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A Podcast For Jamf Employees And Customers

    Unpacking WWDC 2024

    Unpacking WWDC 2024

    Our co-hosts Sean Rabbitt and Kat Garbis invite along Aaron Webb (Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Security), and Suraj Mohandas (VP of Product Strategy) to discuss the new exciting announcements at WWDC 2024. They discuss the pros and cons of Ai, updates and areas to consider for security in Sequoia, as well exciting highlights and potential use cases from the announcements.
    Edited by: Merlin Gulick

    • 45 min
    Jamf Executive Threat Protection

    Jamf Executive Threat Protection

    Join co-hosts Kat Garbis and Sean Rabbitt to hear an update on security from Jamf. 

    Sean opens the podcast by sharing an update from RSA. AI, mobile security, and all the ways one can get hacked came up frequently at RSA 2024. Jamf won three awards: Market Leader — Zero Trust BYOD, Market Leader — Mobile Device Security, Cutting Edge — Mobile Endpoint Security. 

    Guests, Max Simpson and Harry Jenkins (Jamf — Security), join to discuss one of Jamf’s security solutions, Jamf Executive Threat Prevention (JETP). The team unpacks how it is different than Jamf Protect, types of organizations and individuals within an organization that would leverage this niche security solution, as well as ways it can prevent sophisticated mobile attacks and also provide mobile forensics. 

    Edited by: Merlin Gulick


    • 39 min
    Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

    Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

    Join our co-hosts Sean Rabbitt and Kat Garbis to unpack a common theme "good enough."
    With guests Marcus Ransom and Kyle Randall (Jamf Solution Engineers), unpack when “good enough is good enough” and when it is problematic.The team talks through real life scenarios about where they have found good enough to be good enough, but also problematic in the long run.Important findings are that some folks, often don’t realize there are other options and are going off limited knowledge. That leveraging a subject matter expert could be beneficial in making things more secure and streamlined in the long-run with less issues along the way.The team also discusses ways they have consulted in better ways and approaches to improving technology environments as well as risks of not keeping technology best practices current.The team closes out with asking “what kind of work do you want to do?” as no matter what, whether ripping out an out-of-date frame work requires some upfront time investment, but so does a critical problem down the road.Sean unveils the latest technology tip at the end.

    • 47 min
    Identity Market Updates: Platform SSO vs Good Old SSO We All Know

    Identity Market Updates: Platform SSO vs Good Old SSO We All Know

    Sean and Kat spend time unpacking the current landscape in identity.
    Platform Single Sign-on is a new update provided by Apple for identity. Sean provides an update on how we got to Platform Single-Sign-on.
    They unpack how SSO and Platform SSO have some similarities as well as core differences for admins to understand as they support identity as well as which IDPs have previews available.
    Kat and Sean then unpack where Jamf Connect is supporting this new equation.
    They talk through where Jamf Connect continues to fill gaps and verbally explain technical outcomes with the new workflow as well as what is required for securing identity for Macs. They also point out some possible security concerns to consider.
    Special Thanks to Mike VanDelinder for his support in this session.

    • 46 min
    Tech News Update: Broadcom & VMWare Acquisition - What Migrating To Jamf Could Look Like & What Organizations Need to Consider

    Tech News Update: Broadcom & VMWare Acquisition - What Migrating To Jamf Could Look Like & What Organizations Need to Consider

    Sean and Kat unpack current events in the Broadcom & VMware Acquisition with guests: Veronica Batista Bernard (Competitive Intelligence) & Andrew Needham (Professional Services Engineer - EMEIA).
    Our co-hosts and guests talk about why Broadcom bought VMWare, what it could look like for organizations that are possibly switching to Jamf from another MDM. They talk about what it would look like going from a cross-platform solution and what to consider with platform management, timelines, questions to consider, how this impacts end users, what this looks like technically and conceptually. The team talks about compliance, technical differences, and what Jamf brings to the table in inventory data collections.
    Sean and Kat also talk through an exciting technical update for Jamf Admins.
    Resource referenced in the podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpvbRieS3DU&t=270s

    • 40 min
    Jamf After Dark: an update from Microsoft Ignite 2023

    Jamf After Dark: an update from Microsoft Ignite 2023

    Hosts Kat and Rabbit get an update on Microsoft Ignite from Katie John, Jamf Microsoft Partner Manager and Jamf Sales Engineer, Steve Wood. 

    • 35 min

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