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Talking all things love, life, lust, and a bunch of other stuff. Nothing is off limits in this podcast that navigates relationships and dating in the modern day. Brought to you by two bachelor finalists Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne.

Life Uncu‪t‬ Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne

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Talking all things love, life, lust, and a bunch of other stuff. Nothing is off limits in this podcast that navigates relationships and dating in the modern day. Brought to you by two bachelor finalists Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne.



    Happy Tuesday Lifers!
    This is our last episode for a few weeks because it is time for Laura to go and birth a small human! And we can't wait to see the little cherub once it is earth side!! ( We will also see if our recent psychic medium David was correct in his prediction of boy or girl) But we will be back before you know it talking all about Lauras birth story!

    Ok, so let's talk love! We are brought up being told that "Love is all you need", but the older we get we have to wonder, is it?
    Now don't get us wrong, you're looking at two of the biggest lovers this side of the border (no, literally, we went on a dating show to find love (successful for one, always too soon for the other) and started a relationships and love podcast because, well, we love love.
    But we are firm believers that love just isn't enough on its own.
    In our society and culture, most of us idealise and romanticise relationships and love. We see it as the be all and end all. We are raised with the idea that life involves growing up, getting a job and falling in love. Full stop.  It is portrayed in fairytales, books and movies as part of achieving success. The thing that makes everything better. That heals the pain and makes life easy. In the words of John Lennon, “Love is all we need” But is it!? 
    If we do walk around with our head in the clouds like Lennon did, we’re more likely to ignore the fundamental values that are crucial to the success and health of a relationship,  things such as honesty, trust, respect, humility, support and commitment towards the person we love.
    Jump on in as we deep dive into why we think relationships needs more than just those four little letters.

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    ASK UNCUT - A Matty J special

    ASK UNCUT - A Matty J special

    Happy Friday Lifers!
    This episode is a day behind because we recorded an entire episode without realising a microphone wasn’t plugged in. Yep, it finally happened. But to be fair it took 18 months and over 100 episodes before it happened so really we think we’ve done pretty darn well! Anyhow it’s here now so get it in your ears. 
    We have special guest host Matty J recoding with Britt today answering all your deep and burning questions because, well, Laura basically has an arm hanging out of her and the birth of her next child is imminent so we’ve cut her some slack and put her on bed rest and we hope you can cut her some slack too! Besides, you get Matty! 
    On the menu today;
    What do guys really mean when they say “It’s not you it’s just timing. The timing is wrong” do they really mean that or is that a lame ask excuse and a load of bulls*it?
    I’m 25 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend is not feeling comfortable being romantic with me in the bedroom. Aka, he doesn’t want any sexy time. This is making me feel pretty bad about myself. Should I let it and should I be worried? Is it just me? Or is this a normal thing for men to feel?
    Why do so many guys not reply on dating apps!? Why do they leave you on matched or just not respond when you write to them!? It’s really starting to get to me.
    My partner and I have been together for 6 years, we still love each other and we want to stay together but the spark is just gone.
    How do we bring it back and get some spice back into life? 
    Matt- Why do some males just pound you during sex - literally pound town from start to end. Curious, does that actually feel good for you guys?
    We hope you love having Matty J on as much as we love having him visit! (From the lounge room to the studio haha ) 
    Keep the questions coming in guys! Slide on in to our Instagram DM’s @lifeuncutpodcast and title the message “ask uncut”
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    IVF, COMING OUT & BODY POSITIVITY - Uncut with Fiona Falkiner & Hayley Willis.

    IVF, COMING OUT & BODY POSITIVITY - Uncut with Fiona Falkiner & Hayley Willis.

    Happy Tuesday Lifers! 
    We’ve done some big episodes of late regarding egg freezing, fertility and IVF, so we decided it was the perfect time to get someone in that can talk about it first hand. So this week we are chatting to Fiona Falkiner and her fiancé Hayley Willis!
    Australia first fell in love with Fiona when she graced our screens many moons ago as a contestant on the biggest loser. She then went in to host the show and to forge a very successful career as a model both locally and internationally.
    Fiona is now in her third trimester after undergoing IVF (but not before they had a few attempts at home on their own ;) ) 
    Hayley is a very well respected sports journalist working in a male dominated industry. We chat all things life before they met, career highlights and lowlights, how body image has changed in the industry, the moment Fiona realised she in fact was more interested in women than men, navigating coming out to their friends, family and Australia, dating in the public eye and of course their fertility journey.
    You can find the girls @fionafalkiner @hayley__willis
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    ASK UNCUT - Two weddings and hopefully a relationship funeral

    ASK UNCUT - Two weddings and hopefully a relationship funeral

    Therapy Thursday is here with Ask Uncut!
    We love giving you guys our unqualified but passionate yet questionable advice!
    We randomly had so many wedding questions this week ! Something must be in the air! ( What is it? Seriously, tell me, asking for a friend)
    So we decided to tackle two common wedding questions and then of course a relationship/family problem.
    "What are the rules at a wedding with gifts.... ie my friends didn't give me one, does this mean I can get away with not giving them one? What is the acceptable amount to give?"
    "Halppppppppppp I hate my brothers girlfriend. She is mean and rude and he deserves better. Can I and should I tell him what I really think? Or just sit back and watch him burn"
    "Do I have to go to my friends hens party and wedding? I don't really want to but how can I say no!? Also she didn't even invite my boyfriend!?"
    What do you guys think about inviting your friends partners to weddings? Yay nor Nay? Find out what we think on todays episode.
    Keep those questions rolling in guys to our insta @lifeuncutpodcast and share the love, because, well, we love love x

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    HOW TO BREAK UP WITH FRIENDS with Neuropsychologist Dr Hannah Korrel

    HOW TO BREAK UP WITH FRIENDS with Neuropsychologist Dr Hannah Korrel

    Let's be real. We are all going to go through a period in our lives where we come across some sort of hurdle with a friend. Be it a disagreement, growing apart, having emotionally draining and toxic friendships to full blown friendship breakups. It's all part of this crazy thing we call life. Every week we receive multiple questions about navigating friendships and hot dam we do our darndest to give you the advice you need. But because of the good humans we are we decided to go above and beyond this week and have a professional weigh in to give you some much needed and very qualified advice.
    Enter Dr Hannah Korell.
    Hannah is both a Clinical Neuropsychologist and a Registered Psychologist. She completed her university training and PhD in neuropsychology at the University of Melbourne.
     Hannah has spent over a decade becoming an expert in why the brain makes us do the things we do (and sometimes the things we don't want to do!) Fierce mental health advocate, Hannah brings and psychology together to explain common life dilemmas, minus the BS. Part of this no BS approach was releasing her book HOW TO BREAK UP WITH FRIENDS. 
    She get into the nitty gritty on what makes a real friend, toxic friendships, how to attract good friends, the effect is has on your health and navigating a breakup.

    You can find Hannah at @nobullpsych

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    Inside sex cult NXIVM - UNCUT WITH India Oxenberg

    Inside sex cult NXIVM - UNCUT WITH India Oxenberg

    This podcast episode discusses sexual assault, coercive control and living in a cult, This may be triggering to victim survivors. If you need help or someone to talk to, you can call 1800 RESPECT or visit respect.gov.au.
    “My name is India Oxenberg. I was in a cult for seven years. I didn't want to be saved,"
    This is the harrowing opening line to Stan's four-part docuseries that explores the NXIVM cult. The cult started as a US-based self-improvement group, led by Keith Raniere, but in the end the group was exposed for the dark and disturbing cult that it was.
    For 20 years from 1998 and 2018, Raniere recruited thousands of people under the guise of personal development seminars and self improvement sessions even luring in several celebrities and socialites with the most prolific being Smallville star Allison Mack.
    Over a long period of time, NXIVM faced a multitude of accusations of systemic sexual abuse of female members by Raniere and members of his inner circle. India was a part of this cult, without knowledge that it was a cult, for 7 years.
    The last two of which she was a part of a secret sub group within the cult called DOS, which is a Latin phrase that translates to "Master over Slave Women," It was at this point India was expected to engage in sex acts with Keith Raniere, to act as a slave to Smallville star Allison Mack and to be a master to her own two slaves. It was also here that she was held down naked and branded with Keiths initials on her stomach without anaesthetic and while being filmed. 
    We are so grateful to have India join us today to personally tell us her story. How she got involved with the group, what life was life inside, the perpetual yet slow grooming, the coercive control, the manipulation and brain washing, the things she was made to do, the collateral she was forced to put down to ensure her silence. She speaks candidly about when things turned sexual, her inhumane branding and eventually how she found her way out and her life after the cult.
    You can follow India @indiaoxenberg
    Follow us @lifeuncutpodcast @brittany_hockley @ladyandacat
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5.0 von 5
11 Bewertungen

11 Bewertungen

Annika_xx ,

If you don’t listen to this podcast you miss out on the good stuff

Honestly: listen to this podcast and you will never regret it. You will find two new friends. You will get great advice and see things in a new perspective.

So yeah, I love this podcast and these two girls! They are not only funny and hilarious, they are honest and down to earth. They give the advice you want and they don’t hide the ugly stuff. They are true. I have huge respect for both of them.

calireletzi ,

Great to Listen to

I Love this Podcast

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