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The global politics podcast at the end of the End of History. From a left perspective. Join us as we chart a course beyond the age of ’bunga bunga’.

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The global politics podcast at the end of the End of History. From a left perspective. Join us as we chart a course beyond the age of ’bunga bunga’.

    /316/ From Emergency to Emergency: 2022 Review, ft. Ashley Frawley

    /316/ From Emergency to Emergency: 2022 Review, ft. Ashley Frawley

    On the key events and developments in 2022.

    We look back at how the world transitioned from the pandemic to war over the past year, and what the socio-political fallouts have been. Is everything "better than expected"? Has managerial technocracy been rejuvenated? 

    We discuss whether we're in a Third World War, how the US empire is strengthening its grip on Europe, and how cultural populists are taking over from economic populists.
    Part two is available at patreon.com/bungacast

    • 58 Min.
    /314/ Shallow & Wrongheaded Filmic Squabbles ft. Maren Thom & Alex Dale

    /314/ Shallow & Wrongheaded Filmic Squabbles ft. Maren Thom & Alex Dale

    On aesthetic criticism & performance.
    The hosts of a new podcast on film, Performance Anxiety, join us to talk about how a focus on performance can break through endless squabbles over wokeness and representation in film. 
    We also discuss our best and worst films of 2022. 
    Part two of this episode is at patreon.com/bungacast
    Performance Anxiety podcast
    The Greatest Films of All Time, Sight & Sound, BFI
    The Radicalization of the Film Canon, Adrian Nguyen, Quillette

    • 53 Min.
    /312/ Consolation-Prize Marxism & the Bunga-Bunga State ft. Dylan Riley

    /312/ Consolation-Prize Marxism & the Bunga-Bunga State ft. Dylan Riley

    On the achievement of democracy and the 'impartial' state.We speak to sociologist Dylan Riley about his new book Microverses, a series of aphorisms on social theory and politics.The rational-legal state seems to be under threat by politicians who have no sense of the division between public and private – patrimonialists like Donald Trump, or Silvio Berlusconi. What are we to make of this attack on the notion of office?Anti-corruption politics is often the response, but what happens when the left positions itself as the defender of the 'impartial' bourgeois state – rather than its overthrower? And was democratic capitalism the achievement of a militant working class – or a concession made after the working class had already been disciplined by fascism and war?The second half of the interview, and our After-Party, is available at patreon.com/bungacastReadings:

    Microverses: Observations from a Shattered Present, Dylan Riley, Verso Books

    Seven Theses on American Politics, Dylan Riley & Robert Brenner, NLR

    Inflection Point (podcast), Dylan Riley & Robert Brenner, UC Berkley

    Safe Substitutes for Posting: review of Microverses, Harold Florida, Damage

    • 1 Std. 4 Min.
    Excerpt: /311/ Reading Club: The Precariat

    Excerpt: /311/ Reading Club: The Precariat

    Is there a new 'transformative' class?  
    [Patreon Tier II & III Exclusive]
    We close of the 2022 Reading Club, and the final section on 'Neo-Feudalism', by discussing how class is changing. Through readings by Guy Standing and Ruy Braga, we ask if the precariat are the new serfs in a supposed feudal-ish social formation.
    It's clear the old Fordist arrangements have broken down, so what does the working class look like today? Is it still a class in the old sense? Braga argues we are witnessing 'class struggle without class'. But why then do the precariat's revolts only target state political authority, and not property relations?
    A return of class struggle without class? Moral economy and popular resistance in Brasil, south Africa and Portugal, Ruy Braga, Sociologia & Antropologia
    The Precariat: Today's Transformative Class?, Guy Standing, GTI

    • 6 Min.
    Excerpt: /310/ Do You Want to De-Grow?

    Excerpt: /310/ Do You Want to De-Grow?

    On 'degrowth communism'.
    [Patreon Exclusive]
    Why the rage for degrowth now? With deindustrialisation, energy rationing and severe pressure on standards of living, it looks increasingly like degrowth is official policy.
    Yet its advocates, drawing from the work of radicals like Mike Davis, John Bellamy Foster, Jason Hickel, and Kohei Saito, would argue that ecological Marxism or degrowth communism is wholly different from stagnant capitalism. How much continuity is there between much older generations of socialists and the contemporary left?
    The paradox of Degrowth Communism, Thomas Fazi, UnHerd
    ‘A new way of life’: the Marxist, post-capitalist, green manifesto captivating Japan, Justin McCurry, Guardian
    The degrowth delusion, Leigh Phillips, openDemocracy

    • 15 Min.
    /309/ Sack of Potatoes ft. Anton Jäger

    /309/ Sack of Potatoes ft. Anton Jäger

    On atomisation and association.

    Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone came out 22 years ago and the structural changes he identified then – increasing atomisation – have only worsened. Everyone now blames the internet, and though it may have accelerated some aspects, the problem goes deeper. The social consequences – loneliness, mistrust, depression – are widely discussed, but the political ones less so. 

    Does the decline of associationalism open the door to authoritarianism? Are 'right-wing' associations (say, churches or homeowner groups) just as threatened as left-wing ones (like unions or labour clubs)? What are the political valences of growing atomisation?

    And are we now like the peasants that Marx described in his 18th Brumaire: just potatoes in a sack - and does this explain the crazy politics of our time?


    Fill out our 2022 Listener Survey: tinyurl.com/bunga2022survey 

    From Bowling Alone to Posting Alone, Anton Jäger, Jacobin

    Bowling Alone (2020 revised edition), Robert Putnam

    • 1 Std. 4 Min.


5,0 von 5
12 Bewertungen

12 Bewertungen

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I really appreciate this podcast, as a well informed, engaged dialogue. It embraces nuance in global politics that is often ignored in other political conversations at the moment. The guests are also really well chosen, offering intelligent responses and a variety of opinions. Thank you, guys. You make long journeys more enjoyable and edifying :)

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