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This podcast is dedicated to creative professionals wanting to maximise their success with their art career, by bringing you stories from practicing professional Artists from around the world.

The Creative Endeavou‪r‬ Andrew Tischler

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This podcast is dedicated to creative professionals wanting to maximise their success with their art career, by bringing you stories from practicing professional Artists from around the world.

    Episode #35 Lloyd Lewis

    Episode #35 Lloyd Lewis

    Lloyd Lewis is an artist based in the United Kingdom. He creates beautiful portraits in his signature style with chunky bold brushwork and a well considered palette. His paintings evoke a Lucian Frued quality, and his drawings have a freshness and vibrancy to them that is exceptional. Not only is Lloyd an accomplished full time artist, he is also the 2 time world kickboxing champion! He's had an incredible creative journey and has lived many lives! It was a great treat to talk with him and hear about his path and trajectory.
    To see Lloyds work, please visit: https://lloydlewis92.wixsite.com/lloydlewisartist/ or on Instagram: @lloydlewisartist

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Episode #34 Deano Cook

    Episode #34 Deano Cook

    Deano Cook is an extraordinarily talented dude living in Georgia in the United States. He's a tattoo artist specialising in underwater imagery. In addition to this he also paints in an exquisite realist style and takes all of his own underwater reference. This puts him in direct contact with creatures that many of us go out of our way to avoid, like SHARKS! Deano is out there living it and doing it, he approaches his dreams and goals with an intensity seldom seen. His success did not come easy however, he's been through his fair share of trails and failures. This is ultimately a story of overcoming and flourishing. Deano is an inspired guy; you'll love this episode!
    Check out Deano Cook's instagram page: @deanocook
    Deano Cook Website: https://deanostudios.com
    Sink or Swim Studio: http://sinkorswimstudio.com/

    • 1 hr 57 min
    Episode #33 - Lubomir Arsov

    Episode #33 - Lubomir Arsov

    Lubomir Arsov is an artist and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. He's got an incredible graphic style; his art has an immediacy to it that communicates instantly. In this podcast we talked about many things from Lubomir's beginnings to his current projects and what inspires him today. Lubomir created "In Shadow" a short 13 minute film exploring the nature of reality and the society in which we live. The film challenged me on many levels and consequently I've been sharing it far and wide. It is one of the most POWERFUL pieces of art I've seen, period. In my opinion it speaks to the core of what's shaping our world today.
    Check out Lubomir on Instagram: @lubomirarsov "In Shadow"
    Website: https://www.inshadow.net

    • 1 hr 30 min
    Episode #32 Will Patino

    Episode #32 Will Patino

    William Patino is an extraordinary photographer based in the South Island of New Zealand. He captures the landscape and environment with exquisite light and atmosphere. It takes hard work to be in the right place at the right time to get images that reach another level of impact; he shows the drive and passion necessary to making it work as a full time creative professional. William didn't always have his sights set on being a professional photographer - he fell into it after his personal struggles along his life's journey. He's a man on a mission and he now teaches his techniques and photography skills online.
    Check out his amazing images on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/william_patino/?hl=en
    William Patino's website: https://williampatino.com

    • 1 hr 39 min
    Episode #31 John Coleman

    Episode #31 John Coleman

    John Coleman is an extraordinary artist based in Arizona in the United States. His works are inspired by Native American culture and in each piece he explores real human stories and emotion. John works across different disciplines creating breathtaking bronze sculptures, amazing charcoal drawings and masterfully crafted oil paintings. He became a member of the National Sculpture Society and the famous and prestigious Cowboy Artists of America. In this conversation we talked about a wide variety of things including his beginnings and philosophy on art as well as his views on the current global situation and how he plans to create his way through. Check out John Coleman's stunning art on:
    Instagram: @johncolemanart John Coleman's
    website: https://www.colemanstudios.com

    • 1 hr 59 min
    Episode #30 Sean Cheetham

    Episode #30 Sean Cheetham

    Sean Cheetham is a phenomenal figurative painter based in California in the United States. His works are not only technically well executed in his signature style, but they have a narrative quality exploring everyday themes and going beyond the surface into something deeper. His paintings have been included in numerous significant exhibitions internationally including the National Portrait Gallery in London. He has a devoted following of collectors and art students that are inspired by his work and distinctive technique. His alla prima paintings show a deep understanding of drawing. In this episode I wanted to dive deep into Seans beginnings as an artist and find out more about his story. In addition to this, I wanted to know about some of the ways he was going to adapt and change with the times and in the face of current global challenges.
    Find Sean Cheetham on Instagram: @SeanCheetham
    Sean Cheetham's Website: https://www.seancheethamfineart.com

    • 1 hr 22 min

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4.9 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

can't think of a better name ,

What a crative podcast

Always enjoyable always learning something -thank you Andrew

James D. Unger ,


This is the finest art podcast I have come across, and it continues to inspire me with every new episode.

nolooking ,

Best taken with painting

I love listening to this podcast while painting for tips, interesting, vibrant interviews with knowledgeable professionals ( including the host) and an extra little push when I feel I have no business holding a paintbrush.
Thanks for the creative push!


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