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StarLady uses Evolutionary Astrology to forecast on the New Moon and Full Moon of each month. These forecasts will involve the current transits of planets and signs. StarLady nourishes the Soul and rekindles your Spirit.

StarLady-Soul-Reader Kim Marie, Director Evolutionary Astrology Network

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StarLady uses Evolutionary Astrology to forecast on the New Moon and Full Moon of each month. These forecasts will involve the current transits of planets and signs. StarLady nourishes the Soul and rekindles your Spirit.

    Forecast for Nov. 13-28, 2020

    Forecast for Nov. 13-28, 2020

    The Full Moon in Scorpio will test personal relationships as we get to our emotional bottomlines more quickly now. Mercury is there and Venus in late Libra will soon follow after making last quarter squares to the Capricorn stellium.
    Work on your listening skills and find common ground. This is an opportunity for new choice points in creating our reality within our family, pods, and work environments. Venus will enter Scorpio Nov. 21 - Dec. 15.
    Mars direct Nov. 13th @ 15* Aries brings new emerging desires into focus and real momentum personally and collectively. Of course, Mars' third passage of waxing squares to the stellium in mid-January and Mars' tense aspects to the U.S. Mercury Pluto opposition will stoke impulsive actions that could backfire. Be intentional with planned actions based upon your new level of emotional well-being. Mercury's third opposition to Uranus in Taurus is your emotional security check point to strengthen and bolster your sense of self.
    The Sun in Sagittarius mantra is: "I understand the relativity of truth with others"
    Finally, Neptune direct @ 18* Pisces. Make time for the four days around Thanksgiving to set aside and dispel distorted beliefs, illusions, fantasies and then fill that space with the essence of the real you, Universal Source.

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    Forecast for Oct. 31 - Nov. 13, 2020

    Forecast for Oct. 31 - Nov. 13, 2020

    The cross quarter time of All Hallows Eve is upon us with the Full Moon in Taurus @ 9* Taurus-Scorpio amplifying our souls and pscyhe. The corresponding and sometimes unwelcome growth opportunities abound with themes of death and re-birth, corrupt power and manipulations, and alchemy and metamorphosis.
    Indeed the Scorpio mantra is: "I metamorphose myself with evolving self-reliance"
    How are you finding new levels of self-sustenance in uncertain times?
    Mercury in Scorpio, direct @ 26*Libra on Election Day, makes 3x squares to Saturn and opposes Uranus three times as well on its path forward.
    That Sun/Mercury also opposes Uranus in Taurus bringing surprises and jolts of reality in varying dosages across the planet. Earth changes continue at a rapid pace beyond the seemingly usual earthquakes, floods and wildfires.
    What AHA moments are you realizing and noticing internally? As above So below.
    Neptune square the nodal axis in Gemini-Sag confuses the search for truth and makes difficult discerning lies. Be keen to the disparities and overwhelming blitzes of disinformation and distortions campaigns invoke in the name of power at all costs. Legal decisions are highlighted. Tune out the news cycles, listen to your music and promote inner peace before voting. Remember, 20*-25* of the Cardinal signs have been the epicenter of tremendous transformation. Map out late degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn in your chart. Jupiter will conjunct Pluto there and help you recognize how much you have grown in this cycle.
    Finally, Mars direct @ 15* Aries will have you watching for forceful, spontaneous words and actions. How will you act/re-act when the opportunity arises? This Scorpio cycle is all about being concise and direct with our communications. That will clear the way for finding the next important thing and then creating your next evolutionary step on this journey to the core of the Soul.

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    Forecast for October 1-15, 2020

    Forecast for October 1-15, 2020

    The Libra Mantra: "I balance a diversity of relationships with my own initiative"

    The exuberance of Jupiter stationary direct has now dissolved into the sobering realities of Saturn direct @ 26* Capricorn. This is occurring right on the Pluto-Mercury retrograde opposition in the US Sibley chart, activating the polarized discourse and barricaded positions in our society as we approach yet another election cycle in the US.

    Mars Rx in Aries squares all of the stellium and that US Sibley signature, creating an impulsive and erratic fervor in our country on many fronts.

    Venus in Virgo from Oct. 2-27 will emphasize all things Health and Wellness.

    Optimistically, Chrion Rx @ 7* Aries opposes the Sun and conjuncts Mars also squaring the US Sibley Mercury-Pluto. Perhaps some racial healing is on the other side of this election cycle. May it be so that the health and welfare of all of our citizenry take precedent on this wild journey to the core of our Souls.

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    Forecast for September 17-29, 2020

    Forecast for September 17-29, 2020

    This New Moon in Virgo @ 25* is square the nodal axis of the Moon in Gemini-Sag.
    The activation of the mutable quadrant will assist in gathering more information and more dis-information of all types and kinds.
    Remember the Sun in Virgo mantra if you decide to chase rabbits down the hole one more time:
    "I discern with intuitive wholeness"
    The real opportunity here is break up and analyze our attitudes and feelings about things we see or read. Neptune opposes the New Moon emphasizing the intuition side of the mantra.
    Mercury in Libra will oppose Mars in Aries and both make squares to the Capricorn stellium. "What deep and broader understandings are you now willing to act upon?"
    Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio-Libra Oct.13th-Nov. 3 from 12* Scorpio to 26* Libra.
    Watch for converging and robust conversations and discussions. Stubborn diametric viewpoints involving inner planets in the cardinal signs.
    The Sun in Libra mantra chimes in: "I balance a diversity of relationships with my own initiative"
    All the chatter and discourse in our consensus and increasingly digital worlds are necessary to build the new realities on this fascinating journey to the core of the Soul.

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    Forecast for Sept 1-16, 2020

    Forecast for Sept 1-16, 2020

    The Full Moon of Pisces @ 10* asks: "How well can you see and feel through the entire spectrum of activity right now on planet Earth?"
    The Sun in Virgo mantra: "I discern with intuitive wholeness"
    Mars retrograde Sept. 9th through Nov. 14th from 28*-15* Aries. Find your purposeful trigger for action. The goal is to better understand our anger, sexuality, survival instincts and our courage. We will have 7 planets retrograde now until Jupiter direct on Sept. 12th.
    Mercury oppose Chiron asks: "Who is the bad guy here?" Neptune oppose the Sun inquires "Who is the victim?"
    The Earth element is activated so our testing grounds are everything physical including resources and supply chain disruptions, damaged buildings, and outright racism and authoritarianism. A Wild Ride, indeed.
    Mercury in Libra from Sept. 5th-27th. Be looking for Mercury as an evening star soon as it readies for another retrograde in Scorpio Oct. 13th - Nov. 3rd, making 3 oppositions to Uranus and one to Mars.
    Venus has completed the oppositions to the stellium and now gets a little selfish entering Leo. Me first replaces all the family, gender and tribal issues of Cap-Cancer.
    Be the change you wish to see in the world and remember to pray with your feet on this step by step journey to the core of the Soul in 2020.

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    Forecast for August 18 - Sept 1, 2020

    Forecast for August 18 - Sept 1, 2020

    The New Moon of Leo comes along and we are asked to re-birth our solar/lunar relationship with our Soul. This is the time when you harvest the inner work to date on self-love. Pay attention to what is attracted to you. Are you radiating a deep sense of self? Amplitudes of anger and outbursts of emotion will be heightened in late August, and then throughout October and January, with the resolution of this upcoming Mars retrograde coming early in 2021.

    We have six planets retrograde throwing off the old ways, shaking up core beliefs, and inciting reactions. Lots of energy so just remember that as quickly as it comes on, it also will dissipate just as fast. Food insecurity, civil security, and health insecurity are on the front burner and will demand change and accountability from the political elites. The "stuckness" of where we are in our communities will be evident.

    Venus in Cancer will oppose the stellium further clarifying values and the chasm that has developed between the haves and have-nots; and exposing those inequities in dramatic fashion.
    The Sun in Virgo mantra: "I discern with intuitive wholeness".
    The Grand Trines of the Sun in Virgo to Uranus Rx and then the Capricorn stellium will emphasize the need for real sustainable solutions on this resource journey the core of our Souls.

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