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Exploring QUEER in the 21st Century!

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Exploring QUEER in the 21st Century!

    Trans Lives Matter with Nykita Veone & Steph Frosch

    Trans Lives Matter with Nykita Veone & Steph Frosch

    Model and Trans Activist, Nykita Veone, and best friend, lesbian youtube star, Stephanie Frosch take to the mic to discuss a project that they are working on to raise awareness about the trans experience. #WearingHisCloset began as an editorial campaign created by Nykita as a way of share the impact men have had on her life as a trans woman. Go to NykitaVeone.com to see the full editorial. Steph and Nykita are creating a documentary about the making of Wearing His Closet in hopes of spreading the message far a wide.

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    If you want to reach out to Nykita and Steph, you can also use this email address:

    Watch @Nykitaaaaa 's solo interview with @JustinGerhard as they deep dive into the conversation about creating #wearinghiscloset.


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    #WearingHisCloset Campaign by Nykita Veone

    #WearingHisCloset Campaign by Nykita Veone

    Nykita Veone is a Fashion Model living in NYC. She recently launched a new campaign/editorial on her website called WEARING HIS CLOSET, which portrays her wearing articles of clothing left by men she has been impacted by as a trans woman in a cis dominated world. Her stories are personal, raw and shed light on an issue that has far to long been swept aside. Nyki is using her platform to explain how easy it would be for trans people to be more accepted into main stream society if more of the men who dated them would actually stand up for them. Listen to the full interview to hear more of what Nyki has to say!

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    We had COVID - 19 | Coronavirus

    We had COVID - 19 | Coronavirus

    @JustinGerhard is joined by his partner Alex, to talk about their first hand experience having COVID 19, what it felt like, and all the opportunities the pandemic has presented us to reframe the ways in which we were living our lives before this all happened. What is the new normal after all of this resolves?

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    Exploring Labels within the Queer Community with Queer Network creators Eddie and Justin

    Exploring Labels within the Queer Community with Queer Network creators Eddie and Justin

    Eddie and Justin talk about Queer Labels. The Queer Network sees Queer as umbrella term used to include everyone within the LGBTQ community as well as honouring it's original definition of people who are different, strange, and even weird.

    Queer is for everyone. It is openness, unconditional love, freedom, acceptance, pride in who you are, standing up for equality, and belief that love is love is love is love.

    The queer community thrives because of it’s diversity, and because of this we thought it could be helpful to talk about some of the old and new labels we are using in the 21st century to accurately express ourselves.

    It’s a list that continues to evolve because we are constantly working towards using language that people agree upon, enjoy using, and that they feel represents them. This video is our first attempt at uncovering and understanding the diversity of the labels used within the queer community.

    For a comprehensive list of labels, visit the website below:


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    Queer Clothing Company | JJ Malibu pushing boundaries with sexy and silly fashion!

    Queer Clothing Company | JJ Malibu pushing boundaries with sexy and silly fashion!

    What does it take to start a clothing company?

    This weeks episode features the owner and founder of online clothing companies Jed North and JJ Malibu. Jed discusses what it took to get these two companies off the ground, and how it's become a social platform for him to share his story as a successful gay male entrepreneur in a business still very dominated by white straight men.

    Jed North is a functional athletic and leisure clothing line made for men and women, while JJ Malibu is where Jed and his creative team go all out. It features crazy prints, new crop cuts, mesh everything, funky underwear and shorts, and splashy tank tops. Its your one stop shop for everything fabulous and fun!

    Visit JJ Malibu and Jed North and use our Queer Network 20% off Discount Code: Queer20

    Follow JJ Malibu online:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jjmalibu

    Follow Jed North online:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jed_north

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    Reverend Brent Hawkes confronts religious based homophobia head on

    Reverend Brent Hawkes confronts religious based homophobia head on

    Justin sits down with Reverend Brent Hawkes, former Senior Pastor of MCC church in Toronto, and globally known LGBTQ activist, to talk more about an exciting and powerful project he’s working on called The Rainbow Faith and Freedom Movement whose soul purpose is to confront religious based homophobia.

    Email the follow address to learn more and join the movement: RainbowFaithandFreedom@gmail.com

    We will be checking in with Brent throughout the process of setting up this organization, so stayed tuned for more ways to help get involved.

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