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Tennis podcast featuring casual, semi-respectable conversations about the ATP & WTA.

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Tennis podcast featuring casual, semi-respectable conversations about the ATP & WTA.

    What's The Point Of The WTA If We Don't Stick Together?

    What's The Point Of The WTA If We Don't Stick Together?

    We are back from hiatus to bring you an episode that we have been working on for months, one that serves as a continuation of our previous dive into Pre-Open Era tennis. With tennis players now able to earn a living while also competing against the best at all the tournaments, we follow the development of the WTA Tour after its inception, the persistent struggles for equality over the decades, and the players who played major roles in making it happen.
    04:02 Why do this episode now?
    07:21 Cultural context for equal prize money and conditions under which movement arose
    20:25 Tennis at the onset of the Open Era & the emergence of the women’s tour
    37:51 Chris Evert emerges at the exact right time for women’s tennis
    43:43 The WTA takes off; the women take Wimbledon to task
    57:42 What were the arguments back then surrounding equal pay?
    71:08 Ebbs and flows in the 80s and 90s, but the fight continues
    83:00 Wimbledon’s decades-long petty misogyny against EPM
    97:20 Our cautions and takeaways from this episode

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    When Zina Speaks, You Listen

    When Zina Speaks, You Listen

    We've just had the pleasure of chatting with the legendary Zina Garrison, gold medalist in Seoul, 3-time major mixed doubles champ, and the 1990 Wimbledon runner-up. Zina chats about her origins in tennis, shares her experience as a black woman in a very white sport, and takes us through some of the highlights of a great career. As Zina herself says, "Zina doesn't say much but when she does . . . " -- well, you listen.
     4:10 Our chat with Lady Z
    8:50 Zina takes us through her introduction to tennis, the first all-black WTA final (with Lori McNeil), and getting a kick out of her own record against Martina Navratilova 
    18:00 That Monica Seles flowers incident (lol) and beating Chris Evert in her final match
    22:00 Zina's 1990 Wimbledon run, 30 years later
    26:00 "Now people can't say those things didn't happen" - how Black Lives Matter has shone a light on inequality in tennis
    34:10 Althea Gibson as more than just an icon
    38:00 So ... about the wiggle
    41:00 The game since Zina retired - who's she watching now?

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    The Doughnut Chronicles

    The Doughnut Chronicles

    Well folks, this is not how we envisioned bringing up our double century, but here we are! Truly, we never imagined still being here, and we owe you everything for your support in making it happen. Now, the ATP men remain a hot mess, and it’s the latest round of shenanigans that bring us to your ears today. We're bringing you our thoughts on the Adria Tour Covid collapse (crazy that it feels like old news now), plus Zverev’s very public dumbassery and the doughnut chronicles between an out-of-pocket Boris Becker and his target, Nick Kyrgios. 
    4:00 A brief diversion to celebrate our double century, on cricket legend Brian Lara
    7:00 Adria Tour results in several players testing positive for COVID-19
    19:40 Fandom has made this conversation all but impossible
    30:15 Blame game between players, coaches, Djokovic's dad, heads of state
    32:30 Dominic Thiem, king of obliviousness
    34:45 Alexander Zverev spotted acting the fool, stans jump ship
    42:25 We're in trouble because managing this pandemic requires people caring about others
    48:15 A dramatic reading of The Doughnut Chronicles, starring Boris Becker and Nick Kyrgios

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    A Pandemic Dahhhling, Do You Know What That Means?!

    A Pandemic Dahhhling, Do You Know What That Means?!

    So ... anything interesting happen lately? This week, tennis has swiftly put itself back together again, introducing an ambitious summer/fall schedule that includes the US Open, Roland Garros, and smaller tournaments on three continents, with nary a week of rest in between. We discuss the risks, the stakeholder concerns, and the simple WTF of the US Open's bombastic announcement. Because it's Pride month, we also address the sorry state of content coming from the tennis institutions and how it can be done better.
     2:30 US Open is going full steam ahead 
    11:50 USTA trusts players to be "judicious" and careful about public safety ... where is the evidence tho
    22:30 Novak Djokovic continues to take L after L after L 
    30:00 Revised WTA and ATP schedules: Quarantine? Never heard of her
    40:30 Revisiting the 2018 US Open trophy ceremony- does it read differently now?
    57:10 Venus Williams turns 40! Also, what is Tennis Majors?
    60:35 Tennis United and the general failure of tennis orgs to confront LGBTQ issues and racism

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    I Hope That Fish Eats You

    I Hope That Fish Eats You

    The past few weeks have felt like a watershed moment in confronting anti-black racism across the US & the world. Tennis is not impervious to this. Players like Naomi Osaka, Coco Gauff, and Sloane Stephens have stepped forward as key leaders and activists in a moment when this sport truly needs them. Beyond tennis, we talk about the larger movement for transformative justice and the destruction of systemic racism in the U.S. The non-tennis stuff begins around the 1-hour mark.
    2:40 A timeline: how did we get to the present moment?
    6:45 How has tennis responded? Naomi & Coco assert themselves
    15:50 Venus, Serena, and faith; Frances Tiafoe, Sloane Stephens, Sachia Vickery, Taylor Townsend
    27:00 We expect a lot of black players - but what about non-black players? What say the Big 4?
    36:45 Look over there! The Art of Distraction by Lisa Raymond and her side Kiick; Chanda Rubin sets her Twitter fingers to stun 
    44:30 An example of how to move toward allyship: is Chris Evert becoming the Jane Fonda of tennis?
    48:55 What to make of Alexis Ohanian relinquishing his seat on the Reddit Board?
    54:45 Our comment on Courtney Nguyen's apology for past use of transphobic language
    63:50 The non-tennis section of the episode - how the current anti-racist movement is a reaction to centuries of structural & state-enforced racism in the US
    70:35 What does "defund the police" mean? Well, a few different things

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    TBS Live: The Remix

    TBS Live: The Remix

    Welcome to our second ever Zoom session - The Remix, where we take listener questions, talk about Dominic Thiem's unfortunate comments and clarifications on those comments, and the larger inequities built into professional tennis. There's not much actual tennis news to talk about, so kick back and enjoy a much more relaxed Body Serve chat.
    2:15 Catching up with player social media exploits: Venus, Naomi & Stef, Nick & Andy
    7:25 The Dominic Thiem controversy - how to support lower-ranked players and how to answer this question better
    11:15 The Ines Ibbou video response sheds light on the inequalities built into international tennis
    18:30 This is bigger than Dominic! Bootstraps individualism and tennis' flawed governance
    29:15 The WTA/ATP have announced how they will distribute player relief money
    33:55 Merger updates
    46:40 Please indulge us while we play a "newlywed game," guessing each other's favorite stuff & more
    64:00 Live questions - which results would you reverse? Will tennis resume before a vaccine is available? 

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1 Bewertung

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