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    Condos & COVID-19

    Condos & COVID-19

    #WeSpeakCondo resumes with special guest Carol Dirks, Partner at Fogler Rubinoff’s Condo Law Group. Carol Dirks has been practicing condominium law and litigation for more than 25 years and joins us to discuss what condominium boards and managers are adapting to COVID-19.

    Our discussion includes recreational facilities, condominium liens and collections, board and community meetings under quarantine and financial concerns for condominiums during the pandemic.

    You can reach Carol Dirks by contacting her at:


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    Board Meeting Minutes with Noah Maislin and Marko Lindhe

    Board Meeting Minutes with Noah Maislin and Marko Lindhe

     Special Guests:

    Noah Maislin & Marko Lindhe of Minutes Solutions

    Minutes Solutions Inc. is an experienced, professional third-party minute taking company specializing in transcribing comprehensive meeting minutes, allowing board members to focus on the tasks at hand. Founded in 2014, Minutes Solutions continues to grow and has a fundamental understanding of what goes (and doesn’t go) into a quality set of minutes. 

    Since inception, Minutes Solutions has maintained an integral focus in minute taking and now offers additional services including virtual minute taking, audio recorded minutes, and a phone-based application that streamlines the process. For all your questions and inquiries please contact: info@minutessolutions.com

    1 888 570 1149

    Website: www.minutessolutions.com

    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/minutes-solutions-6a3426b1/

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    The CAO and CMRAO with Armand Conant

    The CAO and CMRAO with Armand Conant

     We’re back! After a temporary hiatus #WeSpeakCondo returns with condominium lawyer Armand Conant to discuss the Condominium Authority of Ontario (“CAO”) and the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (“CMRAO”). These two separate governing bodies were recently established by the Province to oversee condominium corporations and condominium managers. 

    We discuss why the Province made sweeping reforms to the Condominium Act, 1998 as well as the function of the CAO & CMRAO and how these government institutions impact condominium owners, managers and boards of directors. 

    Armand heads up the Condominium Law Group at Shibley Righton LLP and represents numerous condominium corporations of all types across Ontario. He is a Past-President of the Canadian Condominium Institute (Toronto), where he also serves on its Board of Directors and is Chair of the joint ACMO and CCI (Toronto) Legislative Committee, which prepared and submitted an extensive legislative brief to the Ontario government with recommendations for changes to the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”).

    Armand has been on all the government committees involved in the reform of the Act and was one of 11 people appointed to the government's Expert Panel that conducted the final analysis of the Act. Armand has also been appointed as one of the four founding/first Directors of the newly created Condominium Authority of Ontario.

    Armand is a recipient of the ACMO Special Recognition Award which is presented to recognize an individual for special achievements and services that have positively impacted the condominium industry in Ontario. He is also a past recipient of ACMO's President's Award and the Associate Member of the Year Award.


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    Cannabis in Condos – What you need to know

    Cannabis in Condos – What you need to know

    Condominium Boards and Owners throughout the GTA are rushing to figure out how to respond to the legalization of marijuana. The law will permit residents to consume cannabis recreationally and grow up to four plants inside their homes. How does this affect condos you ask?

    What happens when the smoke from your neighbour’s cannabis creeps into your home? Should Boards be worried that their neighbours may attract undesirable visitors to their building now that cultivation of marijuana will become legal? How should Condominium Boards respond to complaints and enforce rules when it comes to marijuana in condos?

    We’re joined by Shawn Pulver, a condominium lawyer and litigation partner at Macdonald Sager Manis, LLP. Shawn has a thriving condominium corporation practice and advises condominium boards and owners on condominium governance issues relating to the Ontario Condominium Act. Shawn also has significant experience advising clients on the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and dispu

    • 1 hr
    Condo Insurance isn’t THAT bad is it!?

    Condo Insurance isn’t THAT bad is it!?

    Have you ever been faced with a nasty insurance claim at your condo? Did your upstairs neighbor flood your home forcing you to relocate for a few weeks? You might have been hit with a surprising repair bill for damage to a neighbour’s suite. Perhaps you’ve been issued a special assessment. Did you know that insurance is there to help you cover these costs?

    Owners and Boards are faced with the daunting task of decrypting complex insurance policies and claims procedures in condominiums. Insurance for condos is vastly different than insurance for freehold homes or automobiles.

    In this episode, we’re joined by Tom Gallinger, the Vice President of Atrens-Counsel Insurance Brokers - part of Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited. Atrens-Counsel is arguable the leading insurance broker specializing in condominium insurance in Ontario. For years, Tom has worked with Property Managers, Boards and Owners to help manage their insurance responsibilities.

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    Learn how to communicate with Property Managers, Boards of Directors and Residents in a tech savvy condominium

    Learn how to communicate with Property Managers, Boards of Directors and Residents in a tech savvy condominium

    Have you ever tried to get in touch with a Property Manager to rent a party room, book an elevator or just ask a general question about your condo?

    What happens when the Property Manager isn’t in the office? Doesn’t answer their emails? Doesn’t return your calls?

    In today’s modern and tech-savvy world, you can order food to your home or get a ride to the airport all by the click of a button. Now more than ever, lighting fast communication is the expectation.

    In this episode, we’re joined by Ryan Grossman, the co-founder of Condo Communities. Ryan’s software program helps condominiums across the globe improve their communication skills.

    For more info visit: http://condocommunities.com/

    • 44 min

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5 Ratings

HeatherDickenson ,

Very insightful!

I’m new to the industry and heard about the app at the annual ACMO conference. I’ve really enjoyed the discussions and questions so far and will share it with all of my colleagues. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Cass gg ,

Great start!

This podcat is off to a great start. Definitely has lots of potential to being an informative and entertaining podcast. Learned a lot so far!

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