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Triathlete Magazine brings you all the personalities, training, news, and gear from the world of triathlon.

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Triathlete Magazine brings you all the personalities, training, news, and gear from the world of triathlon.

    Ep. 56 - What it's like to chase the Olympic dream

    Ep. 56 - What it's like to chase the Olympic dream

    This week our own editor, Chris Foster, tells us how he got into triathlon, raced on the U.S. National Team, flew around the world chasing Olympic qualifying points, and just how hard that is. He shares some stories about the crazy travel and tough lifestyle–and about why you should watch the World Triathlon racing this weekend. Hint: It's going to be high drama!
    If you're looking for more insight into the World Triathlon Championship Series race in Yokohama this weekend and more about the athletes vying for spots on the Tokyo team, check out:

    Every Question You Have About the Tokyo Olympics Triathlons Answered

    Behind the Scenes of an Elite Squad of Olympians Preparing for Tokyo

    A Day in the Life of Olympic Hopeful Taylor Spivey

    Here's How the U.S. Triathletes Will Qualify

    Ep. 55: The St. George Show

    Ep. 55: The St. George Show

    Instead of an interview this week, we have a short fun episode with Laura Siddalll—consider it an expanded Sid Talks—where we dissect the first big BIG weekend of racing in North America, what people can expect from the St. George 70.3 Worlds course this fall, who’s peaking a little early and who to watch. And then we get into what else is on the calendar coming up, ie. Olympics qualification.
    Get excited for triathlon again! We’ll be back with regular interviews next week.

    Ep. 54: Melissa Stockwell has done it all

    Ep. 54: Melissa Stockwell has done it all

    Today we’re chatting with paratri world champion and Paralympic bronze medalist Melissa Stockwell. Melissa was the first female soldier to lose a limb during the Iraq War—though, as she jokes, that wasn’t a goal she set out to achieve. She talks to us about coming back from that, being selected as the flag bearer at the closing ceremonies in the 2008 Paralympics, which she competed in as a swimmer, and then finding triathlon. And now she's going for another shot at the team this summer as a 41 year old.
    Plus first, Laura Siddall is back with Sid Talks and we dissect the wins of another pair of nearly 40-year-olds this past weekend, we try to explain the Pro Triathlete Organization’s rankings, and we preview the stacked field at St. George this weekend.
    This episode is sponsored by the New York City Triathlon. Enter the lottery by tonight, April 28.

    Ep. 53: Starky Explains How Pneumonia Got Him a Doping Sanction

    Ep. 53: Starky Explains How Pneumonia Got Him a Doping Sanction

    This week’s conversation has a been a little while in the making. We’re talking to the one, the only Andrew "Starky" Starykowicz. The popular athlete was the first American to break 8 hours in an Ironman and is known for his blistering bike splits, but maybe most importantly he’s also known for his openness and for always saying what he thinks.
    In December, it was announced that Starky had received a 13-month sanction from Ironman for using a banned inhaler after getting pneumonia—and much of our conversation today is understandably about the circumstances around his use of the prescribed inhaler and how the process worked, or didn’t, for him.
    You can read more about the fight over the sanction here.
    It's important to note that Ironman has said they followed all rules and regulations laid out by the World Anti-Doping Agency and by the US Anti-Doping Agency.
    It's also important to note that no one involved is disputing the basic facts of what happened: Starky got pneumonia and was prescribed an inhaler in order to recover from the illness, and then raced Ironman Florida. No one appears to think or suggest that he was attempting to cheat. What is at question is if the letter or the spirit of the rules were broken.
    As promised in the episode, we're including more links for information on the sanction and process:

    Starykowicz’s blog post announcing the sanction and his release of transcripts from the hearing

    Ironman’s statement on the sanction

    The Court of Arbitration for Sport decision

    The arbitrator’s November 2020 decision under Ironman’s anti-doping program

    The PTO’s statement

    Ironman’s response

    This episode is sponsored by the New York City Triathlon. Visit nyctri.com for more information about the race and entering the lottery.

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    Ep. 52: Aaron Scheidies sees things differently

    Ep. 52: Aaron Scheidies sees things differently

    This week we’re talking with many time para tri world and national champion, Aaron Scheidies. Aaron’s vision has been deteriorating since he was a kid and he now estimates he has about 10% vision—but he’s still one of the fastest guys out on the race course. He was the first blind athlete to break two hours in an Olympic distance race. He’s won seven world titles—but he’s never raced in triathlon at the Olympics.
    He’s hoping to finally get that chance this summer, if everything goes according to plan. But as you’ll learn from Aaron’s story, nothing every goes according to plan for him. You can read his whole up-and-down journey to being a Paralympic cyclist in Rio here.
    He tells us all about what it’s like to race with a guide, some of his crazier adventures as a para-cyclist, how he found triathlon as a kid, and how paratri has evolved over the years.
    Listen to our chat with his guide and former pro, Ben Collins.
    And before that we’re talking with our Laura Siddall for Sid Talks. Laura’s actually preparing to serve as a back-up guide in Tokyo for a blind British athlete, and she tells us a little about it from that side. Plus, we dissect all the racing now that racing has finally started again in the U.S. Is every field going to be stacked this year?
    Listen to the transcript of the episode here.

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    Ep. 51: Laura Siddall won't die wondering

    Ep. 51: Laura Siddall won't die wondering

    Welcome back to the Triathlete Hour. Hopefully, you enjoyed our re-airing of old episodes for the end of Women’s History Month and hopefully you also found the beginner’s episode from our training & gear podcast, Fitter & Faster, useful.
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    Today we’re back with another one of our favorite female athletes, our very own Laura Siddall.
    Usually you hear Laura analyzing the latest tri news from around the world as part of her segment Sid Talks, but today we talk to Sid about Sid. How she quit a corporate engineering job in her 30s to chase the pro triathlon dream, moved across the world to the U.S. with a bike and suitcase, and has won five iron-distance races since then. Plus, what it’s like to live the nomad life, how she’s coping with one injury and setback after another, and why the British women have gotten so good. Read our story on Beth Potter's world 5K record.
    You can find the transcript of this interview here.

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