get a Huge Discount off your NordVPN Plan + a Bonus Gift! It’s completely risk free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee!

    * Bonerline Alert: The Bonerline is now on our YouTube channel. You can go there now and listen to it NOW or wait until Sunday to hear it on the show. Call or text 209-66-B***r!

    * Chanel West Coast decided to silence the haters by posting pics of her baby.

    * Politricks: Donald Trump is benefitting from the grand jury coverage and is now beating Ron DeSantis in the polls. The QAnon Shaman has been released from prison after serving 27 of 41 months.a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://www.politico.com/news/2023/03/29/harris-finds-footing-and-a-jubilant-audience-halfway-arou...

    • 3 hrs 11 min
    Drew And Mike – March 29, 2023

    Drew And Mike – March 29, 2023

    * The biggest turd in history, Melissa Joan Hart: Nashville Hero, The Chet Hanks Show, Adnan Syed's sentence reinstated, Lizzo v. Britney Spears, bad planning by a police chase suspect, and Drew's deep dive into Ray Parker Jr.

    * Jason Carr Drive is on hiatus this week due to Spring Break.

    * Nashville Police did an amazing job responding to the Covenant School shooting. Melissa Joan Hart helped children escape the scene. We also learn that MJH has her own podcast. Peter Frampton weighed in and his message was shared by Alec Baldwin.

    * Tresa Baldas has another piece terrible Ethan Crumbley's parents were raising him.

    * Chanel West Coast has incredible trolls in her IG comment section.

    * DJ Hernandez (Aaron Hernandez's brother) was arrested for terrorizing ESPN's headquarters by throwing a brick... onto the lawn causing no damage. 

    * Chet Hanks has a brand-new YouTube show and it's full of hot dude wrestling and bragging about his Lamborghini. Speaking of Lambos, porn star Lana Rhoades has one.

    * Ben Affleck's new Air movie actually looks pretty good.

    * Lizzo fans have to defend her for wearing a see-through dress to Cardi B's birthday party.

    * True Crime: Adnan Syed's murder conviction reinstated by Maryland court. They didn't give Hae Min Lee's brother enough time (1 business day) to respond. They have 60 days to figure out if he goes back in the slammer. Is anyone ever going to get in trouble...

    • 2 hrs 59 min
    Drew And Mike – March 28, 2023

    Drew And Mike – March 28, 2023

    * Ridiculousness star trolled on IG, The Bachelor finale, Nashville school shooting updates, Antonio Brown buys a football team, Drew Crime stories, and Dave & Chuck the Freak fans are mad at us.

    * More information is out on the Covenant School shooting in Nashville. Video of the perpetrator and the police response have already been released. Joe Biden rambled about ice cream before addressing the mass shooting. Bachelor Nation honors them. Ok, 2nd down and 9.

    * The Bachelor wrapped up and Zach the Snack chose the girl he didn't get to nail.

    * The Mean Internet: Lara Flynn Boyle looks unrecognizable. Justine Bateman is totally fine with her old, wrinkly face. Kourtney Kardashian threw a dinner party in her disgusting bathroom.

    * Antonio Brown has purchased a football team... in the Arena Football league. Magic Johnson put his bid in to buy the Washington Radskins.

    * The Virginia Tech Lady Hokies are in the Final Four.

    * Whoopi Goldberg defends the news anchor fired over quoting Snoop Dogg lyrics. The Today Show is going to be canceled for listing 'Mammy' in their 65 names for grandmothers. The "ninja community" is still angry with Jennifer Murphy.

    * MLB Opening Day is Thursday....

    • 2 hrs 56 min
    Drew And Mike – March 27, 2023

    Drew And Mike – March 27, 2023

    * EmRata is a bad friend, Nashville school shooting, Eli Zaret joins us, OnlyFans judge, 21 Jump Street cures Kanye, news anchor fizz-ired for talking like Snoop Dog, Bonerline Karen responds, LMFAO should have Martha Reeves' HW star, and we're sick of AT&T Lily & the Antonelli's.

    * Another day, another school shooting. This time a lot of the focus will be on the shooter's gender.

    * Karl Hamburger once brawled with the drummer of Eli Zaret's intro song for today.

    * We See It Eli's Way on the greatest (or the worst) Final Four possibly ever, the wild west of NIL deals, the Michigan State Spartans loss to Kansas State, ESPN's non-stop women's NCAA coverage, MLB's return (with very few Detroit Tiger stars), eulogize Jerry Green and more. Marc just wants a mention for the NCAA Frozen Four & it's shot down.

    * Dr. Jordan Peterson had a hell of a battle with Adderall.

    * Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles are enjoying each other's mouths. Olivia Wilde is pretending she's not bothered by it. Yeah, right. She's more upset about her da rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ellendurney/olivia-wilde-leaked-documents-slamming-...

    • 3 hrs 14 min
    Drew And Mike – March 23, 2023

    Drew And Mike – March 23, 2023

    * The Bonerline returns (209-66-Boner), Jim Fouts beats the system, Drew Crime: Lie Detector, Tom Mazawey explains GVSU segregation, Gwyneth Paltrow terrorizes the slopes, Tekashi69 attack, LA Indie 103.1 and Jim Bentley gets neutered.

    * March Madness may prevent us from recording on Sunday. Just sayin'.

    * Did Tekashi69 pull a Jussie Smollett? His bodyguards want to fight the attackers for $10K. If you come across a urine-themed Tekashi69 video, please send it to Drew.

    * Jim Bentley was recently neutered.

    * Drew Crime 1: James Craig is the worst murderer possibly ever. He's been formally charged. The mistress in the has been named. Drew decides to remember the incredible murders of Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate. Drew learns of the 2005 show, Lie Detector.

    * Tom Brady is posting cryptic messages on social media.

    * An oral history of radio's last failed experiment: LA Indie 103.1.

    * Some dude decided to trash Meg White on the internet and everybody piled on him for being dumb.

    * Drew Crime 2: You've heard of the Dating Game Killer, but now there is a Family Feud Killer. Austin Lyle is the latest school shooter. He's dead. 4 Michigan students were ia rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://www.wxyz.com/news/4-michigan-students-injured-while-on-spring-break-in-cancu...

    • 2 hrs 45 min
    Drew And Mike – March 22, 2023

    Drew And Mike – March 22, 2023

    * Tiger Woods texts, Gisele breaks her silence, Ed Sheeran's crying doc, CBS loves menopause, Stephen Smith's homicide, Donald Trump Arrest Watch Day 3, and the battle of Disneyland world records.

    * March Madness resumes Thursday as MSU is the only Big Ten team left.

    * Jason Carr Drive's advertisers are sending us food. Paul Gross was today's special celebrity guest.

    * Don't go to strip clubs in Las Vegas without your wife.

    * Look out, Buster Murdaugh... Stephen Smith's death has now been ruled a homicide. No more autopsies for you, low country coroner.

    * Michael Irvin remains canceled until proven innocent. We learn that he has his own podcast.

    * It's Gisele Bundchen's time. She is a victim of FTX and did a big article with Vanity Fair.

    * Tom Mazawey skips the January winner and goes right to Legacy Partner's February winner! Congrats to ___________________!!!

    * A bunch of listeners have been sending us celebrity phone numbers... and they're all fake. STOP SENDING FAKE NUMBERS!

    * We try to contact Nathan Firesheets(shorts) regarding his "record" visiting 12 Disney parks in 12 days. We get Disney World Record holder, Jeff Reitz, to comment on which feat is better.

    * Like Meghan Markle, Ed Sheeran didn't even want to be alive anymore. Ha rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11884713/Ed-Sheeran-breaks-tears-opens-wife-Cherry-Seaborn-late-friend-Jamal-...

    • 2 hrs 47 min

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4.9 out of 5
279 Ratings

279 Ratings

crazy Canadian steph ,

Thank you always putting on a great show

Long time listener... Have to say I’m a Canadian, working in the frontline and you guys have been my escape. I put my drew and mike on and just forget about my crazy day. So thanks for keep it real, funny and being my decompression. No it’s not too much sports, politics etc. It’s just right. Love the show. Keep up the great work Love your fellow listener in Canada Steph

SonofBohr ,

Very Entertaining

Great stuff!

dfresh710 ,


Best podcast out there. Never miss a show, been listening for over 15 years!

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