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I discuss my journey from Islam, interviews and reflections, question and answers!

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I discuss my journey from Islam, interviews and reflections, question and answers!

    090 – Interview with Former Convert to Islam Debbie

    090 – Interview with Former Convert to Islam Debbie

    Debbie is an Ex-Muslim convert(Hizb ut Tahrir), Born Mennonite, Currently an Atheist. Free from patriarchy, Fighting to expose oppression.

    Follow Debbie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Debruh1017Subscribe to Debbie's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrgzcoNnlSzX2mExrS2Ucgg?sub_confirmation=1

    The YouTube version of this conversation can be found here: https://youtu.be/S47TFrbPzYs

    Here are the time stamps for this interview:

    0:00 Introductions and the interesting link between Abdullah Sameer and Debbie.3:23 How Deborah was encouraged by her now ex-husband to ‘save’ Abdullah’s wife from her murtad husband.6:54 Deborah’s family background - her Mennonite upbringing9:07 How Deborah met her ex-husband and how this led her deep into Islam.13:28 Parallels between Deborah’s experiences and Abdullah’s wife’s experiences when they married Muslim men.15:44 How Hizb ut Tahrir and other Islamists are taking advantage of democratic freedoms while fighting to have those rights banned.17:19 The reasons why Hizb ut Tahrir is against ISIS.20:18 The way of strangers - by Graeme Wood. The fake Mahdi.23:59 The main goals of Hizb ut Tahrir25:00 Deborah’s life as a wife of a high-ranking Hizb ut Tahrir member.28:36 Channel announcements: Debbie’s channel.29:05 Normalizing leaving Islam. The hypocrisy of Islam and Muslims when they claim that there is no compulsion in religion while also attacking people who leave the religion.30:11 Hizb ut Tahrir’s position on slavery and Abdullah’s ‘little rant’ about Hizb ut Tahrir34:45 The importance of talking about political Islam and pushing back against it. Why is it Hizb ut Tahrir wants world domination?37:45 Debbie’s deradicalization process and why she sympathizes with people who joined ISIS and now want out.40:16 How Islam perpetuates the US versus THEM mentality42:55 The teaching about joining the caliphate once one is established45:01 Spiritual abuse - using religion to control and abuse members of your family.46:59 Debbie’s experience of having her husband marry a second wife.50:33 How Debbie lost friends because of her husband’s polygamy51:25 How prevalent is polygamy in the Canadian Muslim community? Debbie’s friendship with the second wife. The emotional toll that polygamy had on Debbie.59:55 The impact that polygamy had on the children1:00:40 Debbie’s advice to people who have family members who are jumping into the deep end of Islam.1:01:20 Abdullah’s experience as a Muslim in Canada.1:07:22 Hizb ut Tahrir’s teachings to not get involved with the secular government, not donating blood or body organs1:09:46 Islamic counseling and how useless and unpractical it is.1:12:24 How Debbie’s marriage deteriorated and how she ended up divorcing her husband.1:18:28 The importance of access to information and how the Muslim countries are blocking information critical of Islam.1:24:14 The Quran challenge.1:25:35 Responding to comments: Hizb ut Tahrir’s view of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, Debbie’s former religion is a cult.1:32:40 Debbie’s views on veganism.1:34:50 Channel announcements: Debbie’s channel and the type of content she is planning to produce1:37:50 Keith Moore and his praises for Islam.1:39:11 The Quranic spotlight blog and how it debunked the embryology miracle.1:42:28 Debbie’s final thoughts.1:43:43 Channel announcements and Abdullah’s final thoughts.

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    089 – Abdullah Sameer banned from TikTok, Abdullah Gondal banned from Twitter!

    089 – Abdullah Sameer banned from TikTok, Abdullah Gondal banned from Twitter!

    What is going on with social media lately?! In this podcast we discuss how I got banned from TikTok and Abdullah Gondal got banned from twitter for posting content critical of Islam.

    Here is the YouTube version of this podcast: https://youtu.be/Uo6WJcxYFhI

    • 1 hr 24 min
    088 – Recovering from Trauma with Saudi Ex-Muslim Ghada

    088 – Recovering from Trauma with Saudi Ex-Muslim Ghada

    I am discussing with Ghada, a Saudi Ex-Muslim about her experiences and trauma leaving Islam

    Here is the YouTube version of this conversation: https://youtu.be/Nnx6yp3B4tg

    Here are the time-stamps for the interview:

    0:00 Introductions1:50 Ghada’s background - the problem of repeated cousin marriage in her family, her engagement to a Shia guy8:52 Issues that Ghada and her family faced as Shias in Saudi Arabia13:15 Ghada’s childhood, a quick overview of her parents and how they influenced Ghada growing up.16:20 Ghada’s religious background and how ultra-orthodox her mother was.20:47 Losing a cousin at the age of 6 and how it impacted Ghada.22:18 Putting on hijab at the age of 9 even when she did not like it.25:30 The problem of not giving people a choice.26:25 How Ghada’s parents tried to mold her into a person they wanted without respecting her individuality and personal agency. The conformist culture in Islam.33:58 The name-calling and how it affected Ghada.36:56 The cult-like nature of religiosity in Ghada’s family38:47 Ghada’s experience as she was finishing high school and preparing for undergraduate studies.45:40 Ghada’s college experiences - how it helped her in her journey of questioning and deconstructing Islam.51:08 How Ghada’s prior experiences affected her first relationship and how therapy helped her navigate relationships54:40 Ghada’s breakdown after a relationship failure and how she sought help from doctors and psychiatrists57:00 Ghada’s attempted suicide in 2014 and the realizations that came with surviving the suicide attempt.58::30 Leaving Saudi Arabia and seeking asylum in the US. Extreme dependence - Children of dysfunctional families1:01:14 The healing process - trying different medications and trauma therapies.1:11:29 Shrooms and the research for their use for treating anxiety and depression.!:13:20 Dialectical behavioral therapy and how it equips people with better coping mechanisms and responses.1:17:55 Does Ghada hold any anger towards Islam or does she blame her parents for her experiences?1:23:14 Ghada’s advice to people who might be living with toxic families1:25:30 How the culture and religion are intertwined.1:29:14 Recommendations for people who are looking for community as well as help.1:33:10 Final remarks.

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    087 – The Scandals of Aisha | The Two Abdullahs Show

    087 – The Scandals of Aisha | The Two Abdullahs Show

    We are going to be discussing the drama surrounding Hazrat Aisha, the child bride of Muhammad.

    Follow Alex at https://twitter.com/alxvndrv95?s=09

    Follow Gondal at https://twitter.com/xgondalx

    Follow Abdullah Sameer at https://twitter.com/abdullahadam

    Here is the YouTube version of this podcast: https://youtu.be/U8CAVlk8scQ

    The time stamps for the podcast:

    0:00 Introductions5:08 Who was Aisha?6:45 How Muhammad decided to marry Aisha - A dream come true? (Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukra hadith).10:22 Abu Bakr’s response to Muhammad’s request to marry Aisha.13:17 Aisha’s age when she got married to Muhammad. Did Alex know about this issue before she converted to Islam and was this a problem when she learned the full details?18:40 Muhammad’s sexual behavior and how it was interlinked with his mental health problems.20:50 Quran 65/4 and Imam Bukhari’s interpretation of this verse.25:35 Aisha’s dolls.32:31 Prior civilizations recognizing that child marriage was wrong. Was child marriage the norm or it happened only to a few exceptions?35:10 Hadith in which Aisha is accused of cheating.41:30 Was Fatimah too young to marry Muhammad’s companions? The hypocrisy of Muhammad in marrying Aisha then declaring Fatimah too young to marry an old man.44:00 Muhammad’s daughters’ age in relation to Aisha’s age when she was married to Muhammad.45:14 Sex with pre-pubescent girls.47:45 Did Muhammad refuse to let Abu Bakr marry Fatimah because he liked Ali more?53:24 Molana Ashraf Ali Thanvi: Bahisti Zewar (book) - instructions on intercourse with prepubescent community58:53 Is it rape/pedophilia if the parents have given consent?1:02:30 Ali Dawah clip defending child rape.1:06:05 More video clips of Islamic scholars defending child marriage.1:14:20 Muhammad’s marriage to Zaynab and how it ruined adoptions in Islam.1:15:45 Was it okay to marry kids too young during Muhammad’s time or his case an exception? A comparison between Islamic society and pre-Islamic societies1:23:23 Aisha’s recounting of the time she married Muhammad.1:27:30 A look at Islamic literature and jurisprudence supporting child rape.1:32:05 A quick recap of the stream1:36:20 Final remarks

    • 1 hr 40 min
    086 – Interview with Exmuslim Amina from Denmark

    086 – Interview with Exmuslim Amina from Denmark

    Amina Sardar is a former Muslim who started doubting Islam after the Mohammed Drawing Crisis in Denmark and this lead to her investigation of Muhammad and her eventual apostasy Had a great healthy discussion about immigration, radicalization, Hizbut Tahrir, Moderate Muslims, Muslims in Canada vs. Denmark, Islamophobia, Victim Narrative, Discriminating against Muslims, and more. Enjoy!

    Her YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Mg7qWwR5dWI3groLtttwg

    YouTube version of this interview: https://youtu.be/PZnjLmaoXrM

    Here are the time stamps for the interview:

    0:00 Introductions.1:00 Amina’s upbringing - growing up with an ultra-conservative father.4:36 Why is it Amina’s parents treated her differently from her brothers?6:15 Amina’s family background/roots.7:50 Amina’s arranged marriage. The excessive control that fathers have over their daughters’ marriages13:44 The incident of prophet Muhammad’s cartoons in Denmark.15:57 Learning about Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha and how Amina reacted to this news.21:11 Taking a deep dive into Islamic teachings and seeking the truth. Joining politics and how the Muslim community started harassing Amina and her family.26:03 Leaving Islam and coming out.28:25 Reading comments from the chat.29:14 Continuation of Amina’s coming out story.32:33 Why Amina thinks there are no moderate Muslims.36:20 Why is it Muslims never take time to ask ex-Muslims why they left Islam instead of shunning them?39:27 The cost of leaving Islam.41:20 Using an open mind and outsider perspective to study Islam.43:11 Is there any form of democracy in Islam? The problem of Islamic platforms being insular.48:18 Is Denmark a Christian country or a secular country? What does moderate Muslim mean?52:00 We should support Muslims who are trying to secularize Islam. The fighting between moderate Muslims and extremist Muslims.59:03 Some sections of the Muslim community using democracy and the democratic system to push their religion. Using Islamaphobia to push a victim mentality in the Muslim community.1:11:10 Abdullah’s response to the issue of Taqqiya. Muslims getting into western politics and participating in the democratic process. Discrimination and victim mentality1:54:20 Danish people’s response to the immigration situation. The ISIS brides and deradicalization process.2:22:10 Final remarks and link to Amina’s channel.

    • 2 hrs 24 min


    Return of the two Abdullahs!

    Find the YouTube version of this podcast here: https://youtu.be/l-E957ZYd0I

    Here are the time stamps for various slides we discussed and the calls we took on this podcast:

    0:00 Introductions.2:20 A quick refresher of the previous show: The circus of Islam.3:09 Heart surgery with zam zam sanitizer - The story of Muhammad’s heart being cut out and cleansed with zam zam water.6:50 Vision of heaven and hell. Genies that eat dung and bones.10:15 Why make fun of Islamic teachings?13:34 The errors in Surah 18/22-23. How many people were in the story exactly? Seven sleepers of Ephesus.19:10 Naked Moses and the stone that steals clothes.23:48 Moon splitting: Surah 54/1. Crying tree stem loved Muhammad? Moses fights the angel of death?29:32 Magic cure housefly brew - Hadith on flies falling into drinks and beverages.33:02 Halal genetics c*m harder. The three questions to prove if one was a true prophet.39:33 The sun sets in a pond? Surah 18:86 and hadith that says the sun sets in a pond. The flat earth theories by various well-established Muslim scholars.50:16 The sun prostrates under the throne of Allah every night53:50 Hearing grave torture for taking a piss. God torturing people for having urine on their clothes?59:43 The Quran and Muhammad’s sadistic obsession with torture.1:00:50 Why is it the Abdullahs do not engage in debates with One Dawah.1:06:40 How can an ex-Muslim let go of Islamic morals and teachings and how can he/she deal with the trauma caused by the teachings about hell and torture?1:12:07 Dealing with the question of death and the finitude of life as an ex-Muslim.1:18:02 If there is an omnipotent God/Allah, can he create a rock that he cannot lift? Are the traits attributed to God/Allah logical?1:24:27 Is the human thought process better than Allah’s?1:27:42 The fine-tuning argument - why do atheists dismiss it easily? Does God have a mind? Does he have consciousness?1:45:22 Islamic miracles - mathematical miracles in Islam, Christian, Hindu, and other religions.1:49:33 Abdullah Gondal’s anecdote on how he gave up on the hadith and mathematical miracles.1:52:35 Should we be against the concept of God in general or the broader concept of religion? The problem of evil.1:56:20 The atheistic explanation of origins of the universe- is it sufficient? The four causes of creation.2:01:00 If everything has to have a beginning and a creator, who is the creator of God?2:02:15 Finding false refuge in a deity instead of facing reality.2:05:00 Agnosticism and atheism.2:06:45 The Daniel Haqiqatjou and Ridwan’s debate. Daniel’s explanation for taking women as war booty.2:12:13 Is being religious a product of intellectual inferiority or just a product of poverty? Compartmentalization of religious teachings.2:15:00 How is it extreme Muslims are being allowed to spread their hate speech on social media?2:16:55 Abdullah Gondal’s research into the neuropsychology of Muhammad.2:22:25 Final remarks - A quick summary of the Dawah scene how reactionary it has become.

    • 2 hrs 32 min

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7 Ratings

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