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Since August 3, 2019, I have been the host and creator of Vancouver’s True Crime Podcast.

Exploring the topics of psychopathy, cults, serial killers and the missing and the murdered.

Also a deep dive into the topic of narcissistic abuse and the dark side of online dating.

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Since August 3, 2019, I have been the host and creator of Vancouver’s True Crime Podcast.

Exploring the topics of psychopathy, cults, serial killers and the missing and the murdered.

Also a deep dive into the topic of narcissistic abuse and the dark side of online dating.

    Vanishing Shadows: Unraveling the Enigma of the Vanished Men in British Columbia"

    Vanishing Shadows: Unraveling the Enigma of the Vanished Men in British Columbia"

    Join us as we delve into the mysterious and tragic cases of the missing men of British Columbia. 🎙️✨ with my Co-Host Ryan Plessl.

    From the baffling disappearance of Jefferey Surtel in 2007 to the chilling murder of Bradley Kline in 2018, these cases have left investigators and communities searching for answers. 🕵️‍♀️💔

    In April 2007, 17-year-old Jefferey Surtel vanished without a trace. His decision to leave home after an argument, riding off on his bike, has haunted his family ever since. Did a tragic accident occur, or is there something more sinister behind his disappearance? #JeffereySurtel #MissingPersons

    Similarly, the story of Manvir Sidhu raises unsettling questions. His sudden departure, leaving behind personal belongings and sending strange text messages, suggests a deeper mystery. Was he truly bound for India, or is there a darker explanation to his vanishing? #ManvirSidhu #UnsolvedMystery

    We also explore the unsolved murder of Bradley Kline, whose body was found in Surrey in 2018. The chilling message posted at a major intersection hints at dangerous connections. Who are the potential suspects, and what led to Bradley's tragic fate? #BradleyKline #UnsolvedMurder

    The case of Robert Angelo presents a baffling disappearance dating back to the early '90s. With little information available, his absence remains a haunting enigma. Join us as we piece together the puzzle of Robert's vanishing. #RobertAngelo #ColdCase

    Kyle MacDonald's story highlights the dangers that can lurk in the serene woods. Did his solo fishing trip take a sinister turn, or is there more to his disappearance than meets the eye? #KyleMacDonald #MissingInTheWilderness

    Bryan Braumberger's case echoes the disturbing pattern of the missing men during 2006-2007. As investigators suspect foul play, we dig into the connections between these cases and the mysterious circumstances surrounding Bryan's disappearance. #BryanBraumberger #MissingPersons

    Lastly, we uncover the tragic fate of John Kahler, who vanished after attending a truck festival. The discovery of his abandoned car, followed by the chilling discovery of his body a year later, adds a haunting twist to this already perplexing case. #JohnKahler #UnsolvedMystery

    Join us as we delve into these heart-wrenching stories, seeking answers, raising awareness, and hoping for justice for the missing men of British Columbia. Stay tuned for our in-depth investigation. 🎧💡

    #MissingMenBC #UnsolvedMysteries #SeekingJustice

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    “Narcissistic Divorce: Unmasking the Impact on Children"

    “Narcissistic Divorce: Unmasking the Impact on Children"

    In this podcast episode, I have a conversation with Chantal, @thedivorcehub, a Certified Divorce Coach and High Conflict Divorce Expert is a very remarkable woman who I have the pleasure of interviewing.

    "Narcissistic Divorce Unmasked," a podcast that delves into the profound impact of divorce on children when one or both parents exhibit narcissistic traits.

    This podcast sheds light on the often overlooked and challenging dynamics that arise in such situations.

    Through insightful conversations and expert interview, we uncover the lasting effects of narcissistic behavior on children's well-being and development.

    We explore the unique challenges they face, including emotional manipulation, parental alienation, and a disrupted sense of self.

    With a compassionate and informed approach, "Narcissistic Divorce Unmasked" provides strategies and tools to help children navigate these difficult circumstances.

    We explore effective coping mechanisms, offer guidance on building resilience, and emphasize the importance of establishing healthy boundaries.

    Join us as we dismantle the stigma surrounding narcissistic divorces and strive to create a supportive community for children and families affected by this complex issue.

    Through education and understanding, we empower listeners to protect and nurture the well-being of their children, ensuring they can thrive beyond the challenges of narcissistic divorce.

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    "Unmasking Narcissism: Healing the Inner Child"

    "Unmasking Narcissism: Healing the Inner Child"

    Understanding Mental Health Challenges in Children of Narcissistic Homes and Abuse

    In this thought-provoking podcast episode with my Co-Host @narcissist_survivor (please follow her on Instagram)

    We have a conversation exploring the typical mental health challenges faced by children who grow up in narcissistic homes and endure abuse.

    We delve into the profound impact of narcissistic parenting on the emotional well-being and development of these children, shedding light on their unique struggles.

    The episode starts by defining narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and its manifestations within family dynamics. It highlights how narcissistic parents often prioritize their own needs, manipulate their children, and lack empathy and genuine emotional connection.

    These toxic dynamics inflict long-lasting psychological wounds on the children, leading to a range of mental health challenges.

    I emphasize that children of narcissistic homes often experience low self-esteem and struggle with a distorted self-image.

    The constant criticism and invalidation children face can contribute to anxiety, depression, and even complex trauma.

    Another significant aspect explored in the episode is the development of codependency in children of narcissistic parents.

    The podcast sheds light on the pervasive feelings of shame and guilt that children of narcissistic homes experience.

    We discuss how the blame is often placed on the children, leading to internalized feelings of inadequacy and self-blame.

    This deep-rooted shame can manifest in self-destructive behaviors, self-sabotage, and persistent self-criticism.

    To provide hope and guidance, the hosts also address the path to healing and recovery for children of narcissistic homes. They stress the importance of therapy, self-care, and building a support network.

    Through validating their experiences, reclaiming their sense of self-worth, and learning healthy coping mechanisms, individuals can gradually overcome their mental health challenges and cultivate healthier relationships.

    Overall, this podcast episode brings much-needed awareness to the complex mental health challenges faced by children of narcissistic homes and abuse

    By shedding light on these experiences, it aims to foster understanding, and ultimately providing a platform for healing and recovery.

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    The Dark Side of Vancouver Part 1.

    The Dark Side of Vancouver Part 1.

    In this podcast episode, we delve into the darker side of Vancouver.

    two special guests. Christie and Denika @murderwithmymotherpodcast

    In this podcast episode, we delve into the darker side of

    Vancouver city that has long been known for its beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, and welcoming people. However, recent years have seen a rise in crime and social issues that have left many wondering if Vancouver is still a safe place to live.

    One of the most pressing issues facing Vancouver is the rise in drug-related crime, particularly the opioid epidemic.

    Our guests discuss the devastating impact that drugs have had on the city, from the rise in overdose deaths to the increase in property crime as addicts seek to fund their habits.

    We also examine the issue of homelessness, which has become a visible problem in the city's downtown core.

    The lack of affordable housing and social support programs have contributed to this problem and what is being done to address it.

    Finally, we explore the issue of gang violence, which has seen a resurgence in recent years.

    We discuss the factors driving this violence and the challenges that law enforcement officials face in combating it.
    Overall, this podcast episode sheds light on the darker side of Vancouver and raises important questions about the city's future.

    While there is no easy solution to the challenges facing Vancouver, our guests provide insights and hope that with continued effort and collaboration, the city can once again become a safe and welcoming place for all.

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    The Missing Men of BC Kellen McElwee's mysterious and unsettling disappearance.

    The Missing Men of BC Kellen McElwee's mysterious and unsettling disappearance.

    This episode is co-hosted by second-year Radio Arts and Entertainment student at BCIT Ryan Plessl.

    He’s currently doing his practicum with Vancouver True Crime.

    Ryan is a martial arts coach and teaches young kids and beginner adults how to defend themselves at Ascension Martial Arts 1320 Kingsway Ave #109, Port Coquitlam,

    He’s always had an interest in shedding light on the crime issue in Vancouver.

    The strange missing men cases in BC and Metro Vancouver were discussed in this episode.

    We analyze some fresh information regarding the strange disappearance of Kellen McElwee

    The 25-year-old Burnaby man had been dining with three friends at the Keg on the evening of March 19, 2008.
    He was last seen heading to his car, which was parked in the Colossus movie theater parking lot nearby.
    Shortly after his disappearance, the investigation was taken over by the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, and police said they were treating the case as a murder and that they believed he had met with foul play
    The only clue ever revealed by police was that his 2006 Honda Civic was found a few days later parked on a street not far from his Burnaby apartment. "It had been driven by someone who used the keys," said police.

    The same day that Kellen McElwee vanished without a trace in 2008, he became the official owner of a 26th-floor apartment in Burnaby.

    By assuming two other people's mortgages for the condo at 4132 Halifax St. Lougheed Highway, McElwee was able to purchase it for $675,000.

    At the time, the two-bedroom, sub-penthouse suite was assessed at $535,000
    Why McElwee decided to pay so much more than the assessed value is one of the many unanswered questions.
    Who is mystery person on condo security video
    Burnaby RCMP released photos of a male recorded on security video leaving McElwee's condo building.

    The male in the photos was wearing a winter jacket with a fur-trimmedhood and carrying a DC brand backpack.
    a puffy Christian Audigier-style coat with fur around the hood
    Police never publicly identified the person as a suspect.

    • 45 min
    What is Trauma Bonding?

    What is Trauma Bonding?

    In this podcast episode I have a conversation with @narcissist_survivor,

    We discuss trauma bonding, various sorts of abuse, and persistent, troubling claims about the current situation.

    Please contact the New Westminster Police Department non-emergency line at (604) 525-5411 and make a police statement if you have been harmed by Adam H.
    Reference file number NW23-1607.
    Trauma bonding is a psychological phenomenon in which the victim develops an emotional attachment to the abuser. This is possible as a result of the abuser's tendency to switch between controlling and adoring conduct, which generates a sense of unpredictability and excitement. In addition, the victim can feel obligated to the abuser for periods when they received love or support, which would make ending the relationship challenging.

    Even when the victim is aware that the connection is harmful, trauma bonding's effects can endure for a long time and make it challenging for them to end it. To assist break the cycle of abuse and start the healing process, victims should seek support from a dependable friend, relative, or therapist.

    • 48 min

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4.0 out of 5
122 Ratings

122 Ratings

Tina Ihas ,

So far interesting

I’m just listening to a March 2020 episode and needed to comment. My Dad grew up in East Van in the 1960s. I’ve heard some pretty crazy stories about the things that went on in the neighborhood during those years. I will say that Template wasn’t just a tough school in the 80s.

karamos604 ,


Clifford Olson tried to pick up my mom in a white van when she was in middle school in Coquitlam. He asked her if she needed a ride, she said she was close to home and denied him. He was persistent and kept asking, after the third time he told her to “Get the F*** in the car!” My mom freaked out and ran in the other direction. A month or so later she saw him again at a gas station and would never forget his face. A couple days after she saw him at the gas station, she saw him on the news “Serial Killer.” Very fortunate she was able to escape him that day, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here today. Great podcast!

lil-car ,


Just fyi I believe it was Kayla, not Karla.

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