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Dating and relationships: are they dreams come true or living nightmares? That’s the question Fern Lulham, who is blind, asks each month on Into You. Fern, from Hastings, UK, and a regular contributor of Kelly and Company, welcomes guests to share in honest discussions about relationships and dating.

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Dating and relationships: are they dreams come true or living nightmares? That’s the question Fern Lulham, who is blind, asks each month on Into You. Fern, from Hastings, UK, and a regular contributor of Kelly and Company, welcomes guests to share in honest discussions about relationships and dating.

    The Science Behind A Toxic Mind

    The Science Behind A Toxic Mind

    In the final of our three-part series on domestic abuse, Fern speaks to psychologist and researcher Dr. Dina McMillan to uncover the science behind toxic relationships.

    Dr. Dina shares why people become abusive, what to look out for in a potential partner and offers some tips and tricks she has used in dating in order to avoid getting involved with an abusive person.

    Dr. Dina's passion for spreading the message about abuse and helping people find happy, healthy relationships is infectious and her insight into the psychology and dynamics behind domestic violence is invaluable.

    All that and more on this month's Into You. This is an episode not to be missed!

    • 32 min
    When Silence Hides Violence

    When Silence Hides Violence

    In this month's episode of Into You, I speak to TEDx speaker Andrew Pain, a male victim of domestic violence. Andrew shares his story of hiding the emotional and physical abuse he was facing at the hands of his ex-wife, how he believed he needed to "man up," and why he feared leaving the relationship may mean losing his children.

    Andrew highlights the importance of boundaries in a relationship, and why having people you trust who can offer you an outside perspective can be crucial. He also speaks of the stigma and shame surrounding being a male victim of domestic abuse.

    Follow Andrew's journey and find out what he learned along the way about romantic relationships and about himself.

    Andrew's TEDx Talk

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    When Love Turns Lethal

    When Love Turns Lethal

    This month on Into You, we're getting serious as we delve into the dark depths of domestic abuse. I speak to two-time TED speaker and the author of Crazy Love, Leslie Morgan Steiner, about the roller coaster romance she had with her abusive ex-husband. Leslie was beaten, strangled and held at gunpoint on numerous occasions by a man who claimed to love her. She tells the story of how she fell into this relationship, how the abuse unfolded and what made it so hard to walk away from.

    Leslie also smashes many stereotypes and misconceptions around abuse and highlights the importance of "breaking the silence" about this chilling subject.

    Powerful, informative, captivating and authentic, Leslie's story has a lesson for everyone.

    Watch Leslie's TED Talk

    Anti-Violence Resources in Canada

    Resources in UK

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    Disabled Dating

    Disabled Dating

    Following April's "Disability Kissability" podcast, May's edition of Into You will bring you the second in this two-part series on dating with a disability. In this episode, I chat to an interabled couple about how disability affected their dating journey. Kelsey, (who was born with a limb difference) and Paul who does not have a disability share their story of doubts, indecision, communication and breaking down barriers in order to understand one another - and how, these days, they both very often forget Kelsey even has a disability at all!

    I also speak with psychologist, Elizabeth Mazur, who has researched the topic of dating with a disability and talks about aspects such as which sex is more likely to date a disabled person, the dynamics behind why people are so hesistant to date somebody with a disability and how we can change our way of thinking to be more open-minded from both sides.

    Funny, relatable, honest and down-to-Earth about issues which disabled and non-disabled people alike will find equally as identifiable, this is an episode not to be missed!

    • 34 min
    Disability Kissability

    Disability Kissability

    What is dating like when you have a disability, and what lessons can we all take from that - disabled or not? In this episode of Into You, we're talking about a topic which, (as a blind lady myself) is close to my heart: dating with a disability!

    I chat with mental health advocate and vlogger Paige, who has been a life-long wheelchair user, and model, actor and personal trainer Julian, who was born with only one arm. We discuss everything from disclosing your disability to maintaining confidence despite stark rejection, and what makes it so important to understand why some people may be hesitant about dating a person who is disabled.

    Paige speaks about her very own social experiment in which she tested out Tinder users' reactions to pictures of her both with and without her wheelchair in her profile and Julian shares some psychological facts which very much made him doubt his chances of dating success as a young man with a disability.

    It's a subject surrounded by taboos and uncertainty, so join me as we seek to dispel misconceptions and help break down barriers when it comes to dating and disability from both sides.

    Paige can be found on social media: @alifelookingup

    Julian can be found online: @julianwlucas

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    Ghosting with Renee Slansky

    Ghosting with Renee Slansky

    Fern chats with dating expert Renee Slansky about her professional take on ghosting. We explore how people are affected differently, how to know when it's time to give up on someone, and how we get stuck in a haunted house of our own making by refusing to let go of somebody who has ghosted us. Whether you've experienced being ghosted, know somebody who has, or share a fascination for dating dynamics, this is a must-hear episode guaranteed to blow away the cobwebs and leave you in high spirits.

    • 28 min

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