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Robservations is the new podcast by Comic Book Legend Rob Liefeld which exists to explore and celebrate comic books as an art form and their tremendous impact on the culture.

Robservations with Rob Liefeld Robservations with Rob Liefeld

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Robservations is the new podcast by Comic Book Legend Rob Liefeld which exists to explore and celebrate comic books as an art form and their tremendous impact on the culture.

    The Image Cinematic Universe! (What could’ve been)

    The Image Cinematic Universe! (What could’ve been)

    When Image Comics exploded in the 90’s, Hollywood was quick to come knocking on the door. How is it that we don’t live in a sea of Image Comics movies and shows? Rob takes you through all the near misses and might have been’s and discusses how it could all still come together. Plus, DiCaprio, Cruise, Pitt, Chalamet…will they ever suit up as comic book heroes?

    • 1 hr 24 min
    The Secret!

    The Secret!

    Is there a secret formula to creating a hit comic book? Have your favorite titles followed a blueprint for success! We pull the curtain all the way back! Plus the story behind “Give Jack His Artwork Back!”

    • 1 hr 23 min
    The Numbers! Million Dollar Baby!

    The Numbers! Million Dollar Baby!

    Another examination of The Numbers gives us the sale that rocked Pop Culture! A Spider Man page from 1985 sold at auction for 3.3 million dollars last week and has turned the comic book art wheel on its head! Plus, Stephen King’s essay on Dark Knight and a look at the sagging numbers for Batman that stretched over a decade, threatening the future of the franchise!

    • 1 hr 21 min
    The Macho Show!

    The Macho Show!

    Macho Culture is exploding! All things Macho are surging in pop culture! Yellowstone! John Wick! One Punch Man ! Networks and studios are scrambling to capitalize on what they call the Macho factor! Marvel comics used to be the King of The Macho Way! Jack Kirby was the most Macho creator of all time! Why exactly is Macho on the rise and what is already capitalizing on its brazen approach to storytelling?!

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Independence Day!

    Independence Day!

    Take a group of legendary talents, bring them together and launch a popular new creator owned publishing line that takes comics by storm, sound familiar? It should, it’s the story of Pacific Comics, 1981! Also, we look forward towards Robert Pattinson’s The Batman and highlight the primary influences that shape it!

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Untold Tales Of Image Comics! Pt. 1!

    Untold Tales Of Image Comics! Pt. 1!

    Just how close were you to getting theme park rides featuring Image Comics? How about Live-Action arena tours featuring your favorite Image characters? Closer than you will ever know! It’s time to unearth the unspoken stories for The Untold Tales of Image Comics! Our celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Image Comics continues!

    • 1 hr 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

Mark_J_Russell ,

X-Force Killshot: Great Podcast Episode, Great Comic Book!

Rob! Wow! X-Force Killshot was well worth the 30 year wait. I loved your recent episode that shared your behind the scenes creative process of putting together this non-stop thrill-ride of a follow up to your original run on New Mutants and X-Force. Those issues from 30+ years ago still remain personal favourites of mine and this addition to that storyline recaptured the magic of that incredible run. I was so excited for X-Force Killshot after listening to your podcast that I got to my comic store early this morning and managed to get all six of the connecting variant covers, which all look fantastic on their own but even more outstanding as a set.
Please do not hesitate to use this podcast to spotlight your current projects. I love hearing about the inspiration and detailed work that goes into everything you do. If you hadn’t discussed Snake Eyes Deadgame and The Shield on Robservations I might have missed out on them and those comics rocked! The listeners of this podcast love your work and as much as we love your stories that cover the most historic moments in comics, we also want to know what current and future projects of yours we can look forward to.
I give this podcast my highest possible recommendation for its stories of legendary moments in the comic industry, excellent reading recommendations, and inside stories from a comic creator who was there to witness and contribute to so many great moments in comic book history.
Rob, thanks again for a great job on X-Force Killshot. You continue to prove that when it comes action fuelled comics that are filled with intensity and intrigue, you wear the crown.

Mike D'Alfonso ,

Much love to your podcast

I confess that I am a lapsed fan of your work Rob for many years, however when I heard that you were doing a podcast on how you described your early fan experiences to your current status as a pro, and the candidness that you put forward whether it is an opinion of the current climate of multimedia movie and Tv platforms that are loose adaptations to the comics, and the inside baseball of the creative fueds of creators. That is only the top of the iceburg of what Rob puts out content.

Battle armor j man ,

Rob is the personification of Comic book Nostalgia

Rob brings nostalgia to life in the most energetic podcast you’ll ever hear. His vast array of knowledge in all things pop culture explodes as he delivers information and excitement in rapid fire fashion. Do yourself a favour and take notes as you listen because Rob knows his stuff. His comic book expertise is second to none and he will definitely introduce you to some hidden gems. And if your already from that time then it’s fun to hear someone be excited about comics. I love Robs passion! Highly recommend this show.

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