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This is a podcast and website for studying Japanese

Learn Japanese Pod Alex Brooke

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This is a podcast and website for studying Japanese

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nihoñol ,

Overall awesome podcast!

I started learning Japanese last year and as I was very busy (college+part time job) I only had time during my commutes and late in the evening to study. When I found this podcast my Japanese learning endeavour was taken to the next level! Learning both the casual and formal ways of speaking is a really good asset to have! Alex and his co-hosts always come up with funny dialogues to help the phrases and words stick in your memory! I highly recommend for all Japanese learners! (I also just joined their discord forum and it is a wonderful place to ask questions and practice with the Learn Japanese Pod community!
P.S. Could you two do an episode on how to express your feelings? This is something I have been struggling with recently. ありがとうございます!

TheToyking10 ,

Thank you!

I listen to this podcast at work to allow me to study even more and it’s great. Your podcast helps beginners to more advanced learners! My favorite segment is when you guys just talk to each-other in Japanese.

Sbidnur1 ,


Informative, easy to listen to, excellent content with great delivery. I love the hosts and how clear they are.
I am simply a beginner and can tell this pod will help me advance.
I hope to converse with locals.
My wife and I have fallen in love with japan and try to visit yearly, and each time I hope to speak better. Thank you

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