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Plot twists don’t just happen in novels or the movies, they show up in our everyday lives, whether we want them or not. Each week Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin will speak with women who have twisted their plots and discovered that life after 50 can be filled with imagination, inspiration, laughter, and endless possibilities.

Twisting the Plot Hannah Starobin and Cecilia Dintino

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Plot twists don’t just happen in novels or the movies, they show up in our everyday lives, whether we want them or not. Each week Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin will speak with women who have twisted their plots and discovered that life after 50 can be filled with imagination, inspiration, laughter, and endless possibilities.

    Consider the Hag, with Marianne Franzese

    Consider the Hag, with Marianne Franzese

    Consider the Hag.
    Will You?
    Most of us cringe at the mention of her. 
    We would just as soon keep her banished to the deep woods. 
    Who can blame us?  
    She is rot, she is ugly, she does not follow our rules. She has one foot on the other side; death.
    The Hag embodies suffering, a weathering by life; she stands for oldness. She is not who we want to become.
    But…Marianne Franzese sees things differently.  
    She challenges us to re-consider. 
    Marianne suggests that we could go deep into the woods of our own being to find the cast-off hag. Perhaps, says Marianne, our hag offers strength and power.  She could be a container for our outrage, the keeper of the fires of social justice. She could be our biggest liberation.
    Marianne says that culturally the Hag has been feared by the patriarchy and therefore demonized, degraded, and diminished to the one-dimensional. According to Marianne, the Hag is as individual as each of us. She just needs to be reimagined and reclaimed.
    It’s a big plot twist. 
    But given the overturning of Roe vs Wade and the impingement on the rights of LGBTQ+ and all marginalized groups, we may need a big twist. 
    Marianne asks us to consider “a very personal call to break out the extreme push for older women to maintain a certain level of beauty, grace and quietness.” 
    Perhaps some of us are called to something different.
    Listen to this podcast as Marianne discusses her reasons and plans to bring the Hag out of the woods and into our psyches as older women.
    Reach out to Marianne at mfranzese333@gmail.com if you want to learn more about her Hag Project. 

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    Elderhood, Part II with Tracey Gendron, PhD

    Elderhood, Part II with Tracey Gendron, PhD

    We couldn’t get enough.
    We wanted to learn more about elderhood from our podcast guest Dr. Tracey Gendron, so we asked her back for part II. 
    Dr. Gendron, author of Ageism Unmasked and Chair of the Gerontology Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond is back this week to take a deep dive into two relevant social constructs: caregiving and retirement.
    We talk about the history of caregiving, giving and getting it, and discuss how to give care more value and importance.  
    We tackle the concept of retirement.  Is it a stage of life? Or just a withdrawal from a job? 
    The more we talk, the more we understand how elderhood, in order to be unburdened with ageism, takes contemplation, work and a lot of imagination.
    Thank you Dr. Gendron for leading the way.

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    Ageism Unmasked, a conversation with Tracey Gendron, PhD

    Ageism Unmasked, a conversation with Tracey Gendron, PhD

    Here’s a twist for you.
    We are getting tired of promoting “successful aging” and no longer want to buy into the social construct that defines aging and being old as a problem to avoid. 
    We don’t know about you, but we are getting old… and loving it. But not because we are staying young, or not facing losses. We love it not despite of the challenges, but because of them. We love it because we are growing and changing. We love it because there is an opportunity to create yet another purposeful stage of life. 
    And that’s what twisting the plot is all about.
    On this week’s podcast we talk with Dr. Tracey Gendron. Dr. Gendron is the Chair of the department of Gerontology at Virginia Commonwealth University and the author of Ageism Unmasked: Exploring Age Bias and How to End It. She expounds the many reasons why ageism matters to all of us. She shares how the “biomedicalization” of aging has turned it into a disease, and something we need to fight.
    But what if we could conceptualize aging in a different way? What if aging, and even death, were embraced as a shared experience, instead of an individual failing? What if becoming old, was a transcendent experience that we all look forward to?
    Hard to imagine? Before you dismiss it, listen as Dr. Gendron proposes Elderhood as the antidote to the ageist roadblocks to becoming:
    Anti-ageism through elderhood shifts our focus from who we were to who we are in the present and who we want to become in the future. Regardless of physical ability, cognitive function, socioeconomic class, level of dependency, or a myriad of personal identifiers, we are all still becoming. 
    Elderhood is proposed as a stage in life that brings maturity, purpose and wisdom.  Gerontologist Lars Tornstom even suggests that aging can bring a developmental shift in perspective that is more cosmic and transcendent.
    We want some of that.
    Dr. Gendron asks us, “How do you feel about yourselves as aging beings?
    Thankfully, she is helping us figure this out. 

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    The Nourishing Path, with Nadya Trytan

    The Nourishing Path, with Nadya Trytan

    Do you move through life on a nourishing path, or do you find yourself fighting your way along a thorny harsh path? 
    After years of thorns, Nadya Trytan now chooses a nourishing path. 
    She’d love to help you find yours. 
    Nadya uses a technique called guided visualization to help you relax, imagine, listen to yourself and make discoveries that connect you with your own innate wisdom. Her online program, Nourishing Path Project, offers imaginary paths for us to learn and grow by.
    On this Twisting the Plot Podcast, Nadya takes us through a relaxing body scan and an experiential and imaginary voyage. 
    Nadya Trytan, MA, RDT-BCT is the Founder of the Drama Therapy Center in Minneapolis, a place that values life-long learning and healing through connection to our deepest wisdom and creativity. Her professional services include: therapy and coaching for individuals & families; team building facilitation for organizations; and consultation & teaching for drama therapy clinicians and students. Nadya recently launched her Nourishing Path Project, a series of guided, creative meditative journeys (over zoom) to help one practice finding and walking their unique path through life.
    For more info about The Nourishing Path, check out dramatherapycenter.com. Nadya is on the faculty at Midwest Drama Therapy Institute, she is past-President of the North American Drama Therapy Association and past-Chair of the National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations. She can be contacted at: nadya@dramatherapycenter.com

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    Me and Margaret Fuller, a conversation with Maria Dintino

    Me and Margaret Fuller, a conversation with Maria Dintino

    Sitting myself down and writing Margaret from the heart became a story about me too. Why me? Leave me out of this, I thought. But no, it was not to be. I was not allowed to write her story without writing my own because I had unburied two women.  - From The Light Above by Maria Dintino
    Even though she discovered a dog-eared, post-it-filled copy of Women in the Nineteenth Century on her bookshelf, Maria Dintino hadn’t remembered much about Margaret Fuller from graduate school. She was certainly captured by Margaret’s New England peers Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ralph Waldo Emerson. But Margaret, the nineteenth century transcendentalist, women’s rights advocate and journalist, claimed Maria’s attention decades after graduate school.
    Now, Margaret has all of her attention in the form of Maria’s new memoir, The Light Above.
    It’s a powerful meeting of the souls, Margaret and Maria.  Their stories, lived centuries apart, collide and are shared through the heart and voice of Maria. Margaret’s story ends in tragedy, but Maria’s retelling offers redemption. In return, Maria finds a life guide, a role model, and a companion for life.
    In our podcast, Maria tells us why Margaret Fuller is relevant today.  We also learn how writing this book has changed Maria’s life. 
    It is awesome to realize how much we can learn about ourselves via the lived experience of another. We are, after all, bound to one another through history. But what a gift of transformation is the literary imagination. 
    Get The Light Above on Amazon

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    What Do You Spin About? Advice from the Anxiety Sisters

    What Do You Spin About? Advice from the Anxiety Sisters

    Abbe Greenberg and Maggie Sarachek have been friends since college. Throughout this time, they shared many things, even anxiety. For years they supported each other, through phobias, panic attacks and catastrophizing mindsets. As time went on, it became clear that they weren’t alone. In fact, they found that many women wanted to talk about anxiety, its perils, nuances, and the many ways to cope. So they decided to start a sisterhood, an anxiety sisterhood. 
    In 2017 they launched their online community which now includes more than 200,000 people worldwide. Together, Abbe and Maggie (or Abs and Mags) host a monthly podcast (The Spin Cycle) facilitate workshops and retreats and give talks about everything related to anxiety. Their blog is award winning and they recently they published The Anxiety Sisters’ Survival Guide. The book is filled with helpful information, we highly recommend it.
    We loved this conversation with Abs and Mags. Somehow, they make anxiety fun, while also taking it very seriously. They speak about complex scientific findings using language that is accessible, not triggering or pathologizing. They even offer some helpful tips and advice for all.
    Let’s face it, anxiety is a plot twist all its own. It takes a sisterhood to get us through.
    Join us.
    Check out anxietysisters.com
    Join the Anxiety Sisters on Facebook

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